Cotton and bandage left in womb during operation  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
Superspeciality blocks will be formed in SMS Hospital  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
Penalty of 25.50 lakh imposed on Arora Hospital and Doctors of Bharatpur  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
Penalty of 5.75 lakh imposed on Fortis Hospital  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
'Bonds signed by Doctors are valid'  (21-8-19, Jaipur)
Machines of cancer therapy out-of-order, patients forced to wander  (20-8-19, Jaipur)
Living patient declared dead in Mahatma Gandhi Hospital  (20-8-19, Jaipur)
Govt. agrees in High Court that irregularity was committed in "NEET" examination councelling  (20-8-19, Jaipur)