GNM indulged in foetal sex determination arrested, recovered 20 thousand rupees  (17-4-19, Jodhpur)
Licenses suspended  (17-4-19, Jaipur)
Decoy operation on Juhi clinic in Sursagar, GNM indulged in foetal sex determination arrested  (17-4-19, Jaipur)
One year imprisonment to the then CMHO Pratapgarh  (16-4-19, Jodhpur)
Where treatment done not shown admitted, received money in Bhamashah scheme by showing admission in different hospital  (16-4-19, Jodhpur)
Six month old foetus aborted due to negligence  (16-4-19, Jaipur)
Fuss over change of dead bodies of lady in Narayana Hospital  (16-4-19, Jaipur)
Seats of P.G. will increase  (16-4-19, Jodhpur)