One day National Convention on treatment of ratina diseases  (16-10-19, Jodhpur)
Medical stores running in Bikaner city without pharmacist  (16-10-19, Jaipur)
Charge of Drug Controller-II to Raja Ram Sharma  (15-10-19, Jodhpur)
Ex-Doctors sets up fine in CMHO office, record destroyed  (15-10-19, Jaipur)
Saved life by installation of artificial heartbeat monitor  (14-10-19, Jodhpur)
Newborn swallow two drops of life.  (14-10-19, Jodhpur)
Getting drugs in Free Drug Scheme difficult  (13-10-19, Jodhpur)
Discussion on new techniques of cancer treatment  (13-10-19, Jaipur)
Patient reached trauma center alone on his own due to severe chest pain  (12-10-19, Jodhpur)
Payment of gratuity not made to retired CMHO even after 10 months, High Court directs to pay all benefits in 30 days  (12-10-19, Jodhpur)
Life of woman reached near death saved by doctors of AIIMS  (12-10-19, Jodhpur)
Forgery in the name of allergy test in Pali, lab sealed  (12-10-19, Jaipur)
Govt. hospital deserted due to shortage of staff, patients emerging in private  (12-10-19, Jaipur)
Conference on precision oncology and international breast cancer commenced  (12-10-19, Jaipur)
Lachoo college, Pharmacy students on industrial tour  (9-10-19, Jodhpur)
Salute to service miracle by doctors of Jodhpur, changed life of two girls  (9-10-19, Jodhpur)
Posting on post of Principle Specialist Doctor in MDM Hospital after 25 years, removed again, stay by Court  (9-10-19, Jodhpur)
Now operation of obesity can be done in AIIMS  (9-10-19, Jodhpur)
Inauguration of cath lab constructed by 5 crore rupees  (8-10-19, Jodhpur)
Dr. Ashok Pangadia elected member in health advisory in Central Council  (8-10-19, Jaipur)
Clinic seized after death of woman  (7-10-19, Jodhpur)
Discussions on treatment of serious diseases in chhildren by doctors from Nation and abroad  (7-10-19, Jaipur)
Unauthorized practitioner takes life of woman, case filed  (6-10-19, Jaipur)
Intoxication tablets found unattended bag in bus  (6-10-19, Jaipur)
Heart transplant can now be done in SMS Hospital  (6-10-19, Jaipur)
National Medical Commission will start working from 12th October  (6-10-19, Jaipur)
Sivana hospital dependent on one doctor  (5-10-19, Jaipur)
Economical and urgent facility of treatment will be available to patients from village by opening of hospital: Sachin Piolet  (5-10-19, Jaipur)
25 lack penalty on blood bank  (5-10-19, Jaipur)
NEOCON conference today  (5-10-19, Jaipur)
Ninety thousand tablets of intoxicating medicines recovered, accused arrested  (4-10-19, Jaipur)
PPP model health centers inspected  (4-10-19, Jaipur)
Action against unauthorized practitioners not being taken in Dantrai  (4-10-19, Jaipur)
Churning by child disease specialists  (4-10-19, Jaipur)
Dangerous debate between Doctors and Government on Ayushman Bharat Scheme  (3-10-19, Jaipur)
Free blood facility to patients in SMS on Gandhi Jayanti  (2-10-19, Jaipur)
SMS doctors close hole in heart and replace valve of a woman and changed life  (1-10-19, Jaipur)
Transfers in Medcial and Health Department  (1-10-19, Jodhpur)
Transfers in Drug Control Department  (30-9-19, Jodhpur)
'Janta Clinic will be opened soon'  (30-9-19, Jaipur)
Doctor and manager gets two-two years jail in the matter of PCPNDT  (29-9-19, Jodhpur)
55 beegha in Jaisalmer and 50 beegha land in Sirohi allotted for new Medical Colleges  (29-9-19, Jodhpur)
Doctor convicted for taking bribe  (29-9-19, Jaipur)
Torch rally on 1st October  (29-9-19, Jodhpur)
Health ranking of Rajasthan improves, Goyal Hospital awarded most trusted brand of Rajasthan  (28-9-19, Jodhpur)
Ten new Medical Colleges will be opened in State  (28-9-19, Jodhpur)
Application to fulfill demands of Pharmacist cadre of Medical Department  (28-9-19, Jaipur)
Conference of doctors in Jaisalamer on 11th & 12th October  (27-9-19, Jaipur)
Inspections of hospitals carried out by Secretary and Chief Judicial Magistrate  (27-9-19, Jaipur)
Necessary to aware society utility of Registered Pharmacist  (26-9-19, Jodhpur)
Time-table of B. Pharmacy issued  (26-9-19, Jodhpur)
Bijaynagar closed for appointment of doctors inhospital  (26-9-19, Jaipur)
3 prizes won by three interns of skin disease department of MDM hospital in international conference by presentation on white patches  (25-9-19, Jodhpur)
Work shop tomorrow on on Epilepsy not disgrace its treatment feasible  (25-9-19, Jodhpur)
Woman beats doctor, doctors of all three hospitals on strike  (25-9-19, Jaipur)
Mathuradas Mathur hospital itself in ICU  (24-9-19, Jodhpur)
Wife donates kidney to husband, kidney transplant successful  (24-9-19, Jodhpur)
Death of married woman, allegation of negligence in treatment on doctor by relatives  (24-9-19, Jaipur)
50000 intoxicating tablets recovered from car  (24-9-19, Jaipur)
One and half lack cash in-filtered by breaking open locks of medical store in Malpura  (24-9-19, Jaipur)
Conference on cardiac imaging on 26th  (24-9-19, Jaipur)
Patient spent six hundred to get back rupees seven fifty, rupees no yet received  (23-9-19, Jodhpur)
No research, carry-on innovation and become innovative: Dr. Patel  (22-9-19, Jodhpur)
Paediatrics critical-care workshop in AIIMS  (22-9-19, Jodhpur)
Inauguration of two day long 'RUSCON 2019' in Udaipur  (22-9-19, Jaipur)
"5 crore people are suffering from 'Alzheimers' disease in world"  (22-9-19, Jaipur)
Ummed hospital: Purchase orders for surgical items issued to the firm even when documents were incomplete  (19-9-19, Jodhpur)
MDM hospital: X-ray machine of trauma center stopped since two days  (19-9-19, Jodhpur)
X-ray facilities not restored in Dhundhara CHC, radiographer became foot-ball  (19-9-19, Jodhpur)
Collector will not be able to suspend medical staff  (19-9-19, Jodhpur)
Officers of Medical Education Group-I gets promotion  (18-9-19, Jodhpur)
Medicos blossom after getting degree of Doctorate  (17-9-19, Jodhpur)
Treatment of oral cancer by unique advanced plastic surgery first time in Rajasthan  (16-9-19, Jodhpur)
3115 intoxicating tablets recovered, two arrested  (16-9-19, Jaipur)
Fake doctor arrested in JK Loan hospital  (16-9-19, Jaipur)
Pregnant woman reached in coma stage due to negligence of doctors  (16-9-19, Jaipur)
Removed pancreatic bag and stones of seven month old girl  (16-9-19, Jaipur)
Application for first semester of B. Pharma till 20th  (15-9-19, Jaipur)
Anil Agrawal, ADC Jaipur APO  (14-9-19, Jodhpur)
Matter of Para Cancer Center: Investigation team submits report to Health Department, committee admits forgery  (14-9-19, Jodhpur)
Problem of treatment in Bhamashah health insurance  (14-9-19, Jodhpur)
State Human-rights Commission strict regarding facilities of treatment after death of two patients by Kango fever  (13-9-19, Jodhpur)
Eight doctors of Jamavaramgarh CHC APO  (13-9-19, Jaipur)
Strike by RUHS medical college students continues  (13-9-19, Jaipur)
Sri Ram hospital group: Free camp organised on infertility, women diseases an hip replacement  (11-9-19, Jodhpur)
Demonstration by relatives due to negligence in treatment  (11-9-19, Jaipur)
Eight patients treated on one bed in female medical ward of Karoli hospital  (11-9-19, Jaipur)
Lock on Chouru sub-center of Pachala PHC from three days  (11-9-19, Jaipur)
Three doctors found absent in inspection  (11-9-19, Jaipur)
Same batch of drug but contents in different quantity difficult to identify, original or fake  (10-9-19, Jaipur)
Penalty of Rs. 5000 imposed on CMHO Jhunjhunu  (10-9-19, Jaipur)
Pharmacists submit memorandum.  (10-9-19, Jaipur)
Due to low margin no firm is interested in tender for dental x-ray films  (10-9-19, Jodhpur)
Help will be saught from companies in detecting spurious drugs  (9-9-19, Jodhpur)
155 applied for registration under Clinical Establishment Act  (9-9-19, Jodhpur)
Now registration of private hospital and lab essential, registration will start today, last date 15th September  (8-9-19, Jodhpur)
Successful operation of cancer of oesophagus of woman in Goyal hospital  (8-9-19, Jodhpur)
State pioneer in Nation in providing ailment to patients in hospitals: Raghu Sharma  (8-9-19, Jaipur)
Fuss by Doctors, Nursing staff in RUHS over salary  (8-9-19, Jaipur)
Container of banned drugs held in Bali, accused absconding, father arrested  (7-9-19, Pali)
Court grand time up to 16 October to give final report on health centers operating on PPP model  (7-9-19, Jodhpur)
OPD of MGH and Ummed hospital will commence from July 2020  (5-9-19, Jodhpur)
AIIMS administration became alert after notice from Human Right Commission, radiotherapy machine repaired  (5-9-19, Jodhpur)
Nursing student administers wrong injection in private clinic, death of a youth  (5-9-19, Jaipur)
Action on shops of unauthorized practitioner  (5-9-19, Jaipur)
Doctor working in CHC Sanchore extracting money by treatment at home  (5-9-19, Jaipur)
Woman ill by expired drug  (5-9-19, Jaipur)
Liver came from Chandigarh, transplanted in Jaipur  (5-9-19, Jaipur)
ICU of JKLoan commenced again  (3-9-19, Jaipur)
Contractual worker working in hospital operating on PPP model entitled for bonus marks  (1-9-19, Jodhpur)
NEET 2019, online mop-up schedule of BDS counselling released  (1-9-19, Jaipur)
Numerous deficiencies found in inspection of hospitals operating on PPP model  (1-9-19, Jaipur)
MDM hospital of Jodhpur now equipped for all types of knee transplant surgery available at Ahmedabad  (31-8-19, Jodhpur)
Gastro-enterology ward of MDM hospital gets gastro-intestinal-endoscopy machine under global grant project  (31-8-19, Jodhpur)
Doctors in AIIMS peruse live demo of complicated surgery  (31-8-19, Jodhpur)
Date for registration of testing lab extended for 15 days  (31-8-19, Jaipur)
Radiotherapy facility not imparted to patients in AIIMS  (30-8-19, Jodhpur)
MDM female wing: Doctors are disseminating knowledge on contamination, why separate pedia emergency ward not started  (30-8-19, Jodhpur)
Allegation of misbehavior on Doctor by young lady  (30-8-19, Jodhpur)
Interim stay on NEET counselling refused  (30-8-19, Jodhpur)
Allegation of misbehavior on Doctor of private hospital  (30-8-19, Jaipur)
Persons with disability category, PWD, disability category candidates be given admission in MBBS as per merrit list with in one week: High Court  (27-8-19, Jodhpur)
NEET councelling continues, students again raise questions  (26-8-19, Jodhpur)
Game of drug sale at Sahakarita bazar  (26-8-19, Jodhpur)
Action against unauthorized practitioner in Rohicha.  (25-8-19, Jodhpur)
NEET councelling commenced but again same error  (25-8-19, Jaipur)
Order to pay 1.25 crores to family of Dhariwal drug dealer  (24-8-19, Jodhpur)
Order to pay 1.25 crores to family of drug dealer  (24-8-19, Jaipur)
Free medical investigation scheme became eye-wash in Jaisalmer  (24-8-19, Jaipur)
Camp on ratinopathy organized in AIIMS  (23-8-19, Jodhpur)
Vacant posts in medical colleges  (23-8-19, Jodhpur)
Fresh mop-up round will commence from tomorrow  (23-8-19, Jodhpur)
Dentist from entire Nation will assemble in Jaipur today  (23-8-19, Jaipur)
MCI permits admission procedure for MBBS course up to 31st August  (23-8-19, Jaipur)
Cotton and bandage left in womb during operation  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
Superspeciality blocks will be formed in SMS Hospital  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
Penalty of 25.50 lakh imposed on Arora Hospital and Doctors of Bharatpur  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
Penalty of 5.75 lakh imposed on Fortis Hospital  (22-8-19, Jaipur)
'Bonds signed by Doctors are valid'  (21-8-19, Jaipur)
Machines of cancer therapy out-of-order, patients forced to wander  (20-8-19, Jaipur)
Living patient declared dead in Mahatma Gandhi Hospital  (20-8-19, Jaipur)
Govt. agrees in High Court that irregularity was committed in "NEET" examination councelling  (20-8-19, Jaipur)
Patient getting first kidney transplant from AIIMS discharged  (19-8-19, Jodhpur)
Order to keep one post vacant  (18-8-19, Jaipur)
Govt. wants to avoid Court order by one-or-another reason: Court  (17-8-19, Jodhpur)
Live workshop of PSNL technique  (17-8-19, Jodhpur)
'Changes will be made in Clinical Establisment Rules'  (17-8-19, Jaipur)
Central Govt, demands more time for making changes in rules for Path labs  (17-8-19, Jaipur)
Stay on mop-up round of NEET councelling  (17-8-19, Jaipur)
Dispute of Rajasthan NEET councelling will go up to Cental Govt.  (15-8-19, Jaipur)
Why registration of non-government Path Lab is so simple?  (15-8-19, Jaipur)
Order to file reply in NEET councelling  (15-8-19, Jaipur)
Feasible to walk on next day of knee operation  (14-8-19, Jodhpur)
Writ filed in High Court for irregularities in NEET councelling  (14-8-19, Jodhpur)
Matter of Pharmacist recruitment: Award of bonus marks is mayyer of profit, not of right: Court  (13-8-19, Jodhpur)
World Organ Donation Day today  (13-8-19, Jodhpur)
Relase of poster against online drug trade by Alwar district Chemist Association  (12-8-19, Jodhpur)
Indication of spurious drug in six dealers  (12-8-19, Jodhpur)
Number of unauthorized practitioners increasing in Jaisalmer  (12-8-19, Jaipur)
Online sale of medicines under health dept's lens  (11-8-19, Jaipur)
Trade of spurious drugs flurishing in Bhilwara  (11-8-19, Jodhpur)
Scam of spurious drug in online sale with 20 % discount  (11-8-19, Jodhpur)
One more big action on spurious drugs  (10-8-19, Jodhpur)
Fuss over death of a woman in Zanana hospital during delivery  (10-8-19, Jaipur)
Drug firms raided in Jaipur and recovered spurous drugs  (10-8-19, Jaipur)
Spurious drug factory laid in Punjab  (9-8-19, Jodhpur)
Public works departmnent enemy of life, Mathuradas Mathur hospital in critical condition  (9-8-19, Jodhpur)
Block CMHO arrested taking graft of two thousand rupees  (9-8-19, Jodhpur)
Demand for fair investigation of Chandrabhan hospital, memorandum given to Collector  (9-8-19, Jaipur)
Private hospital withdraws payment from bhamashah scheme in forgrd manner  (8-8-19, Jaipur)
Unauthorized private practitioner havind mobile hospital held by police  (6-8-19, Jodhpur)
Kidney transplant soon in AIIMS, team from Lucknow will operate  (6-8-19, Jodhpur)
Licenses of two medical stores suspended  (6-8-19, Jaipur)
Both patient healthy after kidney transplant  (5-8-19, Jodhpur)
End of three-day Sonofest 2019  (5-8-19, Jodhpur)
Patients of sexual disorders increasing due to hesitation : Dr. Avasthi  (4-8-19, Jodhpur)
Para cancer center insident: Investigating team take cusody of all documents  (4-8-19, Jodhpur)
Cheating in the name of admission in MBBS. two arrested  (4-8-19, Jodhpur)
Successful kidney transplant operation in AIIMS, mothers kidney put 39 year old woman  (4-8-19, Jodhpur)
Clinic still operating even after action on unauthorized  (4-8-19, Jaipur)
Decoy action in Choumu by PCPNDT cell  (4-8-19, Jaipur)
Medical team takes action on clinic in Sorda, unauthorized arrested  (4-8-19, Jaipur)
Post of HOD in Medical Colleges deleted from list of Administration  (4-8-19, Jaipur)
Committee of National Health Mission came for investigation of Bhamashah claim of 13 crores, lock found on center operator summoned on phone  (3-8-19, Jodhpur)
Development workshop of psychiatric depatment of AIIMS today  (3-8-19, Jodhpur)
Residents resume work after 24 hours strike  (3-8-19, Jodhpur)
Unauthorized doctor held in Abu Road Deldar of Sirohi District  (3-8-19, Jaipur)
Fortis became first hospital to perform interstate swipe kidney transplant  (3-8-19, Jaipur)
Court issues directions to for organising committee to examine health centers given on PPP mode  (2-8-19, Jodhpur)
Resident doctors on strike against MNC bill  (2-8-19, Jodhpur)
Action against un-authorized doctor  (2-8-19, Jaipur)
Residents and In-service Doctors on strike in protest against MNC Bill  (2-8-19, Jaipur)
Unauthorized doctor administers injection to youth, death after short span, absconding after death  (1-8-19, Jodhpur)
Death of a patient due to injection by unauthorized doctor  (1-8-19, Jaipur)
Penalty of 50 lack on Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital and two Doctors  (31-7-19, Jaipur)
Do not take drug to reduce blood thickness without monitoring : Dr. Saxena  (30-7-19, Jodhpur)
Why NRI quata in Govt. Colleges?  (30-7-19, Jaipur)
Fire in ICU of JK Loan Hospital, death of one and half year old girl  (30-7-19, Jaipur)
Eye specialists from zone take training os special cornea transplat D-Sek  (28-7-19, Jodhpur)
Complicated operation of stone in kidney  (28-7-19, Jodhpur)
Successful treatment of eye wounds by eye drops prepared from umbelical cord  (27-7-19, Jodhpur)
Stay issued by High Court on transfer notice issued to Medical Department  (27-7-19, Jaipur)
'Tumor' of God taking lives today  (26-7-19, Jodhpur)
Accused was distributing appointment ordres to doctors with forged documents  (26-7-19, Jaipur)
SRD disgnostics now shifted to Jalori Gate  (26-7-19, Jodhpur)
Discussion on blood collection techniques  (25-7-19, Jaipur)
Key role of anaestheisa department during operation  (22-7-19, Jodhpur)
Shop owner summoned by arrest warrent in the matter of recovery of intoxicating tablets  (22-7-19, Jaipur)
Cheater arrested for cheating 66 lacks in the name of fetching service in medical colleges  (22-7-19, Jaipur)
Necessary to keep extra vigil during operation of children : Dr. Goyal  (21-7-19, Jodhpur)
Even after 7 years construction of OPD block and emergency in MGH incomplete  (19-7-19, Jodhpur)
Committee submits report, no action on seniors, warden removed  (19-7-19, Jodhpur)
43.70 crores amount sanctioned for Rajasthan Drugs and Pharmaceuticals  (19-7-19, Jaipur)
Financial sanction for appointment of 737 posts of doctors received : Raghu Sharma  (19-7-19, Jaipur)
Treatment of neuro cancer patients will be done by modern technique  (19-7-19, Jaipur)
Pharmacists and clerks boycott work in SMS hospital  (19-7-19, Jaipur)
In the matter of suicide of lady doctor report by committee not furnished in time  (19-7-19, Jaipur)
Three cheaters including head arrested for cheating doctors with crores of rupees  (19-7-19, Jaipur)
Infection disease institute will be converted into center of excellence in two phases  (16-7-19, Jodhpur)
Committee formed by hospital administration, will give report in two days  (16-7-19, Jodhpur)
Committee will investigate the matter of child theft in Chandpole Zanana Hospital  (15-7-19, Jaipur)
Order by High Court to include eligible candidates in MBBS course  (14-7-19, Jodhpur)
Laduram given relief in KN Hospital by removing stone from left kidney  (14-7-19, Jodhpur)
Issue cut-off befor 22nd July in nurse grade second admissions for transparency: High Court  (14-7-19, Jodhpur)
Kidney transplant : Thromosis test not considered essential, transplant failed due to blood clot  (14-7-19, Jodhpur)
Tussle between CMHO and lady doctor during meeting in MGH  (14-7-19, Jaipur)
Relatives cause fuss in Chandpole Zanana Hospital with allegation of child theft  (14-7-19, Jaipur)
Dr. SN Medical College States first center for investigation of harmful effects of Medical Devices  (13-7-19, Jodhpur)
Successful second kidney transplant in MDM hospital  (12-7-19, Jodhpur)
Doctors from other institutions will operate in first kidney transplant in AIIMS  (12-7-19, Jodhpur)
Demand to supply all drugs to pensioners at Govt. drug centers  (12-7-19, Jaipur)
Second kidney transplant in MDMH today  (11-7-19, Jodhpur)
Incomplete doctors in MDM trauma center 300 patients coming daily, due to non availability of timely treatment every month 40 to 60 persons die  (9-7-19, Jodhpur)
Reservation given to O.B.C. in NEET examination is illegal  (9-7-19, Jaipur)
Last day for counselling of 15% medical seats of all India MBBS and Dental quata  (8-7-19, Jodhpur)
MG Hospital : Investigation bill increasing heart beat of patient  (8-7-19, Jodhpur)
Swasthya Kalyam Homoeopathic Medical College gets approval for MD in 7 subjects  (7-7-19, Jaipur)
Work distribution of Drug Control Officers  (2-7-19, Jodhpur)
Six Drug Control Officers promoted to the post of Assistant Drug Controller  (2-7-19, Jodhpur)
Doctors will be appointed on contract in AIIMS on vacant posts  (2-7-19, Jodhpur)
Negligence in treatment, 97 lack penalty on hospitals  (2-7-19, Jaipur)
Unnecessary antibiotics are dangerous for human beings : Dr. Roongta  (2-7-19, Jaipur)
Doctors run for health awareness  (1-7-19, Jaipur)
Dueful Laboratories, Jaipur convicted  (30-6-19, Jodhpur)
This year 4465 seats will increase in medical colleges  (30-6-19, Jaipur)
Online application of pharmacy and new entry up to 29th June  (27-6-19, Jodhpur)
Assistant Drug Controller summoned with chargesheet  (27-6-19, Jaipur)
13 new operation theaters being constructed in MDM hospital  (23-6-19, Jodhpur)
Saved life of 50 year old patient by changing both valve simultaneously  (23-6-19, Jodhpur)
GNM course done 15 years ago  (23-6-19, Jodhpur)
Demand of re-counselling rejected  (22-6-19, Jaipur)
Devendra Kumar Garg, ADC Kota APO  (19-6-19, Jodhpur)
284 Doctors posted, PG and APO included  (19-6-19, Jodhpur)
Knowledge of depth of meta analysis is necessary for better treatment  (19-6-19, Jodhpur)
Refusal of medical claim without proper reason is shortfall in service  (19-6-19, Jodhpur)
Hole near hear valve, treated by special device without surgery  (18-6-19, Jaipur)
Hearing of petition for safety of Doctors today  (18-6-19, Jaipur)
Death of a woman due to incision on intestines during operation  (17-6-19, Jaipur)
Foetal sex determination accused on two days remand  (17-6-19, Jaipur)
Bail granted to woman making fuss in MDMH  (16-6-19, Jodhpur)
Stay on medicines supply tender of Maharana Bhupal Govt., Hospital  (16-6-19, Jodhpur)
Two including mediator arrested in the matter of foetal sex determination  (16-6-19, Jaipur)
Counselling of NEET cleared from tomorrow  (16-6-19, Jaipur)
'Irregularities in co-operative stores will be specially investigated'  (15-6-19, Jaipur)
Allegation of of opening tender secretly on hospital administration  (15-6-19, Jaipur)
Delusion as Ayurvedic drug, earning money from foreign countries by adding allopathic drugs  (14-6-19, Jaipur)
Woman sent to jail for misbehavior  (14-6-19, Jaipur)
Allopathic drugs found in Ayurvedic medicines  (14-6-19, Jaipur)
Licenses of Alwar Sahakari Upbhokta Bhandar Ltd., Shop No. 5 suspended  (14-6-19, Jaipur)
Fire broke out in medical store  (14-6-19, Jaipur)
Woman misbehaving with doctor arrested  (13-6-19, Jodhpur)
Warrant against hospital operator for producing forged documents  (13-6-19, Jodhpur)
All efforts will be made for rejuvenation of hospitals  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
Now knee replaced patient can remain updated on App.  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
AIIMS : 9 students in top-10 from Kota coaching  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
After SMS doctor looses temper in JK loan  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
SMS : Stink of drug purchase scam of crores behind fire  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
Schedule of online counselling of NEET released  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
Medical institutions will be rejuvenated  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
Corruption unearthed in SMS Hospital  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
Tussle between doctor and relatives of patient in JK Loan hospital  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
Why so many PG seats are vacant?  (13-6-19, Jaipur)
Performed two complicated surgery for cancer  (12-6-19, Jodhpur)
Students irritated due to prevention of admission in pharmacy by university, Chancellor held up in car for 45 minutes  (12-6-19, Jodhpur)
Accident victim poses as CI and misbehaves with doctors, hospital administration lodges complaint  (12-6-19, Jodhpur)
Doctor arrested for misbehavior with minor  (12-6-19, Jaipur)
Death of a child due to administration of wrong injection  (12-6-19, Jaipur)
Govt. hospital dependent on one doctor  (12-6-19, Jaipur)
Fuss by relatives over death of a woman during treatment  (12-6-19, Jaipur)
Teachers will be appointed in Medical Colleges, multiple organ transplant institute in SMS soon  (11-6-19, Jodhpur)
Admissions to 17 thousand posts of ANM & GNM will be completed soon  (11-6-19, Jodhpur)
'Admissions to 17 thousand posts of ANM & GNM will be completed'  (11-6-19, Jaipur)
'No child shold be left behind from inoculation in State'  (11-6-19, Jaipur)
Admissions to Medical Colleges will remain as such  (11-6-19, Jaipur)
Tobacco and nicotine products worth 15 lacks seized  (10-6-19, Jaipur)
Saved life of scorched child in MGH burn unit by cleverness of doctors and nursing staff  (10-6-19, Jodhpur)
Workshop organised in MDM hospital on death rate of newborn  (10-6-19, Jodhpur)
No facility of drinking water in trauma center of MDM hospital  (9-6-19, Jodhpur)
Humanity ashamed in Mathuradas Mathur Hospital  (8-6-19, Jodhpur)
'Special attention will be paid for bringing awareness on hepatitis'  (8-6-19, Jaipur)
Body of three year old girl donated in AIIMS for first time  (7-6-19, Jodhpur)
Fee will be charged from visitors coming to meet patients in Karoli Hospital  (7-6-19, Jaipur)
Directions issued in State for prevention and control of Nipah Virus for security  (7-6-19, Jaipur)
Fuss in orthopedic ward of MGH due to error of receipt  (6-6-19, Jodhpur)
Not even a ward in AIIMS to fight against heat-stroke  (6-6-19, Jodhpur)
Inspection of shops run by Doctors  (5-6-19, Jodhpur)
No treatment without money  (5-6-19, Dausa)
These are the status of MDMH biggest hospital of Chief Ministers home place  (5-6-19, Jodhpur)
Unauthorized practitioner ran away after perusing team  (5-6-19, Jaipur)
Additional Director Kumawat inspects Govt. Hospitals of Alwar  (5-6-19, Jaipur)
Dr. Samit Sharma inspects Dausa Hospital  (5-6-19, Jaipur)
Doctors day celebrations on 1st July  (5-6-19, Jaipur)
Scorpio enters medical store, no loss of life  (3-6-19, Jodhpur)
Right to Health will be brought soon  (3-6-19, Jodhpur)
Decoy operation in Sri Ganganagar, mediator with Govt. doctor arrested  (3-6-19, Jaipur)
'Health Services are on main agenda of Govt., Right to Health Bill will be introduced soon'  (3-6-19, Jaipur)
Palm separated by cutting machine, joined hand by complicated surgery  (2-6-19, Jaipur)
Hearing of establishment of world class infection disease prevention and research institute after summer vacations  (31-5-19, Jodhpur)
Students file objections on 4 answers of NEET  (31-5-19, Jaipur)
Barmer Medical College gets permission, admission to 100 seats  (31-5-19, Jaipur)
'Why NOC is required'  (31-5-19, Jaipur)
'Why waiting list candidates were not taken in Medical Officers vacant admissions'  (31-5-19, Jaipur)
Licenses suspended for selling drugs without pharmacist  (30-5-19, Jodhpur)
MDM trauma center : After 11 PM game of testing in commission commences, such lust for money that testing before operation  (30-5-19, Jodhpur)
Order to fill up vacant seats of Medical PG till tomorrow  (30-5-19, Jaipur)
Rajasthan first in free drug scheme  (30-5-19, Jaipur)
Free treatment in Gujarat for State heart patients  (29-5-19, Jodhpur)
Workshop organized on inoculation expedition  (29-5-19, Jodhpur)
Senior doctors did not come for treatment of patients wounded in road accident in MDM, even collector kept waiting after call  (29-5-19, Jodhpur)
Administered ORS solution to infants on diarrhea control fortnight  (29-5-19, Jaipur)
Every year on thousand heart patients will get free treatment facility  (29-5-19, Jaipur)
Facility of robotic surgery in AIIMS, but no relief to eye patients  (28-5-19, Jodhpur)
Chief Ministers free drug scheme is no. 1 in country  (28-5-19, Jodhpur)
Dysentery control fortnight from 28th, newborn will be free from diarrhea  (27-5-19, Jodhpur)
Camp for replacement of joint today  (25-5-19, Jodhpur)
Seminar today on world thyroid day  (25-5-19, Jodhpur)
Opening of HIV 1 viral load test soon  (25-5-19, Jodhpur)
High probability of other diseases in schizophrenia patients : Dr. Nebhnani  (25-5-19, Jodhpur)
First kidney transplant may be done in July  (23-5-19, Jodhpur)
Live from MDM trauma : Refused to handover dead body of woman after death without postmortem by CMO, fuss by irritated relatives  (23-5-19, Jodhpur)
Fuss by relatives over death of patient in Heart & General Hospital  (23-5-19, Jaipur)
Complicated operation of cancer of urine bag performed in MDM  (22-5-19, Jodhpur)
Awareness programme on 24th on Worlds schizophernia day  (22-5-19, Jodhpur)
Permission for 250 MBBS seats accorded again  (22-5-19, Jodhpur)
Rubella inoculation from 22nd July  (21-5-19, Jaipur)
Death of youth of Jaisalmer, allegation of negligence in treatment on doctor  (18-5-19, Jodhpur)
Fuss over administration of wrong blood to patient in Apex hospital  (18-5-19, Jodhpur)
Trachoma speds due to decrease in cleanliness : Dr. Mourya  (17-5-19, Jodhpur)
Trachoma awareness training program in AIIMS today  (16-5-19, Jodhpur)
Eight Doctor teachers of Medical College posted from Pali to Jodhpur  (16-5-19, Jodhpur)
Govt. IVF center in Jodhpur after Jaipur  (16-5-19, Jodhpur)
Patients will get benefit of high dependency unit in Ummed Hospital  (16-5-19, Jodhpur)
AIIMS is in Jodhpur, then why patient should be taken to Ahmedabad  (16-5-19, Jodhpur)
Celebrated World Orthodontic health-day  (16-5-19, Jaipur)
Laser surgery is permanent treatment of diabetic ratinopathy  (14-5-19, Jodhpur)
Fuss by pharmacy students over three demands  (14-5-19, Jodhpur)
High probability of cataract in diabetic patients : Dr. Mourya  (13-5-19, Jodhpur)
Sonography center operator and partner arrested in decoy operation of PCPNDT  (12-5-19, Jodhpur)
Free investigation facility available in hospital, Doctors are sending patients to private lab for commission  (12-5-19, Jodhpur)
Now treatment of valve without surgery feasible in India  (12-5-19, Jodhpur)
PCPNDT team performs decoy operation in Sangaria  (12-5-19, Jaipur)
SMS hospital gets 40 lack machine for endoscope sterilization  (12-5-19, Jaipur)
Lecture on how to protect eyes in diabetes on 12th in AIIMS  (11-5-19, Jodhpur)
44 lack penalty on two hospitals for negligence in treatment  (10-5-19, Jodhpur)
Matter of allotment of shop to private person in CHC building in Niwai  (10-5-19, Jaipur)
44 lack penalty on two hospitals  (10-5-19, Jaipur)
AIIMS convinced that corruption has occurred when Nav Jyoti gave facts, now investigation commenced  (7-5-19, Jodhpur)
Taking home dead body is costly in AIIMS, three thousand for 3 km  (6-5-19, Jodhpur)
Lens worth nine lack dispersed in 12 months, it is misty that whom AIIMS administration want to protect  (6-5-19, Jodhpur)
Membership of IMA now online  (6-5-19, Jaipur)
Two day district level workshop on rubella-measles organized  (5-5-19, Jodhpur)
Big blot of corruption on Jodhpur AIIMS, lens received for patients being sold in market  (5-5-19, Jodhpur)
Workshop on trauma management organized  (5-5-19, Jodhpur)
HBA 1C test not being performed in all three Govt. Hospitals for two months, compelled to pay higher costs  (4-5-19, Jodhpur)
Medical college : Review meeting to increase facilities of super-speciality doctors for patients  (4-5-19, Jodhpur)
Encourage sterilization by making aware of prizes: Dr. Manda  (3-5-19, Jodhpur)
Gynae & paedia emergency will be in one place in MDM Hospital  (3-5-19, Jodhpur)
MBBS degree received after 28 years of legal battle.  (2-5-19, Jodhpur)
MBBS degree received after 28 years of legal battle  (2-5-19, Jaipur)
Negligence in delivery, twenty lack penalty on hospital & doctor  (1-5-19, Jodhpur)
Twenty lack penalty on Hospital & Doctor  (1-5-19, Jaipur)
Workshop on diabetic blindness in AIIMS on 12th  (29-4-19, Jodhpur)
Three day liver conference convened, next session in Ajmer, all Doctors said good-by to Jodhpur  (29-4-19, Jodhpur)
Treatment of lives feasible by medicines : Dr. Ananad  (28-4-19, Jodhpur)
Services will be terminated if remained absent for more than one year  (28-4-19, Jodhpur)
Stay on sale of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo & powder  (28-4-19, Jodhpur)
Treatment of liver impossible by google knowledge : Pf. Nayak  (27-4-19, Jodhpur)
Free spots injury OPD in Medipulse tomorrow  (27-4-19, Jodhpur)
Numerous unauthorized practitioners in Kalandri sub-tehsil  (26-4-19, Jodhpur)
Three day conference of Liver specialists from today  (26-4-19, Jodhpur)
Passing out ceremony and prize distribution in Pharmacy faculty  (26-4-19, Jodhpur)
'Action will be taken against blood banks not following rules'  (26-4-19, Jaipur)
Compensation up to 1.25 crores may be provided to persons becoming cripple by hip implant  (25-4-19, Jodhpur)
Examination of B. Pharmacy first semester proposed on 6th May  (25-4-19, Jodhpur)
Patients affected due to defective hip implant may get compensation  (25-4-19, Jaipur)
Door-to-door survey for identification of leprosy patients  (24-4-19, Jaipur)
Govt. says 501 Health Centers are with substantial facility  (23-4-19, Jodhpur)
Waiting fot operation will decrease due to modular OT  (23-4-19, Jodhpur)
Various defects found in inspection of Sanganer Community Center  (23-4-19, Jaipur)
Now vaccination of measles and rubeola in schools  (22-4-19, Jodhpur)
Warning issued to Doctors after evaluation by Health Director  (22-4-19, Jaipur)
Eight teams of Medical Department inspects hospitals of State under the supervision of Samit Sharma  (22-4-19, Jaipur)
Eight teams will inspect cleanliness of hospitals today  (21-4-19, Jaipur)
100 officers will go to update hospital services  (20-4-19, Jodhpur)
18 thousand deliveries in year in Zanana wing of MDMH  (20-4-19, Jodhpur)
Fine of 1.16 lack on Soni Manipal Hospital  (20-4-19, Jaipur)
42 teams organized for inspection of hospitals  (20-4-19, Jaipur)
GNM indulged in foetal sex determination arrested, recovered 20 thousand rupees  (17-4-19, Jodhpur)
Licenses suspended  (17-4-19, Jaipur)
Decoy operation on Juhi clinic in Sursagar, GNM indulged in foetal sex determination arrested  (17-4-19, Jaipur)
One year imprisonment to the then CMHO Pratapgarh  (16-4-19, Jodhpur)
Where treatment done not shown admitted, received money in Bhamashah scheme by showing admission in different hospital  (16-4-19, Jodhpur)
Six month old foetus aborted due to negligence  (16-4-19, Jaipur)
Fuss over change of dead bodies of lady in Narayana Hospital  (16-4-19, Jaipur)
Seats of P.G. will increase  (16-4-19, Jodhpur)
Life awarded to 95 year old lady by operation  (14-4-19, Jodhpur)
Treatment of rare heart disease in AIIMS without operation  (14-4-19, Jodhpur)
Two arrested in Hanumangarh performing foetal sex determination  (14-4-19, Jodhpur)
Ravi Singh killer of girls in womb declared second histry-sheeter of State  (14-4-19, Jaipur)
Three day workshop convened in AIIMS  (13-4-19, Jodhpur)
Innocents are not getting even vaccines, responsibles are unaware  (13-4-19, Jodhpur)
Second operation of kidney transplant soon in MDMH  (13-4-19, Jodhpur)
Action will be taken if deficiencies found in free drug  (13-4-19, Jaipur)
Held prescription made by doctors for external investigation & medicines  (12-4-19, Jaipur)
'Better results in female diseases by leperoscopic surgery'  (11-4-19, Jodhpur)
Unauthorized practitioner endangering life of adivasis sent to jail  (11-4-19, Jodhpur)
Anecdote inspection of Banar PHC by Dr. Sharma in night  (10-4-19, Jodhpur)
Ten lack penalty on Sahil Hospital & Doctor of Alwar  (10-4-19, Jaipur)
Successful operation of liver cancer of 14 month old female child in SMS  (10-4-19, Jaipur)
MCI team inspects Medical College and Associated Hospitals  (9-4-19, Jodhpur)
Four surgeon doctors in Malpura Govt. Hospital, even then operations not performed  (9-4-19, Jaipur)
Inauguration of Dr. M. L. Singhvi Chaksu Chikitsalaya & Dialysis center  (8-4-19, Jodhpur)
End of three day long sonofest workshop  (8-4-19, Jodhpur)
Game of coalition in Bhamashah scheme in Dausa, administration unaware  (8-4-19, Jaipur)
Workshop om microbiology convened in AIIMS  (7-4-19, Jodhpur)
Patients are compelled to get x-ray done from out side  (7-4-19, Jodhpur)
Voluntary blood donation camp on second anniversary of Neo Kids Hospital today  (7-4-19, Jodhpur)
Disease investigation camp today  (7-4-19, Jodhpur)
Inauguration of Dr. M. L. Singhvi Chaksu Chikitsalaya & Dialysis center today  (7-4-19, Jodhpur)
Administration of medical facilities at Jaisalmer worse  (7-4-19, Jaipur)
Jagdamba hospital ignites biowaste in open  (6-4-19, Jaipur)
Price monitoring & resource unit will keep vigil on drug prices  (6-4-19, Jaipur)
Matter of death of a patient : FIR lodged against doctor of private hospital  (6-4-19, Jodhpur)
Identification of parasite important in pregnancy : Dr. Nag  (6-4-19, Jodhpur)
High Court serious on not releaving due to dark zone, interim order to relieve petitioner  (4-4-19, JODHPUR)
Fuss over death of a patient in private hospital  (4-4-19, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of Dr. M. L. Singhvi Chakshu Chikitsalay & Dialysis center on Sunday  (4-4-19, JODHPUR)
Merit list of NEET P. G. will be prepared again  (4-4-19, JAIPUR)
Record of patient admitted will remain online in AIIMS  (3-4-19, JODHPUR)
Two accused absconding in foetal sex determination matter arrested  (3-4-19, JAIPUR)
Tonk CMHO personally summoned in High Court in the matter of contempt  (2-4-19, JAIPUR)
Allopathic drugs seized form shop operated without license  (2-4-19, JAIPUR)
Pharmacy students came to know rules of trademark  (31-3-19, JODHPUR)
'This year economically backward category will not get reservation in P. G. Medical examination'  (31-3-19, JAIPUR)
Specialists share new techniques on critical care  (31-3-19, JAIPUR)
Advice by specialists on heart & Bp related diseases today in Dr. S. N. Medical College  (30-3-19, JODHPUR)
Automatic eliza machine worth 26 lack installed in MDM Hospital  (30-3-19, JODHPUR)
'Bonus marks for P.G. to Doctors working in inaccessible area is justified'  (30-3-19, JAIPUR)
Instructions issued by CMHO after inspection of rural health centers  (29-3-19, JODHPUR)
Notice issued for not considering candidate with B. Sc Forensic Science in Forensic Lab  (29-3-19, JODHPUR)
Work of new Cath Lab in MDM Hospital commenced  (29-3-19, JODHPUR)
'Sex & height can be ascertained by scientific examination of skeleton'  (29-3-19, JODHPUR)
Open heart surgery with out valve transplant first time in Mewar  (28-3-19, JODHPUR)
Instructions issued in meeting of District Health Committee  (28-3-19, JODHPUR)
Get immediate treatment when symptoms of TB appear  (27-3-19, JODHPUR)
Process of registration of sonography center will be online  (27-3-19, JAIPUR)
'Essential to provide quality maternity care to pregnant'  (27-3-19, JAIPUR)
Fine imposed on Bhandari & Durlabhji Hospital for negligence in treatment  (27-3-19, JAIPUR)
American team gathers information on Free Drug Scheme  (27-3-19, JAIPUR)
'Action will be taken against incharge for shortge of essential drugs'  (27-3-19, JAIPUR)
New Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules, 2019  (26-3-19, )
Public lecture on prevention of TB in AIIMS today  (26-3-19, JODHPUR)
Important role of Neuro Physician in case of stroke : Dr. Prasad  (25-3-19, JODHPUR)
Fear of averting operation of senior person, fuss out side hospital  (25-3-19, JODHPUR)
Matter of distribution of expired drugs : summoned by CMHO  (25-3-19, JAIPUR)
'Investigation - treatment of T.B. disease is free in Govt. Hospitals, need to motivate patients'  (25-3-19, JAIPUR)
Allegation of negligence in treatment on MGH Doctors  (24-3-19, JODHPUR)
Fuss by relatives over death of injured  (24-3-19, JODHPUR)
Neuro patients do not have to go to Delhi or Ahmedabad, better facilities available with Jodhpur AIIMS  (24-3-19, JODHPUR)
Trainee Nursing student distributes date expired drugs to patient in Malpura CHC  (24-3-19, JAIPUR)
Stay on removal of Lab Technicians and Helpers  (24-3-19, JAIPUR)
Congress Govt. reduced necessary cancer disease drugs  (24-3-19, JAIPUR)
Spurious vaccine administered to thousands of children, Doctors kept prescribing for commission  (20-3-19, JODHPUR)
Raid on drug dealers of Jodhpur, Jaipur and Beawar  (20-3-19, JAIPUR)
Is there a conspiracy against Doctors obtaining degree from foreign countries?  (20-3-19, JAIPUR)
Spurious drug racket from Jodhpur to Punjab  (19-3-19, JODHPUR)
Inactive ingredients in Drugs  (19-3-19, JAIPUR)
Date for uploading Retail and Wholesale licenses extended to 15-04-2019  (19-3-19, JODHPUR)
Date for uploading Manufacturing, Blood Bank and Testing Lab licenses extended to 15-04-2019  (19-3-19, JODHPUR)
30% increase in glaucoma patients in 10 years  (16-3-19, JODHPUR)
Saved light of eye of 6 patients suffering from glaucoma by Doctors of AIIMS  (16-3-19, JODHPUR)
New edition of Text Book of FORENSIC PHARMACY by Reema Dheer & Manoj Dheer released  (16-3-19, JODHPUR)
Departmental Head changed in Hospitals  (15-3-19, JODHPUR)
Pharmacist admissions examination challenged in High Court  (15-3-19, JAIPUR)
Revised MRP of Non-Scheduled Anti-Cancer Medicines w.e.f. 08.03.2019  (13-3-19, )
Anticancer Drugs Price Revision  (13-3-19, )
Investigations online in MB Hospital, report can be accessed from home  (12-3-19, JODHPUR)
'Ensure Clinical protocols in labor room'  (12-3-19, JAIPUR)
Allegation of losing eye sight due to administration of wrong injection  (12-3-19, JAIPUR)
Infringement of Trade Marks Act, 1999 and Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 by M/s Mac Organics Pvt. Ltd.  (12-3-19, JODHPUR)
Be medical technologist  (11-3-19, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of intensive pulse polio expedition by CMHO Dr. Manda  (11-3-19, JODHPUR)
More than 50 thousand people get leukemia  (11-3-19, JAIPUR)
Demand to CM to open blood bank in Bhinmal - Sanchore  (11-3-19, JALORE)
Newlyborned had to wait for two hours for CM for swallowing two drops  (11-3-19, JALORE)
About 60 lack children swallow polio medicine in State  (11-3-19, JAIPUR)
Order for verification of documents given by Court to Medical Department in the matter of direct recruitment of Lab Assistants  (10-3-19, JODHPUR)
National pulse polio expedition today  (10-3-19, JODHPUR)
'Treatment of congenital deformation feasible by timely treatment'  (10-3-19, JODHPUR)
Operation by root enlargement procedure first time in cardio thorasic center of MDM hospital  (10-3-19, JODHPUR)
Prices of 390 cancer drugs reduced up to 87%  (9-3-19, JODHPUR)
Action will be taken against staff taking money for delivery : Samit Sharma  (9-3-19, JAIPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for RETENTION FEE in the Month of APRIL, 2019  (8-3-19, JODHPUR)
Trauma hospital will be constructed in Sohela of Tonk, seven bigha land allotted  (8-3-19, JAIPUR)
Five Drug Control Officers transferred  (8-3-19, JODHPUR)
More than one dozen Doctors found absent in anecdote inspection  (7-3-19, JAIPUR)
Appeal for success of pulse polio expedition  (7-3-19, JALORE)
Protest against removal of Medical students from examination hall without notice  (7-3-19, JAIPUR)
Regulatory Board will be formed for control over private hospitals : Gehlot  (6-3-19, JAIPUR)
State will be made leader in medical field : Geholt  (6-3-19, JAIPUR)
Five crores sanctioned for Pediatric Cardiac Cathlab  (6-3-19, JODHPUR)
Gynae doctor also left, problem of female patients increased Doctors serving in Jaipur, salary drawn from Ummed Hospital  (6-3-19, JODHPUR)
Dr. Sharad Thanvi gets post of Professor in Surgery Department  (6-3-19, JODHPUR)
Pulse polio expedition on 10th, preparations completed  (6-3-19, JALORE)
Helpline counter of Corporation in J.K. Loan Hospital closed since six months  (6-3-19, JAIPUR)
'Regulatory Board will be formed for control over private hospitals'  (6-3-19, JAIPUR)
Govt. & private hospitals jointly can achieve the dream of Right to Health : Gehlot  (6-3-19, JAIPUR)
Doctors posted in Jodhpur did not turn up and those who came went on leave after attendance, heavy shortage of faculty in Jodhpur  (5-3-19, JODHPUR)
Principal appointed for 6 medical colleges  (5-3-19, JAIPUR)
PCPNDT action in Khetari, sonography machine seized  (5-3-19, JAIPUR)
Dr. Sudhir Bhandari became Principal of SMS Medical College  (5-3-19, JAIPUR)
Suggestion to include Diabetes in Right to Health  (4-3-19, JAIPUR)
Cardiac rehabilitation necessary after heart attack  (4-3-19, JODHPUR)
Thieves stole cash & other items from two medical shops  (4-3-19, JODHPUR)
Death of one during treatment by unauthorized practitioner  (4-3-19, JAIPUR)
Lapaka held in MDM Hospital looting patient in the name of investigation in Bhamashah card  (3-3-19, JODHPUR)
RMCTA - Oath taken by members of newly formed working committee of 2019  (3-3-19, JODHPUR)
201 patients investigated in free eye medical investigation camp  (3-3-19, JODHPUR)
Proposal sent to Govt. : States first Sports Injury Care Hospital & Research Center be made at Jodhpur  (3-3-19, JODHPUR)
40 thousand infertile couples treated successfully in Vasundhara Hospital till now  (3-3-19, JODHPUR)
Date for uploading Retail and Wholesale licenses extended to 15-03-2019  (2-3-19, )
Date for uploading Manufacturing, Blood Bank and Testing Lab licenses extended to 15-03-2019  (2-3-19, )
Rudrakshi donated ventilator machine for newborn from pocket allowance on birthday  (2-3-19, JAIPUR)
Demonstration on using inferior material in construction of Health Sub Center  (2-3-19, JAIPUR)
15 crore people are suffering from diabetes due to obesity  (2-3-19, JAIPUR)
Child became blind due to administration of excess oxygen, 48 lack compensation from hospital  (2-3-19, JODHPUR)
Five Doctor teachers of Medical College again ordered to Barmer  (2-3-19, JODHPUR)
.Unauthorized practitioner arrested.  (2-3-19, JODHPUR)
11 Medical Teachers from Dr. S N Medical College posted in Pali Medical College  (1-3-19, JODHPUR)
Anecdote Inspection of 102 Medical institution by CMHO  (1-3-19, JODHPUR)
Payment obtained from Bhamashah Card by spurious operation in Hindon  (1-3-19, JAIPUR)
'Death of one person in every six seconds from diabetis'  (1-3-19, JAIPUR)
Prices of 42 cancer drugs reduced  (28-2-19, JODHPUR)
MDM Hospital - Patients being sent to private lab for commission, said on phone, money will be returned  (28-2-19, JODHPUR)
Churning by Diabetic Specialists today  (28-2-19, JAIPUR)
AIIMS commences registration for kidney transplant  (27-2-19, JODHPUR)
Dispute on bonus marks in Pharmacist admissions, High Court calls for affidavit from Govt.  (27-2-19, JODHPUR)
Organ damaged by smoking, saved organ by opening closed vein from leg to stomach  (27-2-19, JODHPUR)
Residents said we are ready, take arms along with medical services for Nation  (27-2-19, JODHPUR)
Medifest ara in AIIMS from 1st March  (27-2-19, JODHPUR)
Advanced day care surgery center commenced in Medipulse  (26-2-19, JODHPUR)
Two lives enlightened by organ donation of 'Akshay"  (26-2-19, JAIPUR)
'Keep Medical services fine during strike by contractual staff'  (26-2-19, JAIPUR)
Sample of Unani drug sent for testing  (26-2-19, JAIPUR)
Cadaveric lab proposed in Medical College after increase in body donation  (25-2-19, JODHPUR)
AIIMS & Sweden will work together for skilled development  (25-2-19, JODHPUR)
Lot of banned drugs held, two arrested  (25-2-19, JODHPUR)
Surgery became easier by histoscopy & leperoscopy  (25-2-19, JAIPUR)
MLA irritated by disorder in hospital  (24-2-19, JODHPUR)
Delegation from Sweden inspects AIIMS  (24-2-19, JODHPUR)
Intoxicating trade spread in Bhilwara, two accused held, intoxicating drugs worth 7 lacks found  (24-2-19, JODHPUR)
Churning by Doctors on investigation problem & challenges  (24-2-19, JAIPUR)
Free medical consultation camp tomorrow  (23-2-19, JODHPUR)
Workshop on sleep medicines in AIIMS tomorrow  (23-2-19, JODHPUR)
Held lot of drugs, apprehension of being narcotic  (23-2-19, JAIPUR)
ACS Medical Department summoned by Court due to misadventure of Health Centers  (22-2-19, JODHPUR)
Death of woman during delivery, relatives stage demonstration on dead body  (21-2-19, JAIPUR)
Date for uploading Retail and Wholesale licenses extended to 28-02-2019  (21-2-19, JODHPUR)
Date for uploading Manufacturing, Blood Bank and Testing Lab licenses extended to 28-02-2019  (21-2-19, JODHPUR)
India has advanced techniques of surgery like foreign countries, but lack of awareness  (20-2-19, JAIPUR)
MDM Hospital gets ambulance with video conference worth 60 lack  (19-2-19, JODHPUR)
Green signal to new Cath lab, work will commence soon  (19-2-19, JODHPUR)
One and half dozen girl students ill after intake of iron pills in Rajgarh  (19-2-19, JAIPUR)
Clinic seized action initiated  (19-2-19, JAIPUR)
Better training should be aparted to Doctors for pediatric surgery  (18-2-19, JODHPUR)
'Congenital heart diseases due to intake of tobacco during infancy'  (18-2-19, JAIPUR)
Reply called from Govt. on removing contractual staff, next hearing on 22nd  (17-2-19, JODHPUR)
Pediatric surgeon performs live complicated operation  (17-2-19, JODHPUR)
Workshop on dermoscopy from today more than 100 doctors will come  (17-2-19, JODHPUR)
Treatment of heart will be made available at CHC-PHC level : Raghu Sharma  (17-2-19, JODHPUR)
Assitant Professor Admission Rules challanged  (16-2-19, JODHPUR)
Hundred percent result should be received in Pediatric Surgery : Dr. Rajmani  (16-2-19, JODHPUR)
Danger of heart failure can be prevented by installing pump in chest  (16-2-19, JAIPUR)
Dr. Singhvi honored with Physicians felloship  (15-2-19, JODHPUR)
Specialists will assemble today for research & churning on heart diseases  (15-2-19, JAIPUR)
Valve replacement performed by SMS Doctors by TAVI technique  (15-2-19, JODHPUR)
Pharmacist direct recruitment examination postponed  (15-2-19, JODHPUR)
Chief Minister free drug scheme radius of drugs increased  (14-2-19, JODHPUR)
Fuss in hospital over death of a newborn  (14-2-19, JAIPUR)
Public Interest Litigation filed for trained staff in Health Centers.  (13-2-19, JODHPUR)
Female from house can stay with pregnant in labor room  (13-2-19, JODHPUR)
Medical emergency in Jodhpur, many Doctors sent to Barmer  (13-2-19, JODHPUR)
Public Interest Litigation filed for trained staff in Health Centers  (13-2-19, JAIPUR)
Delivery friend will remain present in labor room during delivery : Dr. Samit Sharma  (13-2-19, JAIPUR)
18 Doctor teachers from Jodhpur & jaipur Medical College transferred  (12-2-19, JODHPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for RETENTION FEE in the Month of MARCH, 2019  (12-2-19, JODHPUR)
MDM Hospital - Charge of Oxygen plant oscillating between two in-charges  (11-2-19, JODHPUR)
Thunderbolt on Bist, Dr. Balwant Manda now new CMHO of Jodhpur  (10-2-19, JODHPUR)
Stubbornness of Doctors in AIIMS, patient discharged as investigation not done outside  (10-2-19, JODHPUR)
Infertility can be removed by womb transplant also  (9-2-19, JAIPUR)
Hospital operating illegally seized  (8-2-19, DAUSA)
Four lecturers from Faculty of Pharmacy qualify for GPAT 2019  (8-2-19, JODHPUR)
Patients pocket is cut in commission affair  (7-2-19, JODHPUR)
Death of students of Jodhpur Medical College in car incident, two wounded  (7-2-19, JODHPUR)
Allegation of loosing sight by injection in Hindoli  (7-2-19, JAIPUR)
PBI Police of PCPNDT Cell arrests absconding accused from Deesa of Gujarat  (7-2-19, JAIPUR)
Nyay Mitra appointed by High Court finds numerous faults in SMS Hospital  (7-2-19, JAIPUR)
Inspection by Samit Sharma  (7-2-19, JAIPUR)
Churning on heart diseases by cardiologists from nation and abroad  (7-2-19, JAIPUR)
Five children fighting against congenital heart disease will now be able to lead normal life  (6-2-19, JODHPUR)
Hanumana Choudhary assistant of head of gang of foetal sex determinant Mohammad Imtiaz arreasted  (6-2-19, JODHPUR)
Owner punished for selling spurious drug  (6-2-19, JAIPUR)
Assistant of head of gang of foetal sex determinant Imtiaz arrested  (6-2-19, JAIPUR)
Twp mediators arrested in action by State cell in Gangapur City  (6-2-19, JAIPUR)
9 drugs found substandard, ban on sale  (5-2-19, JODHPUR)
Patients looted by willfulness of drug dealers  (5-2-19, JODHPUR)
SLP of Imtiaz arrested four times in foetal sex determination admitted  (5-2-19, JODHPUR)
Two lakh rupees removed from the account of Deputy CMHO Family Welfare  (5-2-19, JAIPUR)
Instructions to take action against Doctors practicing at home in hospital time  (5-2-19, JAIPUR)
New drugs of cancer will be included in free drug scheme : Raghu Sharma  (5-2-19, JAIPUR)
Husband files case after death of a lady due to wrong treatment  (4-2-19, JODHPUR)
Century hit by AIIMS in robotic surgery in five months  (4-2-19, JODHPUR)
7 lack cheated from eye doctor in the name of supply of machine  (4-2-19, JODHPUR)
331 units blood donated in blood donation camp  (4-2-19, JODHPUR)
To defeat cancer not only drugs but good food with self conscious is also important : Dr. Gupta  (4-2-19, JODHPUR)
Unani doctor prescribes allopathic drugs, death of lady due to infection  (4-2-19, JAIPUR)
'Tobacco is main cause of 90% cancer'  (4-2-19, JAIPUR)
First time president ship of IAFM to doctor from Rajasthan  (3-2-19, JODHPUR)
Dr. Vyas president of Forensic Association  (3-2-19, JAIPUR)
Greetings to Professor Dr. Premchand Dandia  (3-2-19, JAIPUR)
Expansion of working committee of Indian Dental Association  (31-1-19, JODHPUR)
Memorandum given to Health Minister by Rajasthan Nurses Admissions Sangharsh Samitee  (31-1-19, JODHPUR)
No shortage of drugs, awareness required : Dr. Samit Sharma  (31-1-19, JODHPUR)
Jalore Govt. Hospital tops State in quality assurance  (31-1-19, JAIPUR)
'Make in India' valve replacement of patient  (31-1-19, JAIPUR)
Now genetic testing in private lab of hospital also  (30-1-19, JODHPUR)
Pharmacist in drug distribution center in Tonk beaten  (30-1-19, JAIPUR)
'Why slum was not removed from hospital'  (30-1-19, JAIPUR)
Preparation of kidney transplant in AIIMS, sanction issued by Govt.  (29-1-19, JODHPUR)
Inspection of MDM by Jacies group for expansion of modern cancer facility  (29-1-19, JODHPUR)
Relatives of old woman cheated by private hospital by declaring and treating as Swine Flu positive  (29-1-19, JODHPUR)
DNA test will be done in genetic lab of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital  (29-1-19, JAIPUR)
'Give strength to decoy operation to stop foetal sex determination'  (29-1-19, JAIPUR)
Superintendent of J. k. Loan Hospital Dr Ashok Gupta honored  (29-1-19, JAIPUR)
Prantiya Sewa Bharti : free investigation of 85 patients in medical camp  (28-1-19, JODHPUR)
Successful operation of throat cancer in Railway Hospital  (28-1-19, JODHPUR)
Menarai from CMHO department honored  (28-1-19, JODHPUR)
Raid on drug shop without license  (25-1-19, JODHPUR)
Two decoy operations, trickery in the name of sex determination  (25-1-19, JODHPUR)
Mediator couple arrested in Kankroli indulged in foetal sex determination  (25-1-19, JAIPUR)
'Keep knowledge updated and emphasis on research'  (24-1-19, JODHPUR)
Businessman absconding after slapping drug dealers with lacks  (24-1-19, JODHPUR)
Uniformity in treatment will be achieved by developing AIIMS culture : Dr. Nadda  (23-1-19, JODHPUR)
Pharmacy Council of India honors Prof. Nagori of Lachoo College  (23-1-19, JODHPUR)
Course of investigation changed by report from medical board of SMS Hospital  (23-1-19, JAIPUR)
Health Minister did not reply on Medical College  (23-1-19, JAIPUR)
Provide quality dental health services : Dr. Sharma  (23-1-19, JAIPUR)
Matter of corruption in drug purchase and tenders in Kota Medical College raised  (23-1-19, JAIPUR)
Dr. Jain head of Department resigns after complaint of misbehavior by lady resident  (22-1-19, JODHPUR)
Vacant posts will be filled soon in Medical Department  (22-1-19, JODHPUR)
Mother & Child Welfare Center closed since one-and-half decade  (22-1-19, JAIPUR)
Important to take steps to stop use of tobacco : Dr. Gupta  (22-1-19, JAIPUR)
80 patients examined in eye investigation camp  (21-1-19, JODHPUR)
Workshop convened on pediatric plasmanology updates in AIIMS  (21-1-19, JODHPUR)
Cardiac surgery in Medipulse Hospital  (21-1-19, JODHPUR)
Cancer investigation will become cheaper by new technique  (21-1-19, JODHPUR)
Chirag Son of owner of Bhandari Hospital arrested taking bribe of 30 thousand  (21-1-19, JODHPUR)
Dental camp in Vyas Dental College on 22nd  (20-1-19, JODHPUR)
State is moving ahead in the field of organ donation & organtransplant  (20-1-19, JODHPUR)
Unconscious patient gets relief in AIIMS by effort of Navjyoti  (19-1-19, JODHPUR)
All requirements completed for first cathlab in State, rupees 5 crores alloted  (18-1-19, JODHPUR)
All requirements completed for cathlab in Jodhpur  (18-1-19, JAIPUR)
Commenced orthopedic cancer clinic in SMS  (18-1-19, JAIPUR)
Shared fundamental principles of blood transfusion  (18-1-19, JAIPUR)
Complaint in Anti Corruption Bureau regarding scam of supply of sub-standard drug  (16-1-19, JAIPUR)
'Medical staff should fullfil their responsibility with zero tolerence'  (16-1-19, JAIPUR)
Three day conference from 31st  (15-1-19, JODHPUR)
Administrative action will be taken on Doctors and staff found negligent or absent  (15-1-19, JODHPUR)
BCMHO issues notice in the matter of expired drugs in Kushalgarh  (14-1-19, JAIPUR)
Administrative action will be taken on Doctors and staff found absent in inspection of PHC : Dr. Bist  (13-1-19, JODHPUR)
Expired medicines given at CHC Kushalgarh  (13-1-19, JAIPUR)
Penalty of 45 laks on Durlabhji Hospital  (13-1-19, JAIPUR)
'Now dangers of diabetes to infants can be known in foetus'  (13-1-19, JAIPUR)
Principle Secretary Gera fires on perusal of lengthy que in orthopedic OPD  (12-1-19, JODHPUR)
Nephro patient kept wandering with tube fixed on leg in MDM Hospital  (12-1-19, JODHPUR)
Tour of Garg, 15 doctors absent in RBM  (12-1-19, JAIPUR)
11 staff members including doctor found absent in PHC  (12-1-19, JAIPUR)
Principle Secretary Health Gera inspects Swine Flu wards of MDM Hospital, instructions issued to detect cause of death  (11-1-19, JODHPUR)
Matter of death of infant : Dr. Nikhil APO, Male Nurse suspended  (11-1-19, JAIPUR)
Topkhanadesh Dispensary inspected by Samit Sharma  (11-1-19, JAIPUR)
Selling sub-standard mask out side hospital, neither administration careful nor hospital staff  (10-1-19, JODHPUR)
Life threatening Swine-Flu, on other hands no doctors in Jodhpur, more than 300 posts vacant  (10-1-19, JODHPUR)
RMP doctor arrested in smuglling of intoxicating drugs  (10-1-19, JAIPUR)
18 posts out of 24 posts of Doctors vacant in Bangur Hospital of Deedwana  (10-1-19, JAIPUR)
Doctors & staff given flower and explained to come on time  (10-1-19, JAIPUR)
Amount of lacks of rupees remained idle, Medical Department did not spent  (9-1-19, JODHPUR)
Kayakalp team of Central Health Ministry inspects AIIMS  (9-1-19, JODHPUR)
Medical representatives observe strike for protest  (9-1-19, JODHPUR)
Seminar on blood transfusion  (9-1-19, JAIPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for RETENTION FEE in the Month of February, 2019  (9-1-19, JODHPUR)
Paracetamol syrup found in debris at Kanod CHC  (7-1-19, JAIPUR)
Microbiology lab inspected by collector  (7-1-19, JODHPUR)
Free drug scheme on ventilator : less stock, list of drugs same  (6-1-19, JODHPUR)
Awards given to Specialists in Chest Physicians conference  (6-1-19, JAIPUR)
Fuss over death of constable during treatment in Kanwatia Hospital  (6-1-19, JAIPUR)
Separate ILI OPD facility from today in MDM & MGH hospital for Swine-Flu suspects  (5-1-19, JODHPUR)
Camp organized for knee transplant  (5-1-19, JODHPUR)
16 doctros found absent in inspection by Collector  (5-1-19, JAIPUR)
Lectures delivered by national & foreign specialist on lung diseases  (5-1-19, JAIPUR)
Allegation of physical harassment on Assistant Professor by MBBS female student  (4-1-19, JAIPUR)
High Court calls for reply on online sale of drugs  (4-1-19, JAIPUR)
Training of newer techniques of treatments aparted to Doctors  (4-1-19, JAIPUR)
Leaves of Medical Staff cancelled  (3-1-19, JODHPUR)
Ayushyaman Bharat scheme commenced in AIIMS  (3-1-19, JODHPUR)
Free OPD services in Surabhi Diagnostic Center commenced  (3-1-19, JODHPUR)
19th Conference of Chest Physicians of National level today  (3-1-19, JODHPUR)
Status report on shortage of staff in hospitals submitted by Govt. on writ filed  (3-1-19, JODHPUR)
Shortage of Doctors in Sarvad Hospital, X-ray machine also out of order  (3-1-19, JAIPUR)
Status report on shortage of staff in hospitals submitted  (3-1-19, JAIPUR)
MBBS & PG seats will be increased in Medical Colleges : Dr. Sharma  (3-1-19, JAIPUR)
Human Rights Commission calls for details of history sheeter doctors  (2-1-19, JODHPUR)
Dr. Mathur appointed Additional Superintendent in SMS  (2-1-19, JODHPUR)
Farewell to CMHO Dr. Choudhary on retirement  (2-1-19, JODHPUR)
Benefit of Ayushyman scheme in AIIMS from today  (2-1-19, JODHPUR)
RNT likely to get 250 seats  (2-1-19, JODHPUR)
Conference of Chest Physicians tomorrow  (2-1-19, JAIPUR)
Collector Gupta in action mode, staff nurse suspended due to mismanagement  (1-1-19, JODHPUR)
In new year patients in AIIMS will get 8 new faculties  (1-1-19, JODHPUR)
MDM Hospital: Left hope of life due to illness new year became special by efforts of Doctors  (1-1-19, JODHPUR)
Instructions issued for Swine Flu in vidoe conference  (1-1-19, JODHPUR)
'Make available drugs and testing facility to all patients of State'  (1-1-19, JAIPUR)
Free investigation and drug distribution to 372 epilepsy patients in camp  (31-12-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors directed to keep hospitals updated, and CMHO instructed to inform public what is Swine Flu  (31-12-18, JODHPUR)
'Shortage of Assistant Radiographers in State, even then contractual staff is not regularized'  (31-12-18, JAIPUR)
Biometric attendance in Swasthya Bhawan from 1st January  (30-12-18, JAIPUR)
Swine Flu: Collector inspects hospital and issues directions for administration  (29-12-18, JODHPUR)
Banar PHC inspected by Additional Director Dr. Jain  (29-12-18, JODHPUR)
Information to for Medical Pharma & Common Facility Center given  (29-12-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor placed under APO for being continuously absent  (29-12-18, JAIPUR)
Notification of newly appointed Drug Control Officers  (28-12-18, JODHPUR)
Blinds are getting sight by cornea transplant in Eye Ward of MDM Hospital  (28-12-18, JODHPUR)
Eight lots of plastic bags drugs without label of company recovered  (28-12-18, JODHPUR)
Patient kept on reading Hanuman Chalisa, Doctors kept on performing brain surgery  (28-12-18, JODHPUR)
Unauthorized drugs recovered in Abu Road, three arrested  (28-12-18, JAIPUR)
Mahatma Gandhi University & Jaipur Fertility gets National award  (27-12-18, JAIPUR)
Dr. Sunit Singh made registrar  (27-12-18, JAIPUR)
Medipulse becomes major center for cardiac care  (27-12-18, JODHPUR)
'Hospitals should get status of Industry"  (26-12-18, JODHPUR)
Free investigation camp today  (25-12-18, JODHPUR)
Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission team reached MDMH, collected number of patients of mental disease cured  (25-12-18, JODHPUR)
72 robotic surgery in AIIMS in four months  (25-12-18, JODHPUR)
Drugs available in Drug Distribution Center will be prescribed by Doctor  (24-12-18, JAIPUR)
Pensioners not getting medicines from long time  (24-12-18, JODHPUR)
Raj Apicon 2018 more than 700 Doctors from Nation assembled, made distance from plastic  (24-12-18, JAIPUR)
Matter of appointment of inept persons at the post of Associate Professors  (23-12-18, JODHPUR)
Free knee & hip joint disease & transplant treatment advice camp organised  (23-12-18, JODHPUR)
Lifeline Hospital gets World Health Care achiever award  (23-12-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. Samit Sharma again in action in Congress Govt.  (23-12-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment of broken jaw by oral rigid internal-fixation technique  (23-12-18, JODHPUR)
Allegation of misbehavior on Dr. Tomer  (23-12-18, JAIPUR)
Held narcotic drugs lot in Hanumangarh, accused arrested  (23-12-18, JAIPUR)
Deficiencies observed in inspection by Director Health in Malpura Hospital  (23-12-18, JAIPUR)
Penalty of 10 lakh imposed on Sony Hospital  (23-12-18, JAIPUR)
Treatment of cancer feasible by quality formula technique : Dr. Parihar  (22-12-18, JODHPUR)
Death of woman even after inducting 45 bottles of blood in Bhilwara  (22-12-18, JAIPUR)
Why difference in pay scale of allopathic & ayurvedic doctor : High Court  (22-12-18, JAIPUR)
Cheated 78 lakh in the name of admission to MBBS  (22-12-18, JAIPUR)
Consult Doctor when menopause symptoms appear : Dr. Charu Sharma  (21-12-18, JODHPUR)
Increasing ailment of corruption in treatment  (21-12-18, JODHPUR)
Easy to detect genes formula by cytogenetic  (21-12-18, JODHPUR)
Computer operator distributing medicines in Mathuradas Mathur Hospital, Pharmacist not seen on seat  (21-12-18, JODHPUR)
Public lecture on menopause in AIIMS today  (20-12-18, JODHPUR)
Drugs were procured after death of patient in Bhilwara  (20-12-18, JAIPUR)
Assistant Drug Controller, Jhunjhunu arrested taking bribe of 20 thousand  (20-12-18, JAIPUR)
X-ray machine locked from past three years in Dhundhara  (19-12-18, JODHPUR)
Order to challan operator of New Life Foundation Nasha Mukti Kendra  (19-12-18, JODHPUR)
Cancer patients will get relief in SMS Hospital  (19-12-18, JODHPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for RETENTION FEE in the Month of January, 2019  (19-12-18, JODHPUR)
Public lecture on menopause in AIIMS on 20th  (18-12-18, JODHPUR)
Former CMHO surrenders  (18-12-18, JAIPUR)
Body of Kumbhat donated to AIIMS  (17-12-18, JODHPUR)
AIIMS gets 8 new faculties  (16-12-18, JODHPUR)
Brain tumor and brain cancer are challenges to Neuro-Surgeons of world  (16-12-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. Rajeev Gupta selected in World Heart Federation Board  (16-12-18, JAIPUR)
Amucon from today, 400 Doctors from Nation will assemble  (15-12-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. Bansal will be honored in Delhi  (15-12-18, JAIPUR)
Fine of 44 lakhs on Narayana Hospital  (15-12-18, JAIPUR)
Operation for spinal diseases in child feasible in womb  (15-12-18, JAIPUR)
Nationwide stay on online sale of drugs  (14-12-18, JODHPUR)
Madam request is, que is long give medicines to blind patient first  (14-12-18, JODHPUR)
Fire in medical store  (14-12-18, JAIPUR)
Dr. Pangadia files complaint  (14-12-18, JAIPUR)
'Now brain surgery will be monitored like GPS system'  (14-12-18, JAIPUR)
Cardiac surgery of one thousand patients in six years in MDM  (13-12-18, JODHPUR)
Successful operation of complicated infection of kidney  (12-12-18, JODHPUR)
Contractual staff in Ayurved University appointed through placement agency entitled for bonus marks  (12-12-18, JODHPUR)
Exicon completed with deliberations by Specialists  (11-12-18, JODHPUR)
Churning on Brain Disease by National and Foreign Neuro-Surgeons.  (11-12-18, JODHPUR)
Bone-marrow transplant feasible with 50% HLA matching  (10-12-18, JODHPUR)
Removed cancerous lump  (10-12-18, JODHPUR)
Presentation by Eye Disease Specialists  (10-12-18, JODHPUR)
Churning on Brain Disease in Jaipur by National and Foreign Neuro-Surgeons  (10-12-18, JAIPUR)
Order to include in up coming counselling of B. Sc (Nursing)  (10-12-18, JODHPUR)
High Court summons State Government  (9-12-18, JODHPUR)
Medipulse became major center for cardiac surgery  (9-12-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment of wounded eye by latest technique  (9-12-18, JODHPUR)
12 complicated operations were performed by Eye Disease Specialists in Exicon  (9-12-18, JODHPUR)
Learned treatment of heart by practicing on mechanical heart  (9-12-18, JAIPUR)
Three decoy action in six days in Jaipur, Punjab & Gujarat, seven people arrested  (9-12-18, JAIPUR)
Eye disease specialists through out the Nation will assemble in Exicon today  (8-12-18, JODHPUR)
First successful kidney transplant surgery in MDM hospital of Jodhpur, surgery performed for 6 hours  (7-12-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. Rajesh Garad arrested in Choumu by decoy operation  (7-12-18, JODHPUR)
Unearthing of racket of performing foetal sex determination in Punjab, three arrested including Nurse and Dai  (6-12-18, JAIPUR)
Heart Specialists will assemble in Jaipur  (6-12-18, JAIPUR)
Old foreign machines in India, infection is spreading  (5-12-18, JODHPUR)
Hope of kidney transplant  (5-12-18, JODHPUR)
JALORE District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the Month of December. 2018  (5-12-18, JODHPUR)
Eye disease specialists through out the Nation will assemble in Exicon  (4-12-18, JODHPUR)
Complaint against Raje and others regarding contract of 108 ambulance  (4-12-18, JAIPUR)
AIIMS won heart of JODHPUR  (3-12-18, JODHPUR)
Three including lady arrested as involved in foetal sex determination  (3-12-18, JAIPUR)
Medical waste consumed in India  (2-12-18, JODHPUR)
Ajmer District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for RETENTION FEE in the Month of December. 2018  (2-12-18, JODHPUR)
HIV infected persons are provided with medical facility without any discrimination - Rathore  (2-12-18, JODHPUR)
Court poses question mark on PPP model of Primary Health Center  (2-12-18, JAIPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for RETENTION FEE in the Month of December. 2018  (1-12-18, JODHPUR)
Disc prolapse operation by endoscopic technique  (29-11-18, JODHPUR)
Life of child saved by complicated operation by Doctors of AIIMS  (21-11-18, JODHPUR)
Effect of strike by Resident Doctors visible on injured children in MDM  (21-11-18, JODHPUR)
Resident Doctors of entire State on indefinite strike from today  (21-11-18, JODHPUR)
50 lakh compensation on Santokba Durlabhji Hospital  (15-11-18, Jaipur)
Rajasthan High Court issues detailed order for establishment and running of Path Labs  (15-11-18, Jaipur)
Kidney transplant scheme trembling on papers  (13-11-18, JODHPUR)
IHC marker test is advanced procedure of cancer test  (13-11-18, Jaipur)
Doctors of world hail India, said has moved forward in field of treatment  (12-11-18, JODHPUR)
Senior Assistant of Maharana Bhupal Hospital arrested taking bribe  (25-10-18, Jaipur)
Company operating defective ambulances to avoid penalty  (23-10-18, JODHPUR)
Injections are being procured from market through relatives of pregnant in Chabada hospital  (23-10-18, Jaipur)
Dr. Vijay arrested performing unautherized sonography  (23-10-18, Jaipur)
Feet of 18 years old Ashok cut over ankle joined by microsurgery  (22-10-18, JODHPUR)
Feet of youth removed in incident joined again  (22-10-18, Jodhpur)
Successful transplant of imputed feet in Goyal Hospital  (22-10-18, JODHPUR)
Unearthing of supply of intoxicating drugs  (21-10-18, Jaipur)
Instetitial lung disease is caused by feces of pigeon  (21-10-18, Jaipur)
Dealer held with intoxicating drug load  (20-10-18, Jaipur)
Four arrested including Doctor & mediator indulged in foetal sex determination  (20-10-18, Jaipur)
Punishment to Doctor for asking bribe for MLC  (19-10-18, JODHPUR)
After four months Kaluram on his own feet  (19-10-18, Jaipur)
Corrupt Doctor sent to jail  (18-10-18, JODHPUR)
Minuteness of telescopic surgery demonstrated to would-be Doctors  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Substandard drugs reaching patients, method for immediate stoppage not developed  (11-8-18, Jaipur)
Case filed against Hospital operator and Lady Doctor  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Facilities in 9 centers in Jaipur, not even one to us  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor & operator arrested performing unauthorized sonography in Jalore  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Three day conference commenced on Telescopic operation in Medical College  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Jodhpur AIIMS gets permanent Director  (11-8-18, JODHPUR)
Conference on operation by telescope commenced  (11-8-18, Jalore)
Doctor & operator arrested performing sonography with unregistered machine  (11-8-18, Jalore)
Facility of dialysis commenced in Paota District Hospital  (10-8-18, JODHPUR)
Now dose of research to Medicos  (10-8-18, JODHPUR)
Vigilance by Govt. on sonography machine with sale  (9-8-18, Jaipur)
Relief from Supreme Court, State gets 150 medical seats  (9-8-18, Jaipur)
Now CONFED commenced Medical Store in Durlabhji  (9-8-18, Jaipur)
10 thousand in-service Doctors may declare strike on 12th August  (9-8-18, Jaipur)
Medicines will be available at economical rates in Durlabhji Hospital  (9-8-18, Jaipur)
Medical Store commenced by CONFED in Durlabhji Hospital  (9-8-18, Jaipur)
No one is ready to accept the responsibility of Cardiology Department Head  (8-8-18, JODHPUR)
Medical Officer concealed, status of mortuary is critical  (8-8-18, JODHPUR)
'Do not increase problem by donating to hospital, we do not need donation'  (8-8-18, JODHPUR)
Transfer of 27 pharmacists against rules in Sahakari Bhandar  (7-8-18, JODHPUR)
11 drugs reported substandard, ban on sale  (7-8-18, Jaipur)
Liver transplant could not be done due to non vigilance of Doctor  (7-8-18, Jaipur)
Two accused arrested for intoxicating drugs trade  (7-8-18, Jaipur)
Pensioners not getting full medicines from Upbhokta Bhandars  (6-8-18, Jaipur)
Appointment of two thousand Pharmacists pending since five years, when 50 thousand waiting for Govt. job  (6-8-18, Jaipur)
Report on spurious drugs now in 3 months, 3 new testing lab will be opened in State  (6-8-18, Jaipur)
Drugs seized from Medical Store of Durlabhji Hospital will be sold by CONFED  (5-8-18, Jaipur)
Free drug scheme here, there lock on Govt. company  (5-8-18, JODHPUR)
Seized goods from sealed shops in Durlabhji Hospital  (5-8-18, Jaipur)
Public Notice Regarding Oxytocin Formulations  (4-8-18, JODHPUR)
Specialist Doctors give consultation in Rotary Bhawan, investigations also done  (4-8-18, JODHPUR)
Rules for purchase of surgical items changed after eight years in Free Drug Scheme  (3-8-18, Jaipur)
Now oxytocin will not be available on medical stores  (3-8-18, JODHPUR)
People cheated in the name of drug in State  (2-8-18, Jaipur)
First session of five new medical colleges commenced  (2-8-18, Jaipur)
Punishment to Doctor taking bribe for medical  (2-8-18, Jaipur)
Cheating by fake foetal sex determination unearthed in Acharol  (2-8-18, Jaipur)
Stay on appointment of Drug Controller  (2-8-18, Jaipur)
Three shops sealed by JDA in Durlabhji Hospital  (1-8-18, Jaipur)
Allegation of administering wrong injection during operation against private hospital  (1-8-18, JODHPUR)
Three shops including medical sealed in Durlabhji Hospital  (1-8-18, Jaipur)
Allegation of administering wrong injection during operation  (1-8-18, JODHPUR)
5 new medical colleges will commence tomorrow  (31-7-18, Jaipur)
Treatment of heart patient by impela pump in Eternal Hospital  (31-7-18, Jaipur)
Pharmacists submit memorandum to postal department  (31-7-18, JODHPUR)
Testings in SMS hospital closed silently  (31-7-18, Jaipur)
Admission to engineering and medical should be on the basis of marks earned in 10+2  (31-7-18, Jaipur)
No shortage of Doctors, no budget with Govt. for salary  (30-7-18, Jaipur)
Lab manager arrested performing unauthorized sonograhy.  (30-7-18, Jaipur)
Lab manager arrested performing unauthorized sonograhy  (30-7-18, Jaipur)
Journey-2 BCS joint re-transplanted by Dr. Dilip Mehta  (30-7-18, Jaipur)
Made world record by performing hip surgery on 104 year old lady  (29-7-18, Jaipur)
Private hospitals remained closed in protest against NMC bill  (29-7-18, Jaipur)
Hip surgery of 104 year old lady performed, included in world record  (29-7-18, Jaipur)
OPD services remained closed in private hospitals  (29-7-18, Jaipur)
Order to give admission on the basis of bonus marks & merit in 'NIIT'  (28-7-18, JODHPUR)
Govt. should work as per rules and system should be developed for health services  (28-7-18, Jaipur)
Indoor services in private hospitals closed today  (28-7-18, Jaipur)
343 combinations of drugs may be banned  (27-7-18, Jaipur)
10 years imprisonment for manufacturing drugs without license, fine of 2 lakh also  (27-7-18, Jaipur)
Relief from que in SMS, now prescription will be issued as per display board  (27-7-18, Jaipur)
Advertisement for filling 73 posts in faculty of 33 departments in AIIMS  (27-7-18, JODHPUR)
Patients & relatives will be benefited from underpass - Raje  (27-7-18, Jaipur)
B-scan machine used in eye testing can be used for foetal testing by changing probe  (27-7-18, Jaipur)
Chief Minister inaugurates SMS hospital underpass  (27-7-18, Jaipur)
New life given to lady by re-do surgery  (25-7-18, Jaipur)
Today again liver transplant will be done? or will be sent to private hospital  (25-7-18, Jaipur)
Alas! playing with heritage... such adulteration in henna, which can give allergy and skin disease instead of beauty  (24-7-18, Jaipur)
Selling drugs filled with dust in wrapper similar to branded companies, 40 lakh worth drugs found spurious on testing  (24-7-18, Jaipur)
Why liver transplant not done in SMS  (24-7-18, Jaipur)
Way to kidney transplant eased expenditure agreed principally  (24-7-18, JODHPUR)
Approval of liver transplant in SMS may be cancelled  (23-7-18, Jaipur)
Live surgery by robot perused by renowned urologists of nation  (23-7-18, JODHPUR)
Removed kidney cancer by leperoscopy  (23-7-18, JODHPUR)
Registration of "B-scan" machine now essential... because it can not only test eye, can also test foetus  (22-7-18, Jaipur)
Liver transplant could have been done in SMS  (22-7-18, Jaipur)
Operation performed by robot, demonstrated new technique of urology by live surgery  (22-7-18, JODHPUR)
Team did not come from Delhi, liver sent to private hospital  (22-7-18, Jaipur)
Drug of 750, extracted 4500  (22-7-18, Jaipur)
IBSL team did not have time  (22-7-18, Jaipur)
9 live operations performed in inauguration of North Zone Midterm reconstructive surgery workshop  (22-7-18, JODHPUR)
Liver transplant could not be done SMS as Doctor from team of IBSL Hospital Delhi did not come  (22-7-18, Jaipur)
Voveran painkiller injection effects kidney available on medical stores even after ban  (21-7-18, JODHPUR)
SN Medical College gets approval for BRt course  (21-7-18, JODHPUR)
Liver-kidney transplant today  (21-7-18, Jaipur)
Death of pregnant due to negligence of doctors  (21-7-18, Jaipur)
Online purchase of drugs can risk life  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Lab manager and mediator arrested performing fake sex determination  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Five arrested including retired Health Director BR Meena.  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Lab manager and mediator arrested performing fake sex determination.  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Lab manager and mediator arrested performing fake sex determination.  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Five arrested including retired Health Director BR Meena.  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Lab manager and mediator arrested performing fake sex determination  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Five arrested including retired Health Director BR Meena  (20-7-18, Jaipur)
Doctor said operation in 7 days, waiting for valve from 107 days  (19-7-18, Jaipur)
Jail for making spurious drug  (19-7-18, Jaipur)
Supreme Court & Central Govt. opposite one another in the matter of path lab  (19-7-18, Jaipur)
Picking of pocket out side AIIMS by changing name of drug  (17-7-18, JODHPUR)
CMO of MHMD Trauma Center given powers equivalent to that of Dy. Superintendent  (17-7-18, JODHPUR)
'Unknown' owner of 49 lakh spurious drugs reached after 8 months for releasing drugs  (16-7-18, Jaipur)
Stroke unit launched in Durlabhji Hospital  (16-7-18, Jaipur)
Secret cell to catch unlicensed drug companies  (15-7-18, JODHPUR)
AIIMS student prepared video sends tweet to PM, said - conditions here are worse, I am also struck, Administration said- allegations baseless  (14-7-18, JODHPUR)
Wounded youth waiting in rain outside emergency due to negligence by Doctors, died in morning  (14-7-18, Jaipur)
Student in AIIMS unearths mischief, Administration started haressment  (14-7-18, JODHPUR)
Youth wounded in accident died in hospital, inquiry committee formed  (14-7-18, Jaipur)
3500 posts are vacant, even then 250 Doctors sitting idle  (13-7-18, Jaipur)
Six operation theaters locked since two years  (13-7-18, Jaipur)
Reply called for leaving officer before patient in ambulance  (13-7-18, JODHPUR)
Nursing student and wife indulging in illegal abortion arrested  (13-7-18, Jaipur)
Doctor held performing illegal abortion of minor  (11-7-18, Jaipur)
Land obtained, avoiding service  (11-7-18, Jaipur)
Four professors of Anesthesia Department of S.N. Medical College promoted, became Senior Professor  (11-7-18, JODHPUR)
Unearthing of illegal abortion, old nurse including Doctor held  (11-7-18, JODHPUR)
4 Anesthesia Doctor of Jodhpur promoted as Professors  (11-7-18, JODHPUR)
Raid on unauthorized clinic in Baran  (11-7-18, Jaipur)
CMHO's residence searched  (11-7-18, Jaipur)
Doctor held performing illegal abotion  (11-7-18, Jaipur)
Cognizance take by Court against four including Ravi son of Central Minister on Ambulance scam  (10-7-18, Jaipur)
Dungarpur CMHO arrested for taking twenty thousand rupees  (10-7-18, JODHPUR)
Report on drug license will not be issued by ADC now  (10-7-18, JODHPUR)
'Private Hospitals obtaining concessional land should treat poor for free'  (10-7-18, Jaipur)
Dungarpur CMHO arrested for taking graft  (10-7-18, Jaipur)
Illegal stock of drugs on unauthorized clinics  (10-7-18, Jaipur)
First in Nation for punishment to womb killers, second in sealing sonography machines  (9-7-18, Jaipur)
Opening of seven Pharmacy Colleges under Medical College withheld  (8-7-18, Jaipur)
Women Hospital of Bilara dependent on one staff in the evening  (8-7-18, JODHPUR)
Now JEE and NIIT will be conducted by NTA, exam twice in year.  (8-7-18, JODHPUR)
Punjab police recovered intoxicating drugs in Phalodi  (8-7-18, JODHPUR)
Now JEE and NIIT will be conducted by NTA, exam twice in year  (8-7-18, JODHPUR)
New center of Shalby opened  (8-7-18, Jaipur)
Now engineering and medical entrance examinations will be conducted twice in a year  (8-7-18, Jaipur)
Ambulance was carrying agonized pregnant, in midway officer was collected and dropped, reached hospital half an hour late  (7-7-18, JODHPUR)
Load of testing drugs increased by themselves  (7-7-18, Jaipur)
4 seats will increase in MD psychiatrics  (7-7-18, JODHPUR)
Second round of counselling for admission to Medical Colleges commenced  (7-7-18, JODHPUR)
Illegal drug trial in Malpani Hopsital, no further action  (6-7-18, Jaipur)
DPC of Drug Controller not to be held without the consent of High Court  (5-7-18, Jaipur)
Our reputation increases in Medical students, Jodhpur AIIMS second at counselling  (5-7-18, JODHPUR)
Notice from High Court to Health Minister  (5-7-18, Jaipur)
First bone bridge implant of State in SMS  (5-7-18, Jaipur)
DPC of Drug Controller not to be held without the consent of Court  (5-7-18, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of Jan Aushadhi Kendra in SMS Hospital by Health Minister  (5-7-18, Jaipur)
Admissions of 150 Medical students cancelled in 'NIMS' this year  (5-7-18, Jaipur)
DCO will inspect 20 medical shops every month  (4-7-18, Jaipur)
Illegal trial of drugs closed  (4-7-18, Jaipur)
Drug Control Officers will inspect 20 Medical shops  (4-7-18, JODHPUR)
Rally againt transfer of Doctor in Chaksu  (4-7-18, Jaipur)
Super specialty centers will be opened in Bikaner, Kota and Udaipur, Jodhpur not included  (3-7-18, JODHPUR)
'Nation should adopt reporting, execution and monitoring of Medical & other schemes of Rajasthan'  (3-7-18, Jaipur)
Sonography forms signed by Doctor found at Bansal clinic of Sri Karanpur of Sri Ganaganagar  (3-7-18, Jaipur)
Doctors should concentrate on patients than rupees : Health Minister  (2-7-18, Jaipur)
Nursing, Pharmacy and Paramedical expenses on top  (2-7-18, Jaipur)
Inspection by Parliamentary standing committee  (2-7-18, JODHPUR)
Ceremony by Rajasthan Medical Council on Doctors Day  (2-7-18, Jaipur)
Unauthorized drug trial in Malpani Hospital  (2-7-18, Jaipur)
Doctors happy to receive prizes  (2-7-18, Jaipur)
Vast AIIMS premises Parliamentary standing committee tired during investigation  (2-7-18, JODHPUR)
50 unit Blood donated in camp of Rotary Club  (2-7-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. Meenu Bagaratta honored for excellent work on Doctors day  (2-7-18, Jaipur)
Doctors will be honored for excellent services  (1-7-18, Jaipur)
SMS Hospitals Doctors created miracle  (1-7-18, Jaipur)
Doctors will be honored on Doctors Day.  (1-7-18, Jaipur)
Ward ready, staff trained, patients waiting from 3 years for kidney transplant  (30-6-18, JODHPUR)
Drugs with harmful effected will be banned  (30-6-18, Jaipur)
Removed five kg lump from womb by complicated surgery  (30-6-18, Jaipur)
Organization of blood donation camp on 1st July  (30-6-18, JODHPUR)
State of Associated Hospitals of SMS Medical College after mid-night  (29-6-18, Jaipur)
CMHO could not give information even on two points  (29-6-18, JODHPUR)
Allegation of death of 22 child by heplo stem cell transplant  (29-6-18, Jaipur)
Ban on retail sale of growth hormone oxytocin  (29-6-18, Jaipur)
Blood Donation Camp on 1st July  (28-6-18, JODHPUR)
Admission examination today in AIIMS for 74 posts, questions raised on procedure  (28-6-18, JODHPUR)
Three mediators arrested from Udaipur performing fake foetal test  (28-6-18, Jaipur)
Doctors completed the age of 62 will teach in Medical Colleges  (28-6-18, Jaipur)
CM may inaugurate new underpass of trauma center on 2nd July  (26-6-18, Jaipur)
Two mediators arrested performing fake foetal test & forgery  (26-6-18, Jaipur)
Doubt on supplying Haemophilia Factor-8 to Hospitals  (25-6-18, Jaipur)
Salmonella Bacteria found in Isabgol, fear of typhoid  (25-6-18, JODHPUR)
Online facility of National Library Delhi commenced in Medical College  (25-6-18, JODHPUR)
Appeal by Govt. Hospitals for Blood Donation due to shaortage  (25-6-18, JODHPUR)
Stone throwing at private hospital for acquisition of land  (25-6-18, Jaipur)
New Born Baby Stabilization Unit of Mandavari CHC converted in to junk  (25-6-18, Jaipur)
60 thousand people will be benefited by commencing PHC in ward 34 : Saraf  (25-6-18, Jaipur)
Allotted female Medical College to male  (24-6-18, Jaipur)
Transfer on filled post by CMHO, cancelled by Add. Director  (24-6-18, JODHPUR)
Death of a youth by injection of unauthorized practitioner  (24-6-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment of every disease in 160 rupees  (24-6-18, JODHPUR)
Surgery of soft heart of 2 day old girl  (23-6-18, Jaipur)
Medical College to 8281 rank of general category  (23-6-18, JODHPUR)
Surgery of soft heart within 48 hours of birth  (23-6-18, Jaipur)
Action only on 18 unauthorized practitioners in five & half years  (23-6-18, JODHPUR)
Gave new life to newborn by performing complicated surgery of heart.  (23-6-18, Jaipur)
Saved life of 2 day old girl by performing complicated surgery of heart  (23-6-18, Jaipur)
Govt. 'favor' on promotion  (22-6-18, Jaipur)
Unauthorized practitioner ran away after damaging leg opened clinic again  (22-6-18, JODHPUR)
Negligence in treatment of Dengu patient, fine on Santokba Hospital  (22-6-18, Jaipur)
Lenses for eye received in drug warehouse, will not be required to purchase from out side  (22-6-18, Jaipur)
To achieve WHO standards new Doctors with four times speed will have to be prepared  (22-6-18, Jaipur)
Inauguration of Rotary Blood Bank by Central Agricultural State Minister Shekhawat  (22-6-18, JODHPUR)
Add. Director Dr. Jain himself issued order for keeping charge of Joint Director  (22-6-18, JODHPUR)
Warrant issued against Doctor for operating hospital with fake degree  (22-6-18, Jaipur)
Efforts to promote Drug Inspector even after adverse report by three IAS and one Minister  (21-6-18, Jaipur)
Six sonography machines of EHCC seized, opened again in 9 hours  (21-6-18, Jaipur)
AIIMS : Doctors removed tumar from head after 6 hours surgery without getting patient unconscious  (21-6-18, JODHPUR)
Seven crores earning from shops every year  (21-6-18, Jaipur)
Inauguration of Rotary Blood Bank  (21-6-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment of all diseases on footpath  (21-6-18, JODHPUR)
Operation of brain, patient kept watching  (21-6-18, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of Rotary Blood Bank today  (21-6-18, JODHPUR)
Operation of head without getting unconscious performed by Doctors of AIIMS  (21-6-18, JODHPUR)
Unauthorized practitioners closed shop and absconding by observing team from Medical Department  (21-6-18, Jaipur)
How generic drugs will be promoted this way? In three 99 Jan Aushadhi stores opened, 25 closed  (20-6-18, Jaipur)
Watch on 300 drugs for substandard drugs  (20-6-18, Jaipur)
Two drugs substandard  (20-6-18, Jaipur)
Heavy on patients treatment by unqualified practitioners  (20-6-18, JODHPUR)
Selection of 2256 less students against last year  (19-6-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors went for PG, problem in more than 100 Hospitals  (18-6-18, JODHPUR)
Lycopen, jimnema and other 187 drugs banned  (18-6-18, Jaipur)
Swimming pool of Medical College will commence for swimming from today  (18-6-18, JODHPUR)
Digital x-ray machine worth lacks became junk in Bhusavar  (18-6-18, Jaipur)
Complicated surgery of orthopedic department in SMS Hospital  (18-6-18, Jaipur)
Drugs are being sold at 1500% costly, one company, rates different  (17-6-18, JODHPUR)
Affiliation with Medical College not necessary for Dental College  (16-6-18, Jaipur)
Forgery first and now bhandar sitting over letter from ACB  (16-6-18, JODHPUR)
Relief to relatives of far-off epilepsy patients, Dr. Sharma commences free e-treatment facility  (15-6-18, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of Surya Hospital opposite SMS Hospital  (14-6-18, Jaipur)
Wrong injections worth lacks of Hemophilia supplied in Kota after Jaipur  (14-6-18, Jaipur)
Work-culture of AIIMS is patient friendly  (14-6-18, JODHPUR)
Collector reached AIIMS along with Doctors  (14-6-18, JODHPUR)
Survey of MDM Hospital for renal transplant by SMS Medical College  (14-6-18, JODHPUR)
Efforts to modify Govt. Hospital in AIIMS style  (14-6-18, JODHPUR)
Bhandar staff earned profit by manipulations in medical diaries  (14-6-18, Jaipur)
Inauguration of Surya Hospital in Jaipur  (14-6-18, Jaipur)
OPD work og Mahatma Gandhi and Ummed Hospital incomplete from six years  (13-6-18, JODHPUR)
Only cheaper drugs is not enough, better Govt. Hospitals also required  (13-6-18, JODHPUR)
Direct recruitment of post graduate Doctors to AIIMS  (13-6-18, JODHPUR)
Decision of Health Ministry : Special privilege to Drugs Inspectors will be removed, will not be able to take action  (13-6-18, JODHPUR)
Directions given by Central Health Ministry for investigation  (12-6-18, Jaipur)
Blood, urine culture testing stopped, commenced again by interference of superintendent  (12-6-18, Jaipur)
Testings stopped in SMS in the name of shortage of staff  (12-6-18, Jaipur)
Unrecognized Medical Colleges will also be able to apply for study of PG course  (12-6-18, Jaipur)
Allegation by relatives, death of innocent due to negligence by Doctor  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Indian Medical Council issues directions for action on private hospitals in the matter of drug trial on public  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Heart valve should have been purchased from RMRS, called from shop for insertion  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Officers ignored 32 shopkeepers but were against one  (11-6-18, JODHPUR)
Directions to take action hailed  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Inauguration of Heart Disease Department by Health Minister  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Death of a youth due to administration of wrong blood, fuss by relatives  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Fuss by relatives over death of child in JK Loan Hospital  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Saved life of seven month old child by inserting stent in brain  (11-6-18, Jaipur)
Not safe MDM, Gandhi & Ummed Hospital  (10-6-18, JODHPUR)
Investigators guilty of bias action in matter of spurious drugs  (10-6-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor on leave Govt. city primary health center dependent on GNM, ANM  (10-6-18, JODHPUR)
Residents also keep absconding in MB Hospital, relatives of patients wandering  (10-6-18, Jaipur)
Dental clinic commenced in JK Loan Hospital  (10-6-18, Jaipur)
Doctors will be honored on Doctors Day  (9-6-18, Jaipur)
Game of commission in Trauma Center of SMS Hospital  (9-6-18, Jaipur)
Ultra-modern dental treatment will be available to patients at JK Loan soon  (9-6-18, Jaipur)
'NABL' certificate to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital  (9-6-18, Jaipur)
Inauguration of Cath Lab in Cardiology Department of Mathuradas Mathur Hospital  (8-6-18, JODHPUR)
Govt. & private Medical Colleges left irregularities innocent students will pay the effect  (8-6-18, Jaipur)
Interview for Medical Colleges  (8-6-18, Jaipur)
Proposal to increase seats in 7 courses and opening one new course disallowed in SMS  (7-6-18, Jaipur)
Competition between 24 for one seat of MBBS due to reduction in seats  (7-6-18, JODHPUR)
Govt. running away from clinical trial  (7-6-18, Jaipur)
One out of thirteen students passed in NEET will get Medical seat  (6-6-18, Jaipur)
Two decoy operations in 24 hours, two ANM and two mediators arrested  (6-6-18, Jaipur)
159 Medical Colleges did not get permission for admission of new students  (5-6-18, Jaipur)
X-ray machine installed five years ago became showpiece  (4-6-18, Jaipur)
Why Doctors do not perform Govt. service, God only knows : Saraf  (3-6-18, Jaipur)
Chief Minister will inaugurate new building in Satellite Hospital tomorrow  (3-6-18, Jaipur)
Health Minister admits shortage of Doctors in hospitals  (3-6-18, Jaipur)
Medical Store owners caused closure of railing work  (2-6-18, Jaipur)
Drug dealers in protest against closure of main gate of SMS  (2-6-18, Jaipur)
'If MCI observed shortfall in Medical Colleges, Court has no authority to interfere'  (2-6-18, Jaipur)
Gate 2 & 3 of SMS Hospital closed, Medical Stores closed in protest  (2-6-18, Jaipur)
Now in-patients will get medicines on bed  (31-5-18, Jaipur)
Foetal sex determination held in Gujarat  (31-5-18, JODHPUR)
Decoy operation in Gujarat, Doctor absconding  (31-5-18, Jaipur)
Heep of drugs found in tank of hospital  (31-5-18, Jaipur)
FIR filed in the matter of Malpani Hospital  (30-5-18, Jaipur)
Prescription available after hours of heating at 44 degrees  (29-5-18, Jaipur)
Shortage of Doctors will be eliminated from new Medical Colleges : CM.  (29-5-18, Jaipur)
Shortage of Doctors will be eliminated from new Medical Colleges : CM  (29-5-18, Jaipur)
Center has messed the matter of credibility of test labs  (29-5-18, Jaipur)
Now needy of State will not be looted, fee fixed  (28-5-18, Jaipur)
Administration providing drugs to patients now in trauma  (28-5-18, Jaipur)
CMO & ortho-residents found absent in sudden inspection  (28-5-18, JODHPUR)
Posts of 11 Doctors sanctioned in Nainva Hospital, work dependent on two  (28-5-18, Jaipur)
Category vise fee fixed for cadaver transplant  (28-5-18, Jaipur)
Decoy operation in Gujarat by State PCPNDT team  (27-5-18, Jaipur)
SMS Hospital : Saved life of wounded patient by performing complicated surgery  (27-5-18, Jaipur)
Fuss by relatives over death of a pregnant in Karouli Hospital  (27-5-18, Jaipur)
Two mediators held in decoy operation in Himmat Nagar of Gujarat, Doctor absconding with cash  (27-5-18, Jaipur)
Closed hole of nerve in brain in SMS Hospital  (27-5-18, Jaipur)
Open game of commission, 1300 for drug worth 250  (26-5-18, Jaipur)
Matter of physical verification of Medical Store & Super Bazaar of Sahakari Bhanadar  (26-5-18, JODHPUR)
Unesco 3 T IBHSC course completed in AIIMS  (26-5-18, JODHPUR)
Death of Doctor due to epileptic attack  (26-5-18, Jaipur)
Jodhpur AIIMS first hospital of Rajasthan with this facility  (25-5-18, JODHPUR)
Becoming Doctor from Govt. college dearer  (23-5-18, Jaipur)
Corruption in sending drug samples, complaint against Assistant Drug Controller  (23-5-18, Jaipur)
Complaint against Assistant Drug Controller  (23-5-18, Jaipur)
Nursing registrar made without any procedure  (22-5-18, Jaipur)
Paediatric and Gynae facility under one roof  (22-5-18, JODHPUR)
MDMH trauma Hospital will be constructed on green building concept  (21-5-18, JODHPUR)
Manager of private clinic advised to adhere law  (21-5-18, Jalore)
Lithotripsy machine stopped since three years  (20-5-18, Jaipur)
We could not construct building for heart transplant in two years  (20-5-18, Jaipur)
Zero ingredient in drug  (20-5-18, Jaipur)
Held unauthorized practitioner in Sardarshahar plying clinic since 30 years  (20-5-18, Jaipur)
Inauguration of 'NIDAN' e-drug software  (20-5-18, Jaipur)
SMS collects heart in donation  (19-5-18, Jaipur)
No portable oxygen system in 15 out of 38 ambulances of district, life in danger  (19-5-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. RP Sharma's father & brother has also alleged property forgery  (19-5-18, Jaipur)
Jail to Doctor couple in the matter of illegal property  (18-5-18, JODHPUR)
1 crore fine on Doctor & wife and 7-7 years imprisonment  (18-5-18, Jaipur)
1500 allowance to Prnciple, 1000 to Superintendent  (18-5-18, JODHPUR)
Double stab due to increase in cost of platelets  (18-5-18, Jaipur)
Govt. compounder operating private clinic  (18-5-18, Jalore)
7-7 years imprisonment to Doctor couple in the matter of income more than earnings  (18-5-18, Jaipur)
500 seats of MBBS increased  (18-5-18, Jaipur)
Judicial Magistrate imposes three years imprisonment on 5 persons for operating illegal Path Lab  (18-5-18, Jaipur)
Have to pay 2000 rupees more for platelets in SMS Hospital  (17-5-18, Jaipur)
Fatal negligence in JK Loan  (17-5-18, Jaipur)
Giving medicine for 10 days, 8 hours waiting  (17-5-18, Jaipur)
Procuring Blood costly, cost raised by 200-2500 rupees  (17-5-18, Jaipur)
Newborn reached for breath, no ventilator in 12 hours, died  (17-5-18, Jaipur)
Superintendent of MG Hospital Dr. PC Vyas leaves post  (17-5-18, JODHPUR)
Death of a newborn in the absence of ventilator  (17-5-18, Jaipur)
Fuss over death of a newborn in JK Loan Hospital  (17-5-18, Jaipur)
Unauthorized practitioner gave leave to pregnant after two hours, pregnant died  (14-5-18, Jaipur)
Degradation of investigating Machine worth 32 lakh due to lack of repair  (13-5-18, Jaipur)
Allegation of misbehavior by Doctor with pregnants  (13-5-18, Jaipur)
Treatment of rare tumor of bone of feet by one incision  (13-5-18, Jaipur)
Treatment of rare disease 'Thyroid Storm' by thrombopheresis  (13-5-18, Jaipur)
Why path labs are being run by untrained persons in State : Highcourt  (12-5-18, Jaipur)
PG seats increased in Private Medical Colleges  (12-5-18, Jaipur)
Death of young lady due to treatment by unauthorized practitioner  (9-5-18, Jaipur)
State & Central Health Secretaries summoned  (9-5-18, Jaipur)
Mediator arrested in Bikaner indulged in foetal sex determination  (7-5-18, Jaipur)
Mediator Imran arrested in matter of sex determination, 15000 rupees recovered  (7-5-18, Jaipur)
Death during wrong operation  (7-5-18, Jaipur)
Unauthorized practitioners doing as per will in villages of Sikarai, extracting big remuneration from patients  (7-5-18, Jaipur)
Only one Govt. Drug Testing Lab on 7 crore population, 78% posts vacant... 6000 investigations pending  (4-5-18, Jaipur)
Patients in distress due to closure of Medical Stores in Rani  (3-5-18, Jalore)
Reply called for not giving Administrative post to Doctor after 62 years age  (3-5-18, Jaipur)
Facilities will be increased in Jaipuria Hospital : Saraf  (3-5-18, Jaipur)
Fuss due to information of death of children due to negligence in JK Loan Hospital  (3-5-18, Jaipur)
Notice to 16 Doctors  (2-5-18, Jaipur)
Budget to 14 hospitals will be given by Medical Education Department  (2-5-18, Jaipur)
How Hospital was constructed without permission  (1-5-18, Jaipur)
Now samples will not be sent to Pune for testing  (1-5-18, Jaipur)
MCI's approval to five Medical Colleges  (28-4-18, Jaipur)
Bhumi-Poojan of Bharat Vikas Medical University Institute & Cancer Hospital  (28-4-18, Jaipur)
Dr. Shobha Tomar Managing Director of NIMS University arrested  (28-4-18, Jaipur)
Oxytocin factory and Injections held  (27-4-18, JODHPUR)
State gets Health Care Excellence award  (27-4-18, Jaipur)
Factory of Oxytocin held  (27-4-18, Jaipur)
Now no operation, knee joint will be treated by injection only  (26-4-18, Jaipur)
License be cancelled, compensation paid  (25-4-18, Jaipur)
Doctors from AIIMS can do research in JNVU  (25-4-18, JODHPUR)
Transfer list issued, 77 Doctor Teachers disturbed  (25-4-18, JODHPUR)
SMS Hospital gets 250 permanent MBBS seats  (25-4-18, Jaipur)
Information of drug trial in one more hospital  (25-4-18, Jaipur)
Inspection of Medical College  (25-4-18, Jalore)
Demonstration in front of Malpani Hospital by various organiztions  (25-4-18, Jaipur)
Death of a old woman after administration of wrong injection  (24-4-18, Jaipur)
Irregularities detected in investigation by team of Drug Controller of India  (24-4-18, Jaipur)
Illegal drug trial on 28 persons in Malpani Hospital  (21-4-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors absconding from years, now details of action called.  (21-4-18, JODHPUR)
Villagers called from Churu to Jaipur for conducting drug trial of Drugs  (21-4-18, JODHPUR)
Prize distribution & farewell function today in Pharmacy division of Lachoo College  (21-4-18, JODHPUR)
Clinical trial was being conducted in Malpani Hospital endangering life of laborors  (21-4-18, Jaipur)
Preparation to provide medicines to patients in wards  (20-4-18, Jaipur)
Information of foreign tour should be given before 45 days  (20-4-18, Jaipur)
Doctor held taking graft of four thousand rupees in Nimbahera  (20-4-18, Jaipur)
Doctors absconding from years, now details of action called  (20-4-18, Jaipur)
Jodhpur AIIMS gets Kaya Kalp award  (20-4-18, JODHPUR)
Three hospitals get Kaya Kalp felicitation award  (20-4-18, Jaipur)
Disease is diagonized after 80% damage done, matter of transplant increasing  (19-4-18, Jaipur)
here, letter by post suspended respiration of Medical College  (18-4-18, JODHPUR)
Residents will go on pen down strike for two hours  (16-4-18, JODHPUR)
Two arrested for preparing spurious shampoo  (16-4-18, Jaipur)
Three youth arrested performing fake sex determination, one bolero vehicle recovered  (16-4-18, Jaipur)
Facilities are available even then why Ravina is wandering  (15-4-18, Jaipur)
Eye sight of a lady lost due to negligence of doctors, remedy not available  (15-4-18, Jaipur)
Two female mediators arrested for giving false information of fetus after sonography  (14-4-18, Jaipur)
Hole in heart of Ravina, but testing after 8 days, what family can do  (14-4-18, Jaipur)
DCO reached for inspection of shop  (14-4-18, JODHPUR)
Two female mediators indulged in sex determination arrested in Jaipur  (14-4-18, Jaipur)
High Court demands work completion report from MCI in the matter of illegal pathlabs  (14-4-18, Jaipur)
Cheating in the name of foetal sex determination in Jaipur  (14-4-18, Jaipur)
1000 tablets for sleeping found with drug addict in Aluda  (13-4-18, Dausa)
"Abortion" of rules for benefit  (13-4-18, JODHPUR)
Lifeline Express is revolving through the country  (13-4-18, Jaipur)
Thanks to Navjyoti, saved my life  (13-4-18, JODHPUR)
Seized pathological lab before commencement on instructions of Mayor!  (13-4-18, JODHPUR)
Notice to Medical Education Secretary  (13-4-18, Jaipur)
Saved life by performing complicated surgery of heart in Fortis Hospital  (13-4-18, Jaipur)
Transfer application online, desire 'offline'  (11-4-18, Jaipur)
Not even a single delivery in District female hospital  (11-4-18, JODHPUR)
Robot removed tumor by rotating to 7 degree in body  (11-4-18, JODHPUR)
Facility of kidney transplant soon  (11-4-18, JODHPUR)
Jodhpur AIIMS creates history, first time three successful operations by robotic surgery  (11-4-18, JODHPUR)
Medical College in Pali will commence from this session  (11-4-18, Jalore)
Govt. Doctors applying after 5th April will get additional marks  (11-4-18, Jaipur)
Resident Doctors Association submits memorandum to Principal  (10-4-18, JODHPUR)
Applications for transfer will be procured online in Medical Department  (10-4-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor & lady mediator arrested performing sex determination  (10-4-18, Jaipur)
World class treatment with ultramodern medical apparatus at economical rates in Bhinmal  (9-4-18, Jalore)
Use new techniques in Orthoscopic surgery : Dr. Laad  (9-4-18, Jaipur)
People assembled on evocation, 136 units blood collected  (8-4-18, Jaipur)
Conference on Integrated Remedy in Lab Treatment commenced in AIIMS  (8-4-18, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of X-ray machine in Trauma of MDM & New OPD  (8-4-18, JODHPUR)
Take action on suggestions of improvement in Hospitals  (8-4-18, Jaipur)
No change in rut of Sahakari Bhandar even after unearthing of GM in investigation by ACB  (8-4-18, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of PCV Vaccine in 9 districts  (8-4-18, Jaipur)
Charak Patra with Gold Medals issued in convocation ceremony of SMS Medical College  (8-4-18, Jaipur)
Delivery gets effected in parking as gates of Chandple Hospitals are closed at night  (8-4-18, Jaipur)
Licenses of drug dealers will be online  (7-4-18, Dausa)
Shortage of blood, patients in danger  (7-4-18, Jaipur)
Flying squad evaporated in wind of blindness  (7-4-18, JODHPUR)
Mouth cancer patients are continuously increasing in Rajasthan  (7-4-18, Jaipur)
Use of steroids to improve skin elevation is dangerous  (7-4-18, Jaipur)
Facility of digital X-ray in MDM from today  (7-4-18, JODHPUR)
Home Minister Kataria will inaugurate Nahar Hospital today  (7-4-18, JODHPUR)
Neo-Kids Hospitals completes one year, various milestones of Medical treatment established  (7-4-18, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of Nahar Hospital today, Home Minister Kataria will be Chief Guest  (7-4-18, Jalore)
Issued drug with high dose for hemophilia to thousand patients  (6-4-18, Jaipur)
Shortage of B +ve Blood in Blood Bank of Hospital  (5-4-18, Jaipur)
Nahar Hospital at Bhinmal will be inaugurated by Home Minister Kataria  (5-4-18, Jalore)
Death of a youth after treatment by unauthorized practitioner  (5-4-18, Jaipur)
Youth from UP, Bihar & Bengal practicing in shelter of medical store  (5-4-18, Jaipur)
Court summons report on matter of approval of Nursing Colleges  (5-4-18, Jaipur)
Every year 500 crores are issued for Chief Ministers Free Drug Scheme  (4-4-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor arrested taking bribe of five thousand  (4-4-18, Jaipur)
Fuss by In-service Doctors in 'Bonus Marks' matter  (3-4-18, Jaipur)
Pawans heart will keep beating, Liver-Kidney will also remain alive  (3-4-18, Jaipur)
Residents Doctors remained on strike for two hours  (3-4-18, JODHPUR)
Kidney-Liver transplant performed in SMS Hospital  (3-4-18, Jaipur)
Resident Doctors boycotted work  (3-4-18, Jaipur)
Residents in SMS Hospital will stop work for two hours  (2-4-18, Jaipur)
Even after long & difficult education trained & deserving Pathologist do not get work  (2-4-18, Jaipur)
Allegation of giving Hospital land to School  (1-4-18, Jaipur)
Blood sample collection from ward itself  (1-4-18, Jaipur)
Cath lab will get new testing machines of 5 crores  (1-4-18, JODHPUR)
Forged physical verification at 42 Sahakari Drug Stores in Jodhpur  (1-4-18, JODHPUR)
More facilities to pensioners at Sahakari Medical Stores  (1-4-18, Jaipur)
101 unit Blood collected in camp.  (1-4-18, Jaipur)
Land of Medical Department allotted to private institution by Nagar Nigam  (1-4-18, Jaipur)
Officers on leave, stay on investigation  (31-3-18, JODHPUR)
There would have been danger on Medical Colleges if retirement age was not increased  (31-3-18, Jaipur)
2000 Jan Aushadhi kendra will be opened up to 2019-20  (31-3-18, Jaipur)
Teachers will be admitted in new Medical College only  (31-3-18, JODHPUR)
Finance Department issues order  (31-3-18, Jaipur)
Dispute on changes in MNC bill, more Doctors will be available but what about the quality?  (30-3-18, Jaipur)
Edema in leg due to administration of injection by unauthorized practitioner in Tinwari, became blue, action demanded by relatives  (30-3-18, JODHPUR)
Medical instruments being purchased from such firm, which is not available at site  (30-3-18, Jaipur)
Doctors will retire at 65 years, Cabinet of Ministers certify  (30-3-18, Jaipur)
Again unauthorized practitioner, life-in-danger  (30-3-18, JODHPUR)
Robotic-Baeriatric surgery in Sri Ram Hospital  (30-3-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors will not have to give separate examination for practice  (29-3-18, JODHPUR)
Drug department found prohibited drugs in box under staircase of surgical market, handed over to police  (29-3-18, JODHPUR)
Rally against increasing retirement age  (29-3-18, Jaipur)
Blood collection center at Charak Bhawan & second floor of SMS  (29-3-18, Jaipur)
Banned drugs found on road side  (29-3-18, JODHPUR)
Are you not diabetic if sugar level is up to 250?  (29-3-18, JODHPUR)
3D leproscopic facility will be available in MGH  (29-3-18, JODHPUR)
Decoy operation in Gujarat, two Doctors & mediator arrested  (29-3-18, Jaipur)
Second Mega Blood Donation Camp in Jaipur tomorrow  (29-3-18, JODHPUR)
Residents accelerate agitation against increasing retirement age  (28-3-18, Jaipur)
3500 TB patients in Jodhpur, disease not ending  (28-3-18, JODHPUR)
India becoming open market of banned drugs  (28-3-18, JODHPUR)
Excessive use of antibiotics may not be a disaster  (28-3-18, Jaipur)
In-service Doctors will agitate  (27-3-18, Jaipur)
Doctors due for retirement sent to Medical Colleges of society  (27-3-18, Jaipur)
Contractor not giving salary from two months  (27-3-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors will perform surgery along with robot in AIIMS Jodhpur  (27-3-18, JODHPUR)
Medical students will be in trouble by increasing age of Doctors  (26-3-18, Jaipur)
Discussion on MNC bill & problems of Doctors  (26-3-18, JODHPUR)
Protest against increasing retirement age of Doctors  (26-3-18, Jaipur)
Bag purchase record called by ACB from SMS Hospital  (25-3-18, Jaipur)
28 persons get light in one year by cornea surgery  (25-3-18, JODHPUR)
Online application for 894 posts of Doctors from 28th  (24-3-18, Jaipur)
New disease : Private Hospital, danger to everybody!  (24-3-18, JODHPUR)
Jail for hiding information of TB patients  (24-3-18, JODHPUR)
Hematology ward will soon commence in Female wing of MDMH  (24-3-18, JODHPUR)
Complainant said, file FIR first, then will give statement  (24-3-18, Jaipur)
Two mediators held performing sex determination in Sikar  (24-3-18, Jaipur)
ACB issues notice to SMS Administration  (24-3-18, Jaipur)
Case filed against son of Health Minister  (23-3-18, Jaipur)
Administration in hospitals asleep after mid night  (23-3-18, Jaipur)
Doctors admission to 894 posts stayed  (23-3-18, Jaipur)
Trade of costly drugs prosper in this way  (23-3-18, JODHPUR)
Only 9 deliveries in one year, 24 hours working required  (23-3-18, JODHPUR)
Direction by Court during day, strike by ambulance workers ends at night  (23-3-18, JODHPUR)
Wonderful : Unbelievable : Resident Doctors of Ummed Hospital gets 'God power'  (23-3-18, JODHPUR)
MBBS syllabus will be prepared by those who do not have knowledge of medicine  (23-3-18, JODHPUR)
Senior Assistant of Govt. Hospital Hindon arrested taking bribe of twenty thousand  (23-3-18, Jaipur)
Ambulance essential & life saving, end strike immediately : High Court  (23-3-18, Jaipur)
Strike by ambulance workers ends  (23-3-18, Jaipur)
MCI will call for clarification in the matter of responsibility of signature of pathologist  (23-3-18, Jaipur)
Wheels of emergency also stopped in Jodhpur  (22-3-18, JODHPUR)
Satelite Hospital of Chopasni Housing Board  (22-3-18, JODHPUR)
He Ram, seniors in distress in MDM Hospital due to wondering  (22-3-18, JODHPUR)
No co-ordination between companies, work of new Medical Collage affected  (22-3-18, Jaipur)
'Ecmo' machines saves lifeof patient in Mahatma Gandhi Hospital  (22-3-18, Jaipur)
Dialogue fails again, ambulance workers strike continues, patients disturbed  (22-3-18, Jaipur)
Patent for 20 years granted to Prof. Bhandari & Prof. Sharma  (21-3-18, JODHPUR)
Question on dual domicile in admissions to Medical Colleges  (21-3-18, JODHPUR)
Shortage of Doctors even after 5th admissions  (21-3-18, JODHPUR)
Saved life of woman suffering from serious disease of lung by Acmo machine  (21-3-18, Jaipur)
Spurious drug factory held in Bhiwadi  (21-3-18, JODHPUR)
Surrounding of CMHO by Nurses, said give salary on time  (21-3-18, JODHPUR)
Demand to start Blood Bank  (21-3-18, Jalore)
Two rounds of dialogue fails, strike by ambulance staff continues  (21-3-18, Jaipur)
Benefits refused to Doctors working in Rural area  (21-3-18, Jaipur)
Case against Health Minister submitted hearing on 20th.  (18-3-18, Jaipur)
Case against Health Minister submitted hearing on 20th  (18-3-18, Jaipur)
Removed tumor nodule from lungs by ultamodern cryotherepy  (18-3-18, Jaipur)
48 years ago students today big well known Doctors  (18-3-18, JODHPUR)
Successful treatment of TTP by plasmapheresis  (18-3-18, JODHPUR)
Case against Health Minister submitted  (18-3-18, Jaipur)
Gastrophysiology lab commenced in C. K. Birla Hospital  (18-3-18, Jaipur)
Delay may not be fetal on seven Medical Colleges, standards incomplete  (17-3-18, Jaipur)
Fuss over death of a patient  (17-3-18, Jaipur)
SMS Hospital : Tussle between relatives and residents on death of a patient  (17-3-18, Jaipur)
Unauthorized practitioner sent to jail  (17-3-18, JODHPUR)
Resident Doctor beaten by relatives of patient  (17-3-18, Jaipur)
Treatment of shortage of Specialist Doctors in hospitals not being done  (12-3-18, JODHPUR)
Strengthen self regulating system : Dr. Agrawal  (12-3-18, Jaipur)
If tree is cut by golden axe, what will you say?  (12-3-18, Jaipur)
50 posts of Drug Control Officers advertised  (11-3-18, JODHPUR)
Planning to make Doctors age 65 years  (11-3-18, Jaipur)
Two days Pulse Polio expedition from today  (11-3-18, JODHPUR)
Construction of Trauma Hospital from 17th  (11-3-18, JODHPUR)
MOu of NIMS with university of Italy  (11-3-18, Jaipur)
Now approval in four days  (10-3-18, Jaipur)
Patients wandering, payment for free testing  (10-3-18, Jaipur)
Dy. Director made RCHO for one hour  (9-3-18, JODHPUR)
Two arrested performing foetal sex determination  (9-3-18, Jaipur)
Decoy operation in UP, two arrested including woman  (9-3-18, Jaipur)
MCI issues notices to Medical Colleges  (8-3-18, Jaipur)
Negligence in treatment, case filed against Doctor  (8-3-18, Jaipur)
Worried about patients 'Doctor daughter'  (8-3-18, JODHPUR)
Drugs & Implants will be available at cheaper rate  (7-3-18, Jaipur)
No experience, but will teach Doctors  (7-3-18, Jaipur)
Private pathlab mediator held in MDM  (7-3-18, JODHPUR)
Diseases drained in hospital severage  (7-3-18, JODHPUR)
Charge of RCHO to Dr. Manda  (7-3-18, JODHPUR)
Review meeting of Govt. medical facilities arranged in private hospital  (7-3-18, JODHPUR)
Objection on fixation of pay of Doctors as per 7th pay commission  (7-3-18, Jaipur)
Heart of hospital staff did not melt  (6-3-18, JODHPUR)
Machine of Blood Bank out-of-order, lengthy walk for testing  (5-3-18, Jaipur)
Wow! Bhamashah neglected after payment of 70 lakh  (4-3-18, Jaipur)
'Expectation' in 7 Medical Colleges, scissor on many MD seats  (4-3-18, Jaipur)
Stay by High Court on removal of Lab Assistants  (4-3-18, Jaipur)
One Anesthetist Doctor on population of one lakh in Country  (2-3-18, JODHPUR)
4 Govt., 3 Private Medical Colleges MD seats cancelled  (2-3-18, JODHPUR)
Distributor charged more than MRP, recovery now  (1-3-18, Jaipur)
No Doctors in Hospitals, Health Insurance Scheme should be improved  (1-3-18, Jaipur)
Allegation of taking lakhs of rupees in approval of Nursing Colleges by Dotasara  (1-3-18, Jaipur)
Posting on 14,618 posts and 700 CHC will be opened in Medical Department : Saraf  (1-3-18, Jaipur)
NIMS Hospital was given approval even after several times rejection  (1-3-18, Jaipur)
There are 5 -6 thousand 'Path-Labs' in Rajasthan!  (1-3-18, Jaipur)
Blood Donation Camp by RED DONERS CLUB on 4th at Tonk  (28-2-18, JODHPUR)
AJAY weds POOJA on 3rd March, 2018  (28-2-18, JODHPUR)
Release of poster by Drug Department & Chemists in Ajmer District to prevent female foeticide  (28-2-18, JODHPUR)
Haryana High Court orders for implementation of Pharmacist Promotion Cadre  (28-2-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor & mediator arrested performing sex determination  (28-2-18, Jaipur)
Private Hospitals looting people  (28-2-18, JODHPUR)
Negligence of Medical College Administration, Jodhpur District lagging behind in ranking  (28-2-18, JODHPUR)
Doctor & mediator arrested performing sex determination  (28-2-18, Jaipur)
No law to take action against lab giving false or wrong report  (28-2-18, Jaipur)
Release of poster by Drug Department & Chemists in Sri Ganganagar District to prevent female foeticide  (28-2-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment without lab report  (27-2-18, Jaipur)
Pharmacists at drug centers will be change every three months  (24-2-18, Jaipur)
Doctors summoned, Bill & statement found different  (24-2-18, Jaipur)
Specialist Doctors will examine heart  (24-2-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors on willful leave will be penalized, will be sent out of Jaipur  (24-2-18, Jaipur)
Heart patients are increasing with speed in Jodhpur  (24-2-18, JODHPUR)
Problems of private hospitals heard  (24-2-18, Jalore)
Death of a woman after delivery, fuss done  (24-2-18, Jaipur)
Demand for trauma center in Bhiwadi  (24-2-18, Jaipur)
MCI team reaches SMS Medical College  (24-2-18, Jaipur)
Lakhs of rupees went in to accounts before Department opened eyes  (23-2-18, Jaipur)
Net of cancer can be opened by 'eye' of telescope  (23-2-18, JODHPUR)
Again hope of admission to five Medical Colleges  (23-2-18, JODHPUR)
Use antibiotic drugs in consultation of Doctor: Dr. Sharma  (23-2-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors from Private Hospitals will now be appointed as Professors in Medical Colleges  (23-2-18, Jaipur)
Free Multi Specialty Medical consultation & investigation camp on 25th in Dausa  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
Super Specialty Medical Camp by Shalby Hospital & Shree Nursing Care at Pali on 25th  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment in State Cancer Institute may begin this year  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
Private hospitals of loot  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
X-ray machine in lock since two years  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
200 Doctors deposited fake bills worth 10 lakh rupees  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment of brain tumor without surgery feasible by cyber knife technique  (22-2-18, Jaipur)
Three conferences in AIIMS on life saving in two days  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
Heart disease examination & advice camp on 24th  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
Court disposed off matter of prosecution against Govt. servant without sanction  (22-2-18, JODHPUR)
Shoulders are damaged due to continuous work on computer  (19-2-18, JODHPUR)
Tehsildar closes the clinic of unautherized  (19-2-18, Jaipur)
Saved life of patient by performing complicated heart surgery  (18-2-18, Jaipur)
Doctors from Nation & Abroad share experiences  (18-2-18, JODHPUR)
Stay on privatization of two sub-centers  (18-2-18, Jalore)
Allegation of negligence of treatment on Doctor  (18-2-18, Jaipur)
Transplantation of kidney will be easier by robotic surgery : Dr. Modi  (18-2-18, Jaipur)
Doctors not complete, Specialists not recognized  (17-2-18, Jaipur)
Ambulance damaged before three months not repaired  (17-2-18, JODHPUR)
ADM reached city dispensary for perusal  (17-2-18, JODHPUR)
Administration came in to action after report of Urban Health Mission, ADM & CMHO reached Jaswant Female Hospital  (17-2-18, JODHPUR)
First two days of Indo-US workshop will be held in Medical College  (17-2-18, JODHPUR)
Specialty course endangering life of patient cancelled  (17-2-18, Jaipur)
Demonstration by unemployed Pharmacists at Vidhan Sabha  (16-2-18, Jaipur)
Letter to Collector for recovery of money from Company  (16-2-18, Jaipur)
Action will be taken against Doctor giving services in private hospital  (16-2-18, Jaipur)
International workshop on Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery & Anesthesia on 17-18 February  (16-2-18, JODHPUR)
Human skeleton on cycle, technique of treatment will be known  (14-2-18, Jaipur)
Sit-out and demonstration by Rajasthan State Pharmacist Association at Vidhan Sabha tomorrow  (14-2-18, JODHPUR)
Reduction in cost of Cardiac stents  (13-2-18, JODHPUR)
CMHO guilty in new report on drug scam  (13-2-18, JODHPUR)
Respiration of Jodhpur will get O2 worth 1.5 crores  (13-2-18, JODHPUR)
Celeberated international epilepsy disease day in Mahatma Gandhi Hospital  (13-2-18, Jaipur)
Spurious drugs worth 53 lakh held at Jaipur, defense drugs were also found  (12-2-18, Jaipur)
Software will show way of treatment in AIIMS  (12-2-18, JODHPUR)
Now cancer patients will get ultramodern radiation therapy  (12-2-18, Jaipur)
140 patients examined in heart diseases camp  (12-2-18, JODHPUR)
Valve can be changed without cost  (12-2-18, JODHPUR)
Director refuses investigation report, said send again  (12-2-18, JODHPUR)
Place of ambulance changed willingly  (12-2-18, JODHPUR)
Medical advice camp on 18th  (12-2-18, Jalore)
In Malpura CHC Gynaecologist returns home after putting signature  (12-2-18, Jaipur)
Radiation therapy commenced in Shalby Hospital  (12-2-18, Jaipur)
500 benefited in medical camp  (12-2-18, Jaipur)
Discussion on diseases of pregnancy  (12-2-18, Jaipur)
New OPD-Emergency building cannot be constructed due to lack of budget  (11-2-18, JODHPUR)
Urban Health Centers not commenced even after three months of contract  (11-2-18, JODHPUR)
'Blood Banks should supply Blood for free to patients'  (11-2-18, Jaipur)
Wheels of ambulance standstill in absence of driver in Bikaner, villagers in distress  (11-2-18, Jaipur)
IVF, Ecocadiography & Blood Bank commenced in Kanwatia Hospital  (11-2-18, Jaipur)
Pak Doctor held treating patients  (10-2-18, JODHPUR)
CBI investigation on MBBS & BDS admissions of 2015  (10-2-18, JODHPUR)
National Pharmacy Week celeberated in Lachoo College  (10-2-18, JODHPUR)
Action against Pakistans Doctor by Medical Department  (10-2-18, JODHPUR)
Hospital staff is operating Lab in Karouli  (10-2-18, Jaipur)
'Private Hospitals are extracting money in dual ways'  (10-2-18, Jaipur)
Stay on penalty on Vice-president of Doctors union  (6-2-18, JODHPUR)
No one checking health of ambulance  (6-2-18, JODHPUR)
Waiting for prescription even after online appointment  (6-2-18, JODHPUR)
Demonstration by BPL patients in SMS Hospital  (6-2-18, Jaipur)
Specialists deliberate lectures on skin diseases  (6-2-18, JODHPUR)
Demonstration by patients due to non-availability of drugs  (6-2-18, Jaipur)
Workshop on skin diseases  (5-2-18, JODHPUR)
... Officer powerless, then who will take action  (5-2-18, JODHPUR)
'Four inspections on sonography center in month necessary'  (5-2-18, Jaipur)
More than 200 Specialist Doctors sharing experiences  (4-2-18, JODHPUR)
Unauthorized practitioners playing with lives of patients  (4-2-18, Jalore)
Churning on techniques of brain surgery  (4-2-18, Jaipur)
'Treatment of Liver & Pancreatic cancer feasible by laparoscopic technique'  (4-2-18, Jaipur)
Dealers of sonography machines will have to get registered  (3-2-18, Jaipur)
Exercise of head new concept of treatment  (3-2-18, JODHPUR)
Lecture on use of modern techniques in ENT conference  (3-2-18, JODHPUR)
'Major surgery of Brain can be performed with small incision"  (3-2-18, Jaipur)
Selection of 34 Pharmacists restored  (3-2-18, )
First world level conference on ENT in AIIMS from today  (1-2-18, JODHPUR)
Patients in distress in Ahore  (1-2-18, Jalore)
.Free Eye treatment camp today  (29-1-18, JODHPUR)
Opening ceremony of Pulse Polio expedition  (29-1-18, JODHPUR)
Treatment of rare disease of heart without open surgery  (29-1-18, Jaipur)
First phase of Pulse Polio today  (28-1-18, JODHPUR)
Administration of Polio dose to children up to five years  (28-1-18, Jaipur)
Income tax raid on Mewar Hospital Group and United Natural Stone Group  (28-1-18, JODHPUR)
Polio dose will be administered today  (28-1-18, Jaipur)
Procedure for taking back cases against Doctors initiated  (26-1-18, Jaipur)
Public awareness lecture in AIIMS  (26-1-18, JODHPUR)
Given admission in course not recognized by MCI  (26-1-18, JODHPUR)
Saved life of patient by Doctors by performing operation of pulsating heart  (26-1-18, Jaipur)
Eye treatment camp organized.  (26-1-18, JODHPUR)
Four hundred patients examined free of cost in camp  (26-1-18, Jalore)
Action stopped in the matter of FIR on land transfer  (25-1-18, Jaipur)
Stay on working as Registrar of Nursing Council  (25-1-18, Jaipur)
Fond cash worth lakhs & jewellery in Mewar Hospital  (25-1-18, JODHPUR)
Governor displays concern over Doctors strike  (24-1-18, Jaipur)
Income tax raid on Mewar Hospital Group  (24-1-18, JODHPUR)
IT action on Marbal & Mewar Hospital Group  (24-1-18, Jaipur)
Nurses on contract in SMS also staged demonstration  (24-1-18, Jaipur)
Private Doctors & Consultants will be appointed as Teachers in Medical Colleges  (24-1-18, Jaipur)
Life of 25 years old youth saved even when 2 valves failed  (23-1-18, JODHPUR)
Patients shivering with cold in winter, Doctors reached one hour late  (23-1-18, JODHPUR)
Action on private clinics  (23-1-18, Jalore)
Agreement by relatives bent after assurance of arrest of Doctor  (23-1-18, Jaipur)
Eight persons get lives by one body  (22-1-18, JODHPUR)
Ultimately Govt. removed Parashar from Medical Department  (22-1-18, JODHPUR)
Conference on importance of Organ Donation & Organ Transplant  (22-1-18, JODHPUR)
More than 50 thousand prescriptions pending for online entry in Madore Satellite Hospital  (22-1-18, JODHPUR)
Demand to arrest Doctor, postmortem not performed even after 42 hours  (22-1-18, Jaipur)
Leprosy patient not getting benefit of schemes  (22-1-18, Jaipur)
Proposal for robotic surgery in SMS Hospital will be sent to Govt.  (22-1-18, Jaipur)
Injections of chemotherapy not available  (21-1-18, Jaipur)
Life of six persons brightened by one eye donation  (21-1-18, Jaipur)
Robotic surgery of kidney stone  (21-1-18, Jaipur)
Eye treatment camp tomorrow.  (21-1-18, JODHPUR)
Shoulder & Knee pain relieving consultation camp today  (21-1-18, JODHPUR)
Lecture on CPR Heart Pumping organized  (21-1-18, JODHPUR)
Infected blood administered to thalassemea affected child  (21-1-18, JODHPUR)
Robotic surgery of kidney stone in SMS Hospital  (21-1-18, Jaipur)
Ucicon 2018...  (20-1-18, JAIPUR)
Council of dispute, no action  (20-1-18, JAIPUR)
JK Loan Hospital : Screening of five big diseases will commence  (20-1-18, JAIPUR)
Heart disease treatment camp tomorrow  (20-1-18, JODHPUR)
Drugs of two companies found substandard  (20-1-18, JAIPUR)
Siddharam saw world after one year, Gokul also gets eye light  (20-1-18, JODHPUR)
All medical stores will now have to give monthly information of TB patients  (20-1-18, JALORE)
Rule to refer APL patients to private hospitals  (19-1-18, JAIPUR)
Reply called from contractor firm  (19-1-18, JODHPUR)
Removed helper working in place of Pharmacist  (19-1-18, JODHPUR)
Lock on Sub Health Center from 5 years  (19-1-18, JODHPUR)
Two Doctors on Principals post Govt. to inform who is correct  (19-1-18, JAIPUR)
Stay by High Court on giving Govt. Hospital in private hands  (19-1-18, JODHPUR)
Urban Health Mission team reach Jaswant Female Hospital  (19-1-18, JODHPUR)
Stay by HC on privatization of PHC  (19-1-18, JAIPUR)
Two Doctors on one post, Court expresses exclamation  (19-1-18, JAIPUR)
First day special discussion on Bladder & Incompetency in 'Usicon'  (19-1-18, JAIPUR)
Public rage against corruption in Medical Department  (18-1-18, JAIPUR)
Bhamashah Health Insurance Scheme  (18-1-18, JAIPUR)
Female staff provided in Lab  (18-1-18, JODHPUR)
Local MLA demands order for shifting from CMHO  (18-1-18, JODHPUR)
Helper playing with life of patients  (18-1-18, JODHPUR)
Body donated  (18-1-18, JODHPUR)
Notice by CMHO to ambulance operating company  (18-1-18, JODHPUR)
Ancient Jaswant female Hospital of City inhaling last breath  (18-1-18, JODHPUR)
Protest against willful fee by Doctors  (18-1-18, JALORE)
Urologist from Nation & Abroad will assemble in Jaipur  (18-1-18, JAIPUR)
Doctor will have 4 hands, surgery like cancer will be performed with ability  (17-1-18, JAIPUR)
CT scan stopped, 10 hours waiting in Bangur  (17-1-18, JAIPUR)
Big talk on deal, raised big questions but... silence  (17-1-18, JAIPUR)
Free lens installed in 23  (17-1-18, JODHPUR)
Blood donation camp organized  (17-1-18, JODHPUR)
Free eye treatment camp conducted  (17-1-18, JODHPUR)
Govt. not taking notice after giving base ambulance, contractor not taking care  (16-1-18, JODHPUR)
Eye treatment camp today  (16-1-18, JODHPUR)
College Administrator said, Minister not contacted, dialogue with son  (16-1-18, JODHPUR)
Now not to stand in que for prescription, registration can be done through mobile App  (16-1-18, JAIPUR)
Global Hospital will be made eco friendly  (16-1-18, JALORE)
Robotic surgery center commenced  (16-1-18, JAIPUR)
CT scan machine out-of-order, people in distress  (15-1-18, JAIPUR)
Dr. Arora became president, Dr. Goyal secretary & Dr. Purohit treasurar  (15-1-18, JODHPUR)
Big game in Medical Department  (15-1-18, JODHPUR)
Foetal sex determination performed by taking to Punjab, two arrested  (15-1-18, JAIPUR)
Treatment by drugs & investigation scheme  (13-1-18, JAIPUR)
Golden hours of injured, free treatment in Private Hospitals also  (13-1-18, JAIPUR)
Free treatment in Private Hospitals up to 48 hours for injured  (13-1-18, JODHPUR)
Will get four Cardiac Monitor  (13-1-18, JODHPUR)
Doctors strike period prevelage leave  (13-1-18, JAIPUR)
Cheating in the name of foetal sex determination without sonography machine  (13-1-18, JAIPUR)
Century of decoy operations by State PCPNDT team, two arrested from Agra  (13-1-18, JAIPUR)
Notice to Durlabhji Hospital  (12-1-18, JAIPUR)
In OPD deposit original ID for wheel chair - stretcher  (12-1-18, JODHPUR)
Successful treatment of newborn  (12-1-18, JODHPUR)
Free Lens Transplant camp tomorrow  (12-1-18, JODHPUR)
Free Eye Medical camp  (12-1-18, JODHPUR)
Location Dangiawas, 108 Ambulance standing at Dantiwara, asked Officer, reply we do not know  (12-1-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. Gupta President of Rare Disease Committee  (12-1-18, JAIPUR)
Eye donation  (11-1-18, JODHPUR)
Jodhpur Pharma Cricket competition commenced  (11-1-18, JODHPUR)
Matter of post of Principal in Medical College  (11-1-18, JODHPUR)
Face-to-face with Blood Transfusion  (11-1-18, JAIPUR)
Doctor should take care of family along with service  (11-1-18, JODHPUR)
Order issued by Finance Department...  (10-1-18, JAIPUR)
Swine Flu...  (10-1-18, JAIPUR)
SMS Hospital  (10-1-18, JAIPUR)
MoU under Resurgent Rajasthan  (10-1-18, JAIPUR)
Govt. fails in Medical Education  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
Lab of female wing dependent up on males  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
Collector treats patients  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
Accused discharged in death of child due to negligence  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
Keep kinship, speak softly with patients  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
JDA will not allot land to Apollo Hospital  (10-1-18, JAIPUR)
District Collector became Doctor in CHC  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
Medical Camp organized today  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
Zonal Lab of Joint Director Medical Department closed  (10-1-18, JODHPUR)
Govt. cancelled allotment of land to Apollo Hospital  (10-1-18, JAIPUR)
Govt. cancelled approval of NIMS as Super Specialty Hospital  (10-1-18, JAIPUR)
Locked in PBI jail 'culprit sonography machines'  (9-1-18, JODHPUR)
No post of Dean in Medical College, even then posting given  (9-1-18, JAIPUR)
Matter of admissions in Medical Department  (9-1-18, JAIPUR)
Culture report of Modular OT stops operation in MDMH  (9-1-18, JODHPUR)
6 operations in Modular OT on first day  (9-1-18, JODHPUR)
Directions to give Medical facility immediately to orphan patients  (9-1-18, JODHPUR)
Mediators from Sikar & Jhunjhunu reached Jodhpur for sex determination due to acton  (9-1-18, JAIPUR)
Treatment of Swine-Flu in SMS Hospital will be done by categerization  (8-1-18, JAIPUR)
Modular OT will commence from today  (8-1-18, JODHPUR)
Learnt lesson of flaw from his father  (8-1-18, JODHPUR)
Skin Cancer can be detected early in Dermatoscope testing  (8-1-18, JAIPUR)
Gathering of patients in Mega Health Camp  (8-1-18, JODHPUR)
Investigation of 225 patients in free Eye Medical Camp  (8-1-18, JODHPUR)
Modular OT in three big Hospitals associated with Medical College will commence from today  (8-1-18, JODHPUR)
Accused Dr. Imtiaz till now performed about 10 thousand sex determination  (8-1-18, JAIPUR)
300 persons avail service in camp  (8-1-18, JAIPUR)
Can not reject Mediclaim in shelter of high BP  (7-1-18, JODHPUR)
Became antagonist of daughters in womb immediately after getting bail  (7-1-18, JODHPUR)
Big achievement by SMS Hospital  (7-1-18, JAIPUR)
Commenced business of foetal sex determination after coming from jail, again held by PCPNDT Cell  (7-1-18, JODHPUR)
Surgery of 100 patients of Glaucoma daily in Jodhpur  (7-1-18, JODHPUR)
Free Specialists advice under one roof by International Doctors  (7-1-18, JODHPUR)
Decoy operation in Jodhpur, suspended BCMO held  (7-1-18, JAIPUR)
Protest against Bindra for comment on Doctors  (7-1-18, JAIPUR)
Given new life to child by developing jaw from bone of leg  (7-1-18, JAIPUR)
Foetal sex determination for want of son, there also cheated  (6-1-18, JAIPUR)
Mahila Bag District Hospital lacking in facilities  (6-1-18, JODHPUR)
Plain vial not received, working with ITDA vial  (6-1-18, JODHPUR)
Relief : Operation twice in a week  (6-1-18, JODHPUR)
Mobile number of Doctor out side out-door  (6-1-18, JODHPUR)
Unearthing of fraud in the name of foetal sex determination  (6-1-18, JODHPUR)
635 patients investigated 290 spectacles distributed in eye camp  (6-1-18, JODHPUR)
Decoy operation in Alwar & Jaipur, three arrested  (6-1-18, JAIPUR)
Workshop on Dermacon tomorrow  (6-1-18, JAIPUR)
Life of newborn with less weight saved by cardiac intervention  (6-1-18, JAIPUR)
Doctors earning money in Private Hospitals, squad silent  (5-1-18, JAIPUR)
No vial to collect Blood Sample in Govt. Hospital !  (5-1-18, JODHPUR)
Desire by Human Rights Commission  (5-1-18, JODHPUR)
Free Medical Camp on 7th  (5-1-18, JODHPUR)
Blood Donation Camp by KRC Health & Fitness Centre today  (5-1-18, JODHPUR)
Eye Investigation & Lens Transplantation camp on 7th  (5-1-18, JAIPUR)
Hospitals will not be able to charge Medical Devices as per their will  (4-1-18, JODHPUR)
Death of a patient in private Hospital during treatmant  (4-1-18, JODHPUR)
Closed 6 Modular OT will restart again from 8th in three Hospitals  (4-1-18, JODHPUR)
Yellow fever vaccine will be administered twice in a week  (4-1-18, JODHPUR)
Shifting in SMS increases trouble  (4-1-18, JAIPUR)
Misbehavior with patients at free drug counters in Hospitals...  (4-1-18, JAIPUR)
Not listening to public, Blood became costly from New Year  (4-1-18, JODHPUR)
CHB Satellite Hospital lacking in basis facilities  (4-1-18, JODHPUR)
Blood will be available without replacement up to 15th January  (4-1-18, JAIPUR)
Yellow fever vaccination facility in AIIMS  (4-1-18, JODHPUR)
Demand for action against un-authorized practitioners  (4-1-18, JAIPUR)
Hearing against strike deferred  (4-1-18, JAIPUR)
Blood available without replacement  (4-1-18, JAIPUR)
Free Medical Advice Camp on 7th  (4-1-18, JAIPUR)
Medical Bill will increase corruption: Dr. Agrawal  (3-1-18, JAIPUR)
Monitoring of ICU on mobille  (3-1-18, JAIPUR)
Operation of Back-Bone through Mouth  (3-1-18, JODHPUR)
National Medical Commission Act 2017  (3-1-18, JODHPUR)
Development work worth 25 crores will be done in SMS Medical College  (3-1-18, JAIPUR)
More tahn 1500 patients benefited in Health camp  (3-1-18, JODHPUR)
Operation of Back-Bone through Mouth  (3-1-18, JODHPUR)
Medical Education Commission  (2-1-18, JODHPUR)
X-ray machine of Trauma Center in MDM Hospital out-of-order  (2-1-18, JODHPUR)
Nationwide about 3 lakh Doctors will remain on strike today  (2-1-18, JAIPUR)
AIIMS: Robotic Surgery will commence with 30 crore expense, will get 33 new OT  (1-1-18, JODHPUR)
Dr. Ajay Malaviya acting Principal of Medical College, farewell to Dr. Bhat  (1-1-18, JODHPUR)
1953 posts of Pharmacist and 55 posts of DCO will be filled in New Year  (1-1-18, JAIPUR)
Drugs will be available soon in Life Line of Kanwatia Hospital  (1-1-18, JAIPUR)
Pharmacy Council stopped giving information after change in Registrar  (1-1-18, JAIPUR)
Workshop on Critical Care Course  (1-1-18, JAIPUR)
Mandor Satellite Hospital disgusting  (1-1-18, JODHPUR)
Matter of formation of National Medical Council  (1-1-18, JODHPUR)