Minuteness of telescopic surgery demonstrated to would-be Doctors  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Substandard drugs reaching patients, method for immediate stoppage not developed  (11-8-18, Jaipur)
Case filed against Hospital operator and Lady Doctor  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Facilities in 9 centers in Jaipur, not even one to us  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor & operator arrested performing unauthorized sonography in Jalore  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Three day conference commenced on Telescopic operation in Medical College  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Jodhpur AIIMS gets permanent Director  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Conference on operation by telescope commenced  (11-8-18, Jalore)