Allotted female Medical College to male  (24-6-18, Jaipur)
Transfer on filled post by CMHO, cancelled by Add. Director  (24-6-18, JODHPUR)
Death of a youth by injection of unauthorized practitioner  (24-6-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment of every disease in 160 rupees  (24-6-18, JODHPUR)
Surgery of soft heart of 2 day old girl  (23-6-18, Jaipur)
Medical College to 8281 rank of general category  (23-6-18, JODHPUR)
Surgery of soft heart within 48 hours of birth  (23-6-18, Jaipur)
Action only on 18 unauthorized practitioners in five & half years  (23-6-18, JODHPUR)