50 lakh compensation on Santokba Durlabhji Hospital  (15-11-18, Jaipur)
Rajasthan High Court issues detailed order for establishment and running of Path Labs  (15-11-18, Jaipur)
Kidney transplant scheme trembling on papers  (13-11-18, JODHPUR)
IHC marker test is advanced procedure of cancer test  (13-11-18, Jaipur)
Doctors of world hail India, said has moved forward in field of treatment  (12-11-18, JODHPUR)
Senior Assistant of Maharana Bhupal Hospital arrested taking bribe  (25-10-18, Jaipur)
Company operating defective ambulances to avoid penalty  (23-10-18, JODHPUR)
Injections are being procured from market through relatives of pregnant in Chabada hospital  (23-10-18, Jaipur)