How Diagnostic Center running in Residential building?  (25-11-17, JAIPUR)
Cancer, Pain, Heart & Skins 51 drugs 6 to 53% cheaper  (25-11-17, JAIPUR)
Increasing cost of Blood, not less than putting salt on burn  (25-11-17, JODHPUR)
Cancer, Heart Disease including 51 drugs cost reduced  (25-11-17, JODHPUR)
Loot by private testing laboratories in City, same test being charged different-differently in each lab  (25-11-17, JODHPUR)
208 drugs found spurious in five years  (24-11-17, JAIPUR)
Furious arguments between Additional Director & Doctor in Health Directorate  (24-11-17, JAIPUR)
Allegation of Lady Doctor - RAS Parasar made to cry for 2 hours, said - Barmern will be shown  (24-11-17, JODHPUR)