Hole near hear valve, treated by special device without surgery  (18-6-19, Jaipur)
Hearing of petition for safety of Doctors today  (18-6-19, Jaipur)
Death of a woman due to incision on intestines during operation  (17-6-19, Jaipur)
Foetal sex determination accused on two days remand  (17-6-19, Jaipur)
Bail granted to woman making fuss in MDMH  (16-6-19, Jodhpur)
Stay on medicines supply tender of Maharana Bhupal Govt., Hospital  (16-6-19, Jodhpur)
Two including mediator arrested in the matter of foetal sex determination  (16-6-19, Jaipur)
Counselling of NEET cleared from tomorrow  (16-6-19, Jaipur)