RESMA for 3 months, strike is illegal now  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors on leave in spite of RESMA, patients in distress  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
Collector satisfied with arrangements in MGH  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
RESMA applied on in-service Doctors  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors on mass leave  (19-9-17, JALORE)
Generator out-of-order since four months became showpiece in Siwana Hospital  (19-9-17, JAIPUR)
Strike by in-service Doctors, patients in distress  (19-9-17, JAIPUR)
Outside mob of patients and inside ... God is lord!  (18-9-17, JAIPUR)