Investigation of marking attendance by absent Doctor commenced  (15-12-17, JODHPUR)
RESMA increased by Govt.  (15-12-17, JODHPUR)
No provision for mass leave of Doctors  (15-12-17, JAIPUR)
Every ones pocket is cut in private eye hospitals but no one is filing FIR  (15-12-17, JODHPUR)
Danger of infection in entire city  (15-12-17, JODHPUR)
Three-three Dental Doctors working but dental chair out-of-order from five years in Karouli  (15-12-17, JAIPUR)
RESMA applied for three months looking in to Doctors strike  (15-12-17, JAIPUR)
Mercury 16 degrees..., OPD in open tent with piercing breeze, this protest of Doctors, punishment to patients  (14-12-17, JAIPUR)
Show cause notice to 10 including Doctors president Ajay  (14-12-17, JAIPUR)
Death due to negligence in operation, penalty of 47.35 lakh on Goyal Hospital  (14-12-17, JODHPUR)
Tension between Doctor & CMHO Dhoulpur  (14-12-17, JAIPUR)
Attendance of SMS Doctors not reaching daily  (14-12-17, JAIPUR)
Laziness of Govt., may not be heavy on patients again  (14-12-17, JAIPUR)
Here, five types of drugs substandard  (14-12-17, JODHPUR)
Patients distress will increase again...  (14-12-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors will again stop work from 18th  (14-12-17, JODHPUR)
Order of Supreme Court on Labs will have effect  (14-12-17, JAIPUR)
Strike by In-service Doctors from 18th  (14-12-17, JAIPUR)
Open challenge by new Doctors  (13-12-17, JAIPUR)
Bail application of accused in female foetal determination rejected  (13-12-17, JODHPUR)
Allegation of wrong operation on private hospital Doctor  (13-12-17, JODHPUR)
Claim of awareness but in fact only mismanagenent  (13-12-17, JODHPUR)
Administration of CHC taken away from NIMS  (12-12-17, JAIPUR)
60% complaints in Rajasthan against Private Hopspitals  (12-12-17, JAIPUR)
Modular OT ready in three big Hospitals  (12-12-17, JODHPUR)
Way to construction of underpass from SMS to Trauma Center cleared  (12-12-17, JAIPUR)
Ten CMHO's will get vehicle under agreement with Doctors  (12-12-17, JODHPUR)
CCU will be constructed on second floor in Cath Lab of MDM  (12-12-17, JODHPUR)
Unauthorized practitioners are giving treatment in open in Siwana  (12-12-17, JAIPUR)
Hearing against Niraj on 11th  (12-12-17, JAIPUR)
Plastic surgery course commenced in Rukmani Birla Hospital  (12-12-17, JAIPUR)
Cell created for action against unauthorized practitioners  (11-12-17, JAIPUR)
Advance bail application of Hanuman Jangid accused of foetal determination rejected  (11-12-17, JODHPUR)
Crores spent on improvement, even then SMS not 'treated'  (10-12-17, JAIPUR)
Playing with health, unqualified treating in tents  (10-12-17, JODHPUR)
Conditions not improved in MDM Hospital  (10-12-17, JODHPUR)
CMHO Dr. Manish Choudhary suspended  (10-12-17, JAIPUR)
Boycott of OPD by In-service Doctors  (10-12-17, JAIPUR)
Dr. Manish Choudhary Additional CMHO Bharatpur suspended  (10-12-17, JAIPUR)
Long ques in Hospitals associated with Medical College  (9-12-17, JODHPUR)
'Ants' of anger moved in 10 thousand Doctos against statement of Minister  (9-12-17, JODHPUR)
People at Governments house, patient at 'God's house in dismay  (9-12-17, JAIPUR)
MDMH : injured in agony, stretcher not given  (9-12-17, JODHPUR)
224 Doctors remained on mass leave  (9-12-17, JODHPUR)
Effect of mass leave not seen  (9-12-17, JAIPUR)
This time unity broken, some Doctors only went on mass leave  (9-12-17, JODHPUR)
Mass leave of In-service Doctors  (9-12-17, JODHPUR)
Patients in distress due to mass leave of Doctors  (9-12-17, JAIPUR)
World-class facilities of Eye treatment will be available in Jaipur  (8-12-17, JODHPUR)
Numerous Eye Specialist of many cities will deliver lecture  (8-12-17, JAIPUR)
Opening ceremony of 10th Shankara Eye Hospital  (8-12-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors on mass leave today  (8-12-17, JAIPUR)
Investigation given to Veenu Gupta, repert not received so Parashar not removed  (7-12-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors stage rally in protest against promise breaking  (7-12-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors stage rally  (7-12-17, JODHPUR)
Heavier than life, diseases of rules  (7-12-17, JODHPUR)
Next decision on Doctors agitation today  (7-12-17, JAIPUR)
Staged rally to show protest  (7-12-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors in Bharatpur stage candle march in protest against arrest  (7-12-17, JAIPUR)
Two mediators arrested getting foetal sex determination done  (7-12-17, JAIPUR)
Medical staff will be appointed in large number : Saraff  (7-12-17, JAIPUR)
Health Minister warns, strict action will be taken if Doctors go on strike  (7-12-17, JAIPUR)
MoU for two years for Bhamashah Health Insurance Scheme  (7-12-17, JAIPUR)
Opening ceremony of Shnakara Eye Hospital today  (7-12-17, JAIPUR)
Additional CMHO threatened RAS Officer as MP, arrested  (6-12-17, JAIPUR)
Controversy in the matter of putting attendance by Lady Doctor even when not visited CHC  (6-12-17, JODHPUR)
Additional CMHO Bharatpur threatened RAS Officer as MP, arrested  (6-12-17, JAIPUR)
Complicated operation of 32 mm eye  (6-12-17, JODHPUR)
Treated by ATG serum instead of bone-marrow transplant  (6-12-17, JODHPUR)
Additional CMHO arrested for threatening Additional Director, Medical & Health as MP  (6-12-17, JAIPUR)
Out-door placed outside Hospital by Doctors  (6-12-17, JAIPUR)
Arrested for giving threatening as MP to Add. Director  (6-12-17, JAIPUR)
Now Residents also on road  (5-12-17, JAIPUR)
Resident Doctors on road for demands  (5-12-17, JAIPUR)
Resident Doctors stage candle march  (5-12-17, JAIPUR)
Returned light of eyes by operation  (5-12-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors perform duty with black stripe  (5-12-17, JALORE)
Doctors boycott outdoor and examine patients in tents  (5-12-17, JAIPUR)
Resident Doctors stage rally  (5-12-17, JAIPUR)
Agitation of Doctors put off for three days, treatment in tents continues  (4-12-17, JAIPUR)
Grading will be awarded in Master of Pharmacy instead of marks  (4-12-17, JAIPUR)
President of In-service Doctors union & Regional Chief Secretary Face to face on Social Media  (4-12-17, JODHPUR)
Patients with head injury will not have to go round about for investigation  (4-12-17, JAIPUR)
Now manager on each floor, will remove problems of patients  (4-12-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors increase another 72 hours  (4-12-17, JODHPUR)
Union of In-service Doctors give 72 hours to Govt.  (4-12-17, JODHPUR)
Two days workshop on Child Pediatric Emergency ends  (4-12-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors give three more days time to Govt.  (4-12-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors said.. Govt. turned stiff, tent and black stripe will continue  (3-12-17, JAIPUR)
Super specialty center plan approved, seats of DM-MCH will also increase  (3-12-17, JAIPUR)
Boycott of OPD by Doctors continues, today stretegy will be formed  (3-12-17, JODHPUR)
Even then entering Hospital gives wrinkle in nose  (3-12-17, JODHPUR)
72 hours ultimatum will end today  (3-12-17, JODHPUR)
Workshop on Pediatric Emergency commenced in AIIMS  (3-12-17, JODHPUR)
One more accused arrested in giving threatening to chemist  (3-12-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors may go on indefinite strike from today  (3-12-17, JAIPUR)
IPO of Shalby Ltd. will open on 5th  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors put on tents of agitation out side Hospitals  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
Changes in Pharmacy cariculam  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
Lecture on Pediatric Emergency by Specialists  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
No anxiety for live at some, some dead not recognised  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
Govt. cannot prevent any one from getting treatment in Hospital of choice  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
Examined patients outside Hospital  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
OPD performed in tents, indoor patients got treatment in afternoon  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
X-ray machine out-of-order in MDM Hospital  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors examined patients out side Hospital by putting tents  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
Two days workshop on Child Pediatric Emergency from today  (2-12-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors boycott OPD for two hours  (2-12-17, JALORE)
Most of the points of agreement with Doctors fulfilled : Sarraf  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
Treatment by Doctors in tents  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
Fake Doctors  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors boycott work for two hours treatment done out side Hospital  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
Patient has right to choose Hospital : High Court  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
Public issue of Shalby Ltd. will open on 5th  (2-12-17, JAIPUR)
Leader of narcotic drug away from capture while should have been arrested immediately  (1-12-17, JAIPUR)
Again warning of strike by Doctors, Sarraf said not afraid of threats  (1-12-17, JAIPUR)
Officer sent to Tonk on complaint of Lady Drug Inspectors, report sent- not to send to Jodhpur not to give posting with these ladies, returned in three months  (1-12-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors take back decision of 2 hours work boycott, now patients will be examined outside Hospital  (1-12-17, JODHPUR)
Children came for certificate of blindness, Doctors sent back with light  (1-12-17, JODHPUR)
Transfer is general procedure  (1-12-17, JAIPUR)
OPD will be performed but will not go in to Hospital  (1-12-17, JODHPUR)
29 cornea replaced in year in ADM Hospital, 29 patients will get light today  (1-12-17, JODHPUR)
72 hours ultimatum by Doctors to Govt.  (1-12-17, JODHPUR)
Again stage of conflict between Govt. & Doctors  (1-12-17, JAIPUR)
Even Minister did not know, Nursing Council calls for NOC at its own level  (30-11-17, JAIPUR)
2 hous strike by Doctors in protest of transfers, Govt. went for caveat  (30-11-17, JAIPUR)
One accused arrested in demanding 5 lakh ransom from medical businessman  (30-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors did not go into OPD for 2 hours terated in open OPD  (30-11-17, JODHPUR)
OPD in Hospitals remained stopped for two hours  (30-11-17, JODHPUR)
One accused of threatening medical businessman arrested  (30-11-17, JODHPUR)
.Doctors boycott work for two hours  (30-11-17, JODHPUR)
Forgery of 3.5 lakhs by delusion that boy will be born by artificial fertility  (30-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors & Govt. again face-to-face  (30-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors boycott work for two hours  (30-11-17, JALORE)
Forgery of lakhs by delusion that boy will be born by artificial fertility  (30-11-17, JAIPUR)
2 hours work boycott by Doctors demanding stopping of oppressive action  (30-11-17, JAIPUR)
Again work boycott in protest against transfer of 11 including Doctor Ajay Choudhary  (30-11-17, JAIPUR)
Allegation o n NIMS of conducting illegal course out side State  (29-11-17, JAIPUR)
SDM-Joint Director sends selfie of attendance of Ajay Choudhary, transferred to Hindon in evening  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
Demanded 5 lakh rupees ranson from Medical Business man on phone with threatening  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
SDM marks absent for not available Doctor, Doctor signed next day, Collectors issues order to suspend  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
Without approval stated correspondence course, examination conducted!  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
Again dispute between Govt. & Doctors  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
Threatening of life to medical businessman demanded 5 lakh  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
Distributed forged degree in the name of distant education  (29-11-17, JAIPUR)
Five lakh ransom demanded from Medical businessman  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
Compulsion of medical board for MRI removed  (29-11-17, JODHPUR)
Dr. Ajay Choudhary leader of agitation tranferred  (29-11-17, JAIPUR)
Five lakh ransom demanded from Medical businessman  (29-11-17, JAIPUR)
Clamp on striking Doctors  (29-11-17, JAIPUR)
Case of giving forged Medical Degree filed on NIMS University  (29-11-17, JAIPUR)
This is waiting hall of Ummed Hospital  (28-11-17, JODHPUR)
Threatening to RAS- see you if taken grudge with Asha  (28-11-17, JODHPUR)
8 persons can get life from organ donation of 1 person  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
Finally counters of relief started for admitted patients  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors strike : Report called from Subordinate Court  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
What action has been taken against striking Doctors under RESMA  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
Death of five lakh persons every year due to lack of organ donation  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
Children die everyday in Govt. Hospital, what if died in private : Dr. Dhakar  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
Notice to 19 Doctors for not teaching in SMS  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
'One person gives life to eight persons by organ donation'  (28-11-17, JAIPUR)
Notice to 19 Doctors for examining patient at residence during class hours  (27-11-17, JAIPUR)
What type of facility, revolving not controlled, samples delayed and delay in investigation  (27-11-17, JAIPUR)
Law of relief not implemented even in six years  (27-11-17, JAIPUR)
Semester system in B. Pharma grading system in place of marks  (26-11-17, JAIPUR)
8 drugs found sub-standard in test, order to remove from market  (26-11-17, JAIPUR)
Definition of Generic Drug not decided, Standards other than World  (26-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors changed demand, now said - suspend RAS Officer  (26-11-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors met Health Minister in the matter of misbehavior with Pregnant Lady Doctor  (26-11-17, JAIPUR)
Angiography machine stopped  (26-11-17, JODHPUR)
Blood will be costly, breath is swelling  (26-11-17, JODHPUR)
Demand to suspend RAS Officer  (26-11-17, JAIPUR)
Govt. awakened on harms of Antibiotic resistance  (26-11-17, JAIPUR)
Whether cost of 'Critical Medical Care' can be decreased?  (26-11-17, JAIPUR)
How Diagnostic Center running in Residential building?  (25-11-17, JAIPUR)
Cancer, Pain, Heart & Skins 51 drugs 6 to 53% cheaper  (25-11-17, JAIPUR)
Increasing cost of Blood, not less than putting salt on burn  (25-11-17, JODHPUR)
Cancer, Heart Disease including 51 drugs cost reduced  (25-11-17, JODHPUR)
Loot by private testing laboratories in City, same test being charged different-differently in each lab  (25-11-17, JODHPUR)
208 drugs found spurious in five years  (24-11-17, JAIPUR)
Furious arguments between Additional Director & Doctor in Health Directorate  (24-11-17, JAIPUR)
Allegation of Lady Doctor - RAS Parasar made to cry for 2 hours, said - Barmern will be shown  (24-11-17, JODHPUR)
Our Hospitals gets disease of 'Boycott-Strike', again in grip on 10th day, this time operators did not prepare prescription as salary not paid  (24-11-17, JODHPUR)
Reply called from Govt. in the matter of appointment of Assistant Professor  (23-11-17, JODHPUR)
40 lakh patients in year, got Rs. 1.25 crores for repairs  (23-11-17, JAIPUR)
Contempt notice to Principle Health Secretary and Health Director  (23-11-17, JAIPUR)
Difficulties of Niraj Pawan may increase again  (23-11-17, JAIPUR)
Now GST also on Blood, Rs. 1250 per unit from Rs. 1050  (23-11-17, JODHPUR)
Cheaper drugs will be made available by Central Govt.  (23-11-17, JODHPUR)
High Court calls for reply in matter of new rules in MCI  (23-11-17, JODHPUR)
This can be done by Health Department only  (23-11-17, JODHPUR)
Pensioners to come again for medicines  (23-11-17, JODHPUR)
Fuss due to death of pregnanat woman in CHC  (23-11-17, JAIPUR)
Absconding Doctor Divya surrenders in PCPNDT Court  (23-11-17, JAIPUR)
Now ambulance with life saving apparatus for patients  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
5 years punishment to accused in matter of selling spurious drug  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
Drugs worth 50 lakh considered spurious, found intoxicating in investigation  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
AIIMS : Endobronical Ultrasound investigation for TB-Cancer patients  (22-11-17, JODHPUR)
All Districts will get Advanced Life Support Ambulance  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
Filthy water from sever spoiling drugs worth lakhs  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
Stay on removal of Clinical Psychologist  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
Free drugs for poor being sold at tea stall  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
Reply called from Principle Medical Education Secretary & others  (22-11-17, JAIPUR)
Treatment of Lung Cancer patients by EBUS technique in AIIMS  (22-11-17, JODHPUR)
Order to file case against Dr. Kothari  (22-11-17, JODHPUR)
100 cartons of drugs supplied by Narcotic drug supplier in one month  (21-11-17, JODHPUR)
Blacklisted company supplying drugs to State  (21-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors were on duty, child examined in three minutes  (21-11-17, JAIPUR)
6 lakh patients dependent on God in holidays  (21-11-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors enjoying leave on Sunday, Shahida succumbed to death  (20-11-17, JAIPUR)
Flourosis prevention being done by MBA, salary Rs. 50 thousand  (20-11-17, JODHPUR)
Discussion on everyday new challenges of Orthodentics  (20-11-17, JAIPUR)
Fuss by relatives on death of girl in JK Loan Hospital  (20-11-17, JAIPUR)
Bail of Harish Cancelled  (19-11-17, JODHPUR)
The age of wire & brakits in Orthrodontics is terminating  (19-11-17, JAIPUR)
5 years punishment for selling spurious drug  (19-11-17, JAIPUR)
Eye of patient opened by removing 42 mm mercury pressure on cornia  (19-11-17, JODHPUR)
Age of computer revolution in Dental treatment  (19-11-17, JAIPUR)
Two years imprisonment to Medical Officer  (19-11-17, JAIPUR)
Two years imprisonment to Doctor  (19-11-17, JAIPUR)
The age of bresix, wire & brakits in Orthrodontics is culminating : Dr. Clark  (18-11-17, JAIPUR)
Churning on new techniques in Dental Medical field  (18-11-17, JAIPUR)
Big-battle of Dental Doctors commence, discussions on new techniques will be made  (18-11-17, JAIPUR)
Three thousand Specialists from Nation & Abroad assembled in Indian Orthodontic Conference  (18-11-17, JAIPUR)
Removed tumor from kidney of woman by leproscopy without incision in AIIMS  (17-11-17, JODHPUR)
No need to go to Dhanvanari, counter on each floor of SMS  (17-11-17, JAIPUR)
Give compensation on death due to strike, raise amount from Doctors  (17-11-17, JAIPUR)
Letter to DOP for prosecution sanction  (16-11-17, JAIPUR)
1.5 km circle in darkness, 60 steps of staircase, then investigation done  (16-11-17, JAIPUR)
Effort to bring Court under suspicion without investigation  (15-11-17, JODHPUR)
Contempt notice to Principle Health Secretary  (15-11-17, JAIPUR)
Notice for not taking on post  (15-11-17, JAIPUR)
Rupees nine lakh penalty on Bhandari Hospital  (15-11-17, JAIPUR)
Auditors sent by Govt. for investigation of embezzlement  (14-11-17, JODHPUR)
4.12 crores sanctioned for instruments in Trauma Center of SMS  (14-11-17, JAIPUR)
Preparation to give contract to firm with entrapped in allegation of irregularity  (13-11-17, JAIPUR)
Service obtained by forgery, matter unearthed but not ready to accept  (13-11-17, JAIPUR)
Now no need to go to America from Jodhpur for complicated treatment  (13-11-17, JODHPUR)
More than 30 deaths, now agreement between Doctor-Govt.  (13-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors returned on duty  (13-11-17, JAIPUR)
OXICON organized in AIIMS  (13-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors strike ends, returned on duty in night  (13-11-17, JODHPUR)
Huge mob came up for treatment in Medical camp  (13-11-17, JALORE)
Heavy Police force deployed during dialogue between Govt. & In-service Doctors  (13-11-17, JAIPUR)
After agreement in eleven hour long dialogue Doctors strike called off  (13-11-17, JAIPUR)
Appointment given at the post of 30 thousand to known then 50 thousand appointment given  (12-11-17, JODHPUR)
3 more deaths, here police arrested 15 Doctors  (12-11-17, JODHPUR)
Private Doctors are prescribing drugs on their own prescription, Govt. not giving medicines  (12-11-17, JODHPUR)
Services from OPD to ICU badly affected, serious patients also crave for operation  (12-11-17, JAIPUR)
Tantrum in Doctors giving services in Hospital, not answering proper reply to complaints of patients  (12-11-17, JODHPUR)
More than 10 Doctors returned from strike and joined duty in Jodhpur City  (12-11-17, JODHPUR)
Conditions became worse due to strike, patients are collapsing  (12-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors went underground in fear of arrest  (12-11-17, JALORE)
Four Doctors arrested, Doctors returned on work at numerous places  (12-11-17, JAIPUR)
Dialogue today again between striking Doctors & Govt.  (12-11-17, JAIPUR)
Load of narcotc-spurious drugs held, 100 cartons sold in market  (11-11-17, JAIPUR)
Manhunt for Doctors commenced, 8 arrested till now  (11-11-17, JODHPUR)
Appointments distributed to relatives, noting of Minister changed to be safe  (11-11-17, JODHPUR)
Guards of Govt. Hospitals in security of Sirs house  (11-11-17, JODHPUR)
Merciless strike, helpless patients  (11-11-17, JODHPUR)
Numerous pregnant women Jhunjhunu were going to Dr. Murari for sex determination  (11-11-17, JALORE)
Load of spurious drugs held by SOG in Jaipur  (11-11-17, JALORE)
Strike by In-service Doctors on justified demands or part of plot  (11-11-17, JALORE)
Arresting of Doctors in RESMA commenced  (11-11-17, JALORE)
Huge quantity of narcotic spurious drugs seized, four arrested  (11-11-17, JAIPUR)
Narcotic & Spurious drugs selling without license held  (11-11-17, JAIPUR)
Conditions deteriorate in Jodhour, even police could not find Doctors  (11-11-17, JODHPUR)
Agreement on free OPD in Private Hospitals on Collectors appeal  (11-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors will go to jail if not returned on work  (11-11-17, JODHPUR)
Conditions deteriorate in Hospitals, Govt. asks to appoint Doctors at Rs 4700 per day  (10-11-17, JODHPUR)
Late night at 2.30 manhunt on residents of leaders of Doctors, arrests will be made under RESMA  (10-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors said misbehavior done, Minister said Residents demand intervened  (10-11-17, JAIPUR)
In Jodhpur 22 deaths in 24 hours  (10-11-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors already on strike, Now Residents added fuel in fire  (10-11-17, JAIPUR)
Pregnant woman also in tension  (10-11-17, JODHPUR)
Turmoil in Jodhpur due to Doctors strike, death of 12 occured  (10-11-17, JODHPUR)
Oh God! This Strike  (10-11-17, JODHPUR)
Conditions deteriorate in Hospitals, Senior Doctors unable to handle the situation  (10-11-17, JALORE)
Notice to Principle Health Secretary and others  (10-11-17, JAIPUR)
Dialogue fails again, Doctors came out with allegation of misbehavior  (10-11-17, JAIPUR)
City Hospitals on ventilator  (9-11-17, JODHPUR)
Dr. Bhat could not start kidney transplant in two years  (9-11-17, JODHPUR)
Order not to give extension of service to Principal Medical College  (9-11-17, JODHPUR)
Neither Govt. succumb nor Doctor, strike takes severe stand on third day  (9-11-17, JODHPUR)
AIIMS organizing Dry-Eye & OXICON-17 on 12th  (9-11-17, JODHPUR)
Residents came in support of In-service Doctors  (9-11-17, JODHPUR)
Resident Doctors boycott work for two hours in support of strike  (9-11-17, JALORE)
Patients in distress due to third day of Doctors strike  (9-11-17, JAIPUR)
Successful heart surgery of 90 year old patient  (9-11-17, JAIPUR)
Tips by robot to make complicated surgery simple  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Call of pain : Neither God melted, nor Govt.  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Lock on Malaria Zonal Lab  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Dialogue for five hours, fails at 11 of night, 8 deaths till now  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Human Rights Commission angry by Doctors strike  (8-11-17, JAIPUR)
Dr. Murari & Gajraj sent to Judicial custody  (8-11-17, JAIPUR)
Contempt petition filed on Doctors strike, hearing on 9th  (8-11-17, JAIPUR)
IAS Neeraj K Pawan reinstated  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Human Rights Commission angry by Doctors strike  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Technique of robotic surgery known by faculty students  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Miserable patients Dialogue fails  (8-11-17, JODHPUR)
Memorandum submitted in support of Doctors  (8-11-17, JALORE)
Dr. Murari & helper Gajraj sent to jail  (8-11-17, JAIPUR)
IAS Neeraj K Pawan reinstated  (8-11-17, JAIPUR)
Dialogue up to late night of Govt. & In-service Doctors fail  (8-11-17, JAIPUR)
Memorandum submitted for changes in Drug Act  (8-11-17, JAIPUR)
Those patients in distress, who were not guilty  (7-11-17, JAIPUR)
Demo of operation with robot  (7-11-17, JODHPUR)
Pain exploded Oh God  (7-11-17, JODHPUR)
Govt. turned deaf  (7-11-17, JODHPUR)
3 years of ambulance scam, CBI did not move 3 miles  (7-11-17, JODHPUR)
Patients in distress, postmortem also hindered  (7-11-17, JAIPUR)
Medical facilities dismantled  (7-11-17, JAIPUR)
Demo of live surgery by robot in AIIMS  (7-11-17, JODHPUR)
Action by police on Narcotic drugs  (7-11-17, JODHPUR)
Neither drug available not done investigation in Hospitals  (7-11-17, JODHPUR)
Administration deteriorated due to Doctors strike  (7-11-17, JALORE)
Doctor including two mediators arrested in Haryana performing sex determination  (7-11-17, JAIPUR)
Bifurcation in Doctors on first day of strike, some came for work many reamined on leave  (7-11-17, JAIPUR)
Medical Colleges on 'Distant Learning' pattern  (7-11-17, JAIPUR)
Agreement arrived at 10.50 PM, Doctors now gave time up to 30th November  (6-11-17, JODHPUR)
Refusal by Medicos : Today Govt. Hospitals will be dependent on Rama  (6-11-17, JODHPUR)
Today first time robot will perform demo-surgery in Rajasthan  (6-11-17, JODHPUR)
Health Minister left to receive honor leaving 1.2 lakh patients depending on God  (6-11-17, JODHPUR)
Dialogue with Govt. fails, RESMA applied  (6-11-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors submit mass resignation  (6-11-17, JODHPUR)
Completion of EMCON-17  (6-11-17, JAIPUR)
Late night agreement on 6 demands, strike by In-service Doctors adjourned  (6-11-17, JAIPUR)
Hardship on patients from today : Ten thousand Doctors will not work, will resign  (6-11-17, JAIPUR)
PHC & CHC Doctors fo Zone on mass strike from tomorrow  (5-11-17, JODHPUR)
Saved light of 14 year old Lalita by performing 2 hour long complicated surgery of eye in AIIMS  (5-11-17, JODHPUR)
Discussion with Govt. fails on 33 demands, 8911 Doctors sent their resignation  (5-11-17, JODHPUR)
Who did not became full Doctor, will examine patients  (5-11-17, JODHPUR)
Minister kept on giving assurance, 10 thousand In-service Doctors will submit resignation tomorrow  (5-11-17, JODHPUR)
Experience shared on Cancer Radiation Technique  (5-11-17, JAIPUR)
Foetal sex determination racket held in Hindon City  (5-11-17, JODHPUR)
Two mediators arrested for getting sex determination done  (5-11-17, JAIPUR)
17th Asia Ashiyana Physical Treatment Congress Conference commenced  (5-11-17, JAIPUR)
Workshop on "A Step Towards Easy Availability of Medicines to People in India" today  (5-11-17, JODHPUR)
Joint Director Medical Department take promotion even when investigation is pending against him, allegation of Financial irregularity  (4-11-17, JODHPUR)
From next session doing MBBS from Govt. College became costly, fee increased five times  (4-11-17, JAIPUR)
Review of suspension period of Neeraj K Pawan  (4-11-17, JAIPUR)
Reply called from Secretary Medical Department & other Officers  (4-11-17, JAIPUR)
Examined facilities in labor room, operation theater & drug distribution  (4-11-17, JODHPUR)
Getting done MBBS from Govt. Medical College became costly  (4-11-17, JODHPUR)
Demand to remove GST from expired medicines  (4-11-17, JAIPUR)
X-ray machine of MDM out-of-order, not getting repaired as waiting for new  (3-11-17, JODHPUR)
First informed cancer, after surgery found, not available  (3-11-17, JAIPUR)
No 108 ambulance up to seventy kms  (3-11-17, JODHPUR)
Painful Dengue : Dengue vaccine not reaching India due to change in strain  (3-11-17, JODHPUR)
Lock on X-ray Machine chamber of CHC Dhundhara opened after three years  (3-11-17, JODHPUR)
Children will be given dose of Vitamin A  (3-11-17, JALORE)
Half dozen Hospitals out of Bhamashah Scheme due to misuse  (3-11-17, JAIPUR)
Inauguration of Eye Operation Theatre  (3-11-17, JAIPUR)
Sharma appointed as member of Council  (3-11-17, JAIPUR)
In Santokba Durlabhji Hospital staff on agitation from two months  (3-11-17, JAIPUR)
Discussion by Doctors on fast & safe treatment  (3-11-17, JAIPUR)
Operation 24 hours, testing only up to 5 hrs  (2-11-17, JAIPUR)
Improve OT near Modular OT  (2-11-17, JODHPUR)
Nursing staff stage demonstration in private hospital, memorandum given to Collector  (2-11-17, JAIPUR)
Results of Assistant Professor Child Drug declared  (2-11-17, JODHPUR)
Mal-Administration in MDM Hospital, patients not getting facilities  (2-11-17, JODHPUR)
Error of other Departments, Hospital Administration is at stake  (2-11-17, JODHPUR)
Efforts to satisfy relatives of patient that their patient is getting adequate treatment  (2-11-17, JODHPUR)
Judicial officers point out errors in Modular Theatre  (2-11-17, JODHPUR)
Inspection of Bangur Hospital by team of Health Department  (2-11-17, JALORE)
Discussions on new information on treatment of patient in emergency  (2-11-17, JAIPUR)
Preparation to change the syllabus of MBBS  (1-11-17, JODHPUR)
Treatment of heart patients is costly even after reduction in cost of stents  (1-11-17, JODHPUR)
X-ray machine locked from three years in Dhundhara  (1-11-17, JODHPUR)
9 seniors including two girls suspended  (1-11-17, JODHPUR)
Notification for Drugs & Cosmetics (Tenth Amendment) Rules, 2017 issued  (1-11-17, )
CM perceive status of injured in SMS  (1-11-17, JAIPUR)
'Solution for difficulties of Doctors is being done'  (1-11-17, JAIPUR)
Spurious drugs reach thousands of patients before report is received  (31-10-17, JAIPUR)
Cars will not stand in porch of Paota Satellite Hospital  (31-10-17, JODHPUR)
Award to Dr. Agrawal  (31-10-17, JODHPUR)
Supply of Bio-waste bags at three times rate  (31-10-17, JODHPUR)
Dr. K. C. Agrawal honored with National Medical Award  (31-10-17, JODHPUR)
Resident Doctors in support of in-service Doctors  (31-10-17, JODHPUR)
Neurology Department of Kota Medical College selected on National level  (31-10-17, JODHPUR)
Four thousand patients get medical services by tele-medicines in small hospitals  (31-10-17, JODHPUR)
Admission of 1000 Doctors, 452 did not come, 200 went for doing PG  (30-10-17, JAIPUR)
Agreed by Officers twice in Court : appointment soon, procedure stopped after coming out  (30-10-17, JAIPUR)
9 thousand in-service Doctors submit resignation to union for demands  (30-10-17, JAIPUR)
Residents came to know about new techniques in Radiology field  (30-10-17, JODHPUR)
Engagement ceremony between Govt. & Medical Department  (30-10-17, JODHPUR)
Hearing fixed for 25th January, 2018 in Civil Writ filed by Divakar Patel, Assistant Drugs Controller, Udaipur  (30-10-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors demonstrate strength  (30-10-17, JAIPUR)
Polio awareness rally organized  (30-10-17, JAIPUR)
Become policy maker for PMT failed RAS Doctors : Dr. Choudhary  (30-10-17, JAIPUR)
Refrigerator out-of-order, patients not getting essential medicines  (29-10-17, JAIPUR)
Cancer patients will get world-class treatment at Jaipur  (29-10-17, JAIPUR)
When held said mistake done, going to retire  (29-10-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors will submit resignation to union today  (29-10-17, JAIPUR)
Today 490 In-service Doctors will submit resignation  (29-10-17, JODHPUR)
Order to keep regularization under decision of writ petition  (29-10-17, JODHPUR)
Will not have to go to Ummed & MGH for platelets  (29-10-17, JODHPUR)
Now platelets will be available in MDM  (29-10-17, JODHPUR)
Cancer patients will get world-class treatment at Jaipur : Chief Minister  (29-10-17, JODHPUR)
Two arrested with narcotic drugs  (29-10-17, JODHPUR)
Corrupt Doctor sent to Judicial custody  (29-10-17, JAIPUR)
Cancer patients will get world-class treatment at Jaipur : CM  (29-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor arrested for taking bribe of 10 thousand for postmortem report  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Even after written directions Doctors are keeping cars in No-parking, if not complied notice will be issued  (28-10-17, JODHPUR)
Stent cheaper, why treatment costly, fifteen big Hospitals of State like Fortis, Manipal increased procedure fee  (28-10-17, JODHPUR)
Foetal determination exposed in Guna of MP by Rajasthan team  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Here Blood without replacement up to 15th November  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Hearing completed in anomaly in Medical Admission  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
7 month old child died in womb, Doctor demanded 10 thousand for PM report  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Five lakh penalty on Bhandari Hospital  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Bribe demanded for giving postmortem report, Doctor arrested  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor-mediator arrested performing foetal sex determination  (28-10-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors of 1967 batch of Medical College celebrate Golden Jubilee organization  (28-10-17, JODHPUR)
Doctor & mediator arrested performing sex determination in Madhya Pradesh  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor misbehaved & refused to peruse the patient as enjoying game on mobile, fuss developed  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Five lakh penalty on Bhandari Hospital  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor arrested taking bribe against postmortem report of child  (28-10-17, JAIPUR)
Director Medical summoned by Tribunal  (27-10-17, JAIPUR)
62 thousand penalty on Johnson & Johnson  (27-10-17, Jaipur)
Youth collapsed on administration of injection  (27-10-17, JODHPUR)
District gets 250 new ANM's  (27-10-17, JODHPUR)
62 thousand penalty on Johnson & Johnson  (27-10-17, JAIPUR)
Dialogue of Minister with In-service Doctors for 3 hours resultless  (26-10-17, JAIPUR)
4 keys with 4 persons, all forgot at home to bring depending on one-another  (26-10-17, JODHPUR)
Porch of Paota Satellite Hospital, Doctors car parked in No-Parking  (26-10-17, JODHPUR)
10 new beds to ICU of Trauma Center of SMS  (26-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor absconding for 20 years arrested  (26-10-17, JODHPUR)
Reward of 10 beds to Trauma Center of SMS  (26-10-17, JAIPUR)
'Vacant posts of Doctors will be filled by Departmental promotion'  (26-10-17, JAIPUR)
10 more beds will be increased in Trauma Center of SMS : Yunus Khan  (26-10-17, JAIPUR)
Order issued to furnish report after inspection of modular OT  (25-10-17, JODHPUR)
Studying Ayurved costly in Private Institutions  (25-10-17, JODHPUR)
Even after scoldings from High Court facilities in zones biggest Hospital not improved  (25-10-17, JODHPUR)
Polio awareness program organized  (25-10-17, JALORE)
Saved lfe of one day old child by performing open heart surgery  (25-10-17, JAIPUR)
Admission for 1534 posts of Lab Assistant sanctioned by Finance Department, even then investigation on contract  (24-10-17, JAIPUR)
450 in-service Doctors of District will give mass resignation on 29th  (24-10-17, JODHPUR)
Notice to 5 CMHO  (24-10-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors will give mass resignation on 29th October  (24-10-17, JODHPUR)
Sawdust found in life saving drug for heart attack  (23-10-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors again threaten resignation, Minister invites for dialouge  (23-10-17, JAIPUR)
Deepak Gupta DM Cadiologist  (23-10-17, JAIPUR)
10 thousand in-service Doctors will give resignation at a time  (22-10-17, JODHPUR)
Hope of Medical College dependent on inspection of MCI  (22-10-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors threaten mass resignation  (22-10-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors threaten mass resignation  (22-10-17, JAIPUR)
Hearing fixed for 24th in Civil Writ filed by Divakar Patel, Assistant Drugs Controller, Udaipur  (21-10-17, JODHPUR)
Hearing fixed on 05-12-2017 in appeal filed by C. B. Gupta, Then Assistant Drugs Controller, Bharatpur  (21-10-17, JODHPUR)
Hearing on 12-02-2018 in writ Petition filed against order of Special Secretary in High Court, Jodhpur.  (21-10-17, JODHPUR)
Margin of Medical Instruments will be decided!  (19-10-17, JODHPUR)
In Bikaner smuggler arrested with load of intoxicating drugs  (19-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors found absent in inspection of CMHO  (19-10-17, JAIPUR)
Preparation to control the prices of drugs  (18-10-17, JAIPUR)
Decoy in Aligarh, fuss by doctor and staff  (18-10-17, JAIPUR)
Successful decoy operation of State PCPNDT Cell in Aligarh of UP  (18-10-17, JAIPUR)
Immediate treatment at next station in worsened temperament  (17-10-17, JAIPUR)
District level sit-out in 33 districts by in-service Doctors  (17-10-17, JAIPUR)
Token sit-out by in-service Doctors  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors removed myths of anesthesia by public awareness  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Plaster disbanded at some filth at some  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Application for voluntary retirement cannot be cancelled by showing shortage of Doctors  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Important role of anesthesia even after operation  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Judge and Collector reached MGH and MDMH, directions issued for improvement in administration  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Demonstration with sit-out by Doctors  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Workshop organized on World Anesthesia day  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Wrong to reject application for voluntary retirement due to shortage of doctors : High Court  (17-10-17, JODHPUR)
Demonstration by Doctors  (17-10-17, JALORE)
Eye specialists informed in 'Roscon'- now eye operations with 3-D technique  (16-10-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors want the seat of superintendent, giving resignation due to workload and responsibility  (16-10-17, JODHPUR)
Finally transplant done, received new life  (16-10-17, JAIPUR)
Govt. forgot requirement of medical in 12 districts for voters of three zones  (16-10-17, JAIPUR)
How 'consious' will know, what is anaesthesia  (16-10-17, JODHPUR)
Method of saving life by artificial respiration shown  (16-10-17, JAIPUR)
Injured referred in absence of vaccine  (16-10-17, JODHPUR)
'Treatment at right time can save surgery of heel'  (16-10-17, JAIPUR)
Rally conducted to eradicate myths related to spine disease  (16-10-17, JAIPUR)
Karouli District List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017   (15-10-17, JODHPUR)
Sawai Madhopur District List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017   (15-10-17, JODHPUR)
Supply of fluid impaired, PD dialysis stayed in SMS  (15-10-17, JAIPUR)
Now treatment of psychic patients at PHC-CHC itself  (15-10-17, JAIPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of DECEMBER 2017   (15-10-17, JODHPUR)
Manan gve life to four persons even after death  (15-10-17, JAIPUR)
Lectures delivered by numerous well known Doctors in Eye Disease Conference  (15-10-17, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of instruments in hospital  (15-10-17, JALORE)
Doctors informed myths of surgery to patients  (15-10-17, JAIPUR)
Manan gve new life to four persons even after death  (15-10-17, JAIPUR)
Quality of drugs dependent on God...  (14-10-17, JAIPUR)
Dr. Shaitansingh will be the new superintendent of MDM Hospital  (14-10-17, JODHPUR)
Anesthesia has key role in operation  (14-10-17, JAIPUR)
Rescon 40th three days yearly conference of Rajasthan Eye Disease Society commenced  (14-10-17, JAIPUR)
Superintendent of MDMH changed, Dr. Rathore new Superintendent  (14-10-17, JODHPUR)
Knee problem of sportsman is removed by double bundle surgery  (14-10-17, JAIPUR)
Prosecution sanctioned against IAS Neeraj K. Pawan  (14-10-17, JAIPUR)
'Nicorandil Tablet found sub-standard in testing  (13-10-17, JAIPUR)
Eye investigation camp tomorrow.  (13-10-17, JODHPUR)
Camp for Heart Disease Patients on 15th  (13-10-17, JODHPUR)
Interim stay on sale of land of RDPL  (13-10-17, JAIPUR)
Joint replacement conducted on World Arthritis Day  (13-10-17, JODHPUR)
Mahakumbh of Eye Disease Specialists in Jodhpur from today  (13-10-17, JODHPUR)
Knee replaced patients ran with enthusiasm in mini marathon  (13-10-17, JAIPUR)
Shoulder, knee cap and old hurt can be cured completely : Wandik  (13-10-17, JAIPUR)
Minister withholds file of relief to Mahavir Cancer Hospital  (12-10-17, JAIPUR)
Rules changed to favor known company in tender for sanitary napkin  (12-10-17, JAIPUR)
Notice to Doctor for false affidavit, Order by Consumer forum cancelled  (12-10-17, JAIPUR)
Discussion on facilities in Hospitals in meeting of Medical Relief Society  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
Allegation of misbehavior on female nursing staff by Residents, committee for investigation formed  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
Endure 'Pain' of staircase for medicine  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
Allegation of harassment to Nurses, refusal by Resident Doctors  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
Arthritis patients increasing in State due to floride in water  (12-10-17, JAIPUR)
Health walk of joint replaced today on World Arthritis Day  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
55 patients examined in free Skin disease camp  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
Meeting of Medical Relief Society convened  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
Nursing Superintendent alleges misbehavior by Resident Doctors, Resident Doctors refuse allegation  (12-10-17, JODHPUR)
Children & woman vaccinated  (12-10-17, JALORE)
Orthroscopic conference from today  (12-10-17, JAIPUR)
First successful decoy operation in Delhi  (11-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors coming late in Bhartia Hospital of Churu, patients compelled to visit residence  (11-10-17, JAIPUR)
Girl child's are brought in serious condition  (9-10-17, JODHPUR)
'Video was prepared to bring the actions of Doctor in fore front'  (9-10-17, JODHPUR)
Success of treatment depends on care of patient in Neuro Surgery : Dr. Mishra  (9-10-17, JAIPUR)
State level Rajpaedicon completed  (9-10-17, JODHPUR)
So that no one can intervene on respect of sisters and daughters  (9-10-17, JODHPUR)
Information to prevent heart diseases given to two hundred persons  (9-10-17, JAIPUR)
Indradhanush expedition commenced in State  (9-10-17, JAIPUR)
Order not to grant licence to Chanchalani and any member of his family  (8-10-17, JAIPUR)
Vehicle parked in no-parking area of Paota Satellite Hospital, neither patients can go out, nor ambulance  (8-10-17, JODHPUR)
5 more Private Hospitals authorized for Govt. staff  (8-10-17, JAIPUR)
One lack foetal murders in State  (8-10-17, JODHPUR)
Donot fall in confusion, drug cannot increase height of child  (8-10-17, JODHPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of NOVEMBER, 2017   (8-10-17, JODHPUR)
Four hundred Child Disease Specialists through the Nation assembled in Rajpaedicon  (8-10-17, JODHPUR)
Misbehavior caught in half dozen videos  (8-10-17, JODHPUR)
Get investigation done soon by Cardiologist if heart beat is irregular : Dr. Chopra  (8-10-17, JAIPUR)
Immunotherapy is effective in treatment of Cancer disease  (8-10-17, JAIPUR)
Keep an eye on your heart...60% cases of heart attack of world in India  (7-10-17, JAIPUR)
Misbehavior with females by Unani Doctor during investigation, video viral in social media  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Now cost price will also be displayed on drugs  (7-10-17, JAIPUR)
Services of Joint replacement and Surgery  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Inhalation medicines are more effective by respiration way  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Misbehavior with young lady in name of treatment  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Dental van will investigate health of children  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Treatment of congenital heart deformities now easier than earlier by technique  (7-10-17, JAIPUR)
Discussions on Brest Cancer by Cancer Specialists from Nation and Abroad  (7-10-17, JAIPUR)
Inauguration of Raj-Paedicon 47th State level Paediatrics Conference  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Health services stopped due to mass leave by NRHM staff  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Vaccination decreased by ten percent, thousands of children left  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Then what today evening Govt. Hospitals will remain closed !  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Payment of six & half crores but status of Ambulance deterioration day by day  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Beast in Doctors shell, tease of young girl in name of treatment  (7-10-17, JODHPUR)
Inspection by Veenu Gupta  (7-10-17, JAIPUR)
Dr. Ravi Kasliwal honored by Life Time Achievement award  (7-10-17, JAIPUR)
Sex determination and abortion being done by taking to Agra, three arrested  (5-10-17, JAIPUR)
Churning by Heart disease Specialists from Nation and Abroad  (5-10-17, JAIPUR)
Decoy operation in Agra, three including two Nurse arrested performing sex determination  (5-10-17, JAIPUR)
Guradia Joga PHC of Bhawani Mandi waiting for inauguration from two months  (5-10-17, JAIPUR)
Heart disease Specialists from 50 Countries will assemble from today in Jaipur  (5-10-17, JAIPUR)
Continuously fifth year award to Fortis Hospital  (5-10-17, JAIPUR)
Why daze whether investigation three times or thirty times ?  (4-10-17, JODHPUR)
Drugs Inspectors came for inspection 6 times in 7 months, when nothing found then sent empty box from courier and made matter of Spurious Drugs  (3-10-17, JODHPUR)
'One unit of Blood can save four lives'  (2-10-17, JAIPUR)
'Flying Squad' will keep vigilance on Govt. Doctors  (2-10-17, JODHPUR)
Token fast today by IMA Doctors  (2-10-17, JODHPUR)
Initiation of non-cooperation agitation by in-service Doctors from today  (2-10-17, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of Arogya Hospital in Paota  (2-10-17, JAIPUR)
One person can save lives of four persons by donating one unit of Blood : Sarraf  (2-10-17, JAIPUR)
Non-cooperation agitation by Doctors today  (2-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors will observe day-long fast  (2-10-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor said Lapka for Compounder, Compounder said Commissionkhor for Doctor  (1-10-17, JODHPUR)
First day of Referral Trauma Emergency in AIIMS, only 3 patients came, operation of 1  (1-10-17, JODHPUR)
Blood Doner improves his own life along with others  (1-10-17, JAIPUR)
Vehicle rally today on Blood Donation Day  (1-10-17, JAIPUR)
One Blood Doner can save four lives  (1-10-17, JAIPUR)
Sex determination by manipulation in active tracker of Sonography machine by accused Doctor Prabodh Gupta  (1-10-17, JAIPUR)
One more case filed against Dr. Anurag tomer  (1-10-17, JAIPUR)
Drug Officers of City entrapped in matter of apprehension of Spurious Drugs, Govt. compelled to stop investigation  (30-9-17, JODHPUR)
Every week Doctor is changing here  (30-9-17, JODHPUR)
Instruments worth crores are closed in absence of license  (30-9-17, JODHPUR)
Do not fall ill on Sunday, Doctors not available on this day  (30-9-17, JODHPUR)
Emergency services in AIIMS from today  (30-9-17, JODHPUR)
SDM & Reader of Hindon arrested in allegation of taking bribe  (30-9-17, JAIPUR)
Patients will be able to use lift for second floor of Hospital  (30-9-17, JAIPUR)
Heart disease camp of Jaipur Heart Institute tomorrow  (30-9-17, JAIPUR)
Jail to NIMS Director Anurag  (29-9-17, JAIPUR)
Strictness on NRHM staff, ban on mass leave  (29-9-17, JODHPUR)
Mother said - Diphtheria even after vaccination  (29-9-17, JODHPUR)
Dialysis unit commenced in AIIMS Jodhpur  (29-9-17, JODHPUR)
Health services faulty, Hospitals handled by unauthorized Doctors in Mandalgarh  (29-9-17, JAIPUR)
14 days Judicial Custody to Anurag Tomer  (29-9-17, JAIPUR)
Dr. Anurag Tomer Director NIMS arrested in matter of embezzelment  (28-9-17, JAIPUR)
Retirement age 65 years of Doctors of Central services  (28-9-17, JAIPUR)
Contractual staff paying penalty of negligence in order by CMHO  (28-9-17, JODHPUR)
Wheels of Mathania 108 stanch due to shortage of diesel  (28-9-17, JODHPUR)
Demand to appoint Doctors  (28-9-17, JALORE)
Now surveillance by camera in Reodar Hospital  (28-9-17, JAIPUR)
Director Public Health angry  (28-9-17, JAIPUR)
Welcome to increasing retirement age of Doctors  (28-9-17, JAIPUR)
Hearing fixed for 4th in Civil Writ filed by Divakar Patel, Assistant Drugs Controller, Udaipur  (27-9-17, JODHPUR)
Death of pregnant in Hospital, allegation of negligence in treatment  (27-9-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors left Medical Camp in midway  (27-9-17, JAIPUR)
OPD of 500 at Bhim PHC, administration shattered due to deputation  (27-9-17, JAIPUR)
Removed congenital deformity of heart by small incision  (26-9-17, JAIPUR)
New Doctors running away from service  (26-9-17, JAIPUR)
Disease of crime in Ummed Hospital  (26-9-17, JODHPUR)
District Collector Dr. Surpur donates Blood to encourage Blood Doners  (26-9-17, JODHPUR)
Notice to Managing Company for closure of ambulance due to lack of tyres  (26-9-17, JODHPUR)
Death of patient, relatives allege shortage of oxygen  (26-9-17, JAIPUR)
Administration of vaccine to children from 7th  (26-9-17, JAIPUR)
Angioplasty commenced in year 1929  (25-9-17, JODHPUR)
Farewell to Jodhpur, meet again in Hydrabad  (25-9-17, JODHPUR)
Trembling in speech, paralysis of hands then may be a Brain attack  (24-9-17, JODHPUR)
He Ram, CCTV cameras are there but not of work  (24-9-17, JODHPUR)
Spurious drugs being sold in front of SMS Hospital itself  (24-9-17, JAIPUR)
Lectures on Angioplasty & Cardiac Surgery  (24-9-17, JODHPUR)
Partnership connections of Reodar Compounders, sending pregnants to private hospital  (24-9-17, JAIPUR)
350 Specialists from Nation & Foreign Countries assembled in "Orthotrends" International Conference  (24-9-17, JAIPUR)
Emergency unit also handled by trainee Staff Nurse  (23-9-17, JAIPUR)
In which hospital providing service, there contractual workers dependent for treatment  (23-9-17, JAIPUR)
Relief to elders : no need for open heart surgery for changing valve  (23-9-17, JODHPUR)
Version given after examining foetus in womb, imprisonment to Doctor  (23-9-17, JAIPUR)
Rules broken, six months imprisonment to two Doctors  (23-9-17, JODHPUR)
National conference of Cardiology commenced with training of Eco Cardiology  (23-9-17, JODHPUR)
MRI testing commenced in Jaipuria Hospital, Cath Lab in 6 months  (22-9-17, JAIPUR)
Collection by students in the name of passing in Medical College  (22-9-17, JODHPUR)
Cardiology conference for Physicians from today  (22-9-17, JODHPUR)
Pregnant sent after taking sample, delivery in front of Blood Bank  (22-9-17, JODHPUR)
Stay on removal of working Petitioner Pharmacists from Chief Ministers Free Drug Scheme  (22-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors left chamber & perused patients in open  (22-9-17, JAIPUR)
Now CML Blood Cancer can be controlled by taking tablet  (22-9-17, JAIPUR)
Three day National Conference on Cardiology from today  (22-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors negligence again in Ummed Hospital  (22-9-17, JODHPUR)
Online dialogue between Doctor & Patient in Telemedicine  (22-9-17, JAIPUR)
CLM Blood Cancer will be controlled in one tablet  (22-9-17, JAIPUR)
Sarraf inaugurates MRI machine in Jaipuria Hospital  (22-9-17, JAIPUR)
Cost of 39 drugs reduced by 30%  (21-9-17, JAIPUR)
'Cleaning in Hospitals for clicking photos'  (21-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors again refuse service, 190 posts vacant  (21-9-17, JAIPUR)
Scolding of Court to Administration for cleaning facilities in Hospitals  (21-9-17, JODHPUR)
MRI facilities from today  (21-9-17, JAIPUR)
MRI testing in Jaipuria from tomorrow  (20-9-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors returned on work  (20-9-17, JAIPUR)
RESMA for 3 months, strike is illegal now  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors on leave in spite of RESMA, patients in distress  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
Collector satisfied with arrangements in MGH  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
RESMA applied on in-service Doctors  (19-9-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors on mass leave  (19-9-17, JALORE)
Generator out-of-order since four months became showpiece in Siwana Hospital  (19-9-17, JAIPUR)
Strike by in-service Doctors, patients in distress  (19-9-17, JAIPUR)
Outside mob of patients and inside ... God is lord!  (18-9-17, JAIPUR)
Heart Specialists from 70 Countries will assembel  (18-9-17, JAIPUR)
Claims of safety of pregnant mother fail ... in State if facilities available Doctor not available, if Doctor available facilities not available  (18-9-17, JODHPUR)
Infants swallow two drops of life  (18-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors on mass leave today  (18-9-17, JALORE)
Cleaning expedition in Reodar Govt. Hospital, distributed fruits to patients  (18-9-17, JALORE)
Administered Polio medicine to children up to five years  (18-9-17, JALORE)
Neither Doctor nor Nurse available, delivery of pregnant woman in vehicle  (18-9-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors on mass leave today  (18-9-17, JAIPUR)
World Congress of Cardio Eco from 5th  (18-9-17, JAIPUR)
Blood donation awareness vehicle rally on 1st  (18-9-17, JAIPUR)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of OCTOBER 2017   (17-9-17, JODHPUR)
Discussions on efforts to stop female foeticide  (17-9-17, JAIPUR)
Warning of mass leave for tomorrow  (17-9-17, JAIPUR)
Dispensary themselves helpless, where patient should go  (17-9-17, JAIPUR)
Nearly similar conditions in entire State...lock on Blood Bank or no facility for X-ray  (17-9-17, JODHPUR)
Instruments of Blood Bank worth lakhs in dust  (17-9-17, JODHPUR)
Pulse Polio expedition from today  (17-9-17, JODHPUR)
Successful operation of white cataract in AIIMS  (17-9-17, JODHPUR)
Again unrest in Doctors, may go on mass leave on 18th  (17-9-17, JODHPUR)
Where the budget has gone, no free drugs  (17-9-17, JODHPUR)
Director examines management in Bangur Hospital  (17-9-17, JALORE)
Rajasthan Information Commission orders Rajasthan Pharmacy Council to give information  (16-9-17, JODHPUR)
Free treatment - investigation in Private Hospitals also  (16-9-17, JAIPUR)
Claim for entire State, sense even not of Jaipur hospitals  (16-9-17, JAIPUR)
Free drug scheme or only rattle, no to medicines and running to market for investigation also  (16-9-17, JODHPUR)
Written on walls, but drugs not available  (16-9-17, JODHPUR)
Application for D. Pharma & B. Pharma in VV up to 20th  (16-9-17, JODHPUR)
Senior kept groaning in pain, Doctor said busy in meeting would not see  (16-9-17, JODHPUR)
Standards hanged incentive care centers of newborns  (16-9-17, JODHPUR)
Free treatment of Swine Flu in Private Hospitals of Jaipur also  (16-9-17, JODHPUR)
Free treatment of Swine Flu in Private Hospitals also  (16-9-17, JAIPUR)
Board of availability of Swine Flu medicines  (15-9-17, JAIPUR)
Most of the District Hospitals are ill  (15-9-17, JODHPUR)
Whether hospital or phantasm, playing with life  (15-9-17, JODHPUR)
Stay on closure of medical store in hospital  (15-9-17, JAIPUR)
Stay on closure of medical store  (15-9-17, JAIPUR)
Inauguration of Pa. Jawahar Lal Nehru Govt. Medical College  (15-9-17, JAIPUR)
Drug Licenses will be issued digitally  (14-9-17, JAIPUR)
Now Drug License will be prepared digitally  (14-9-17, JAIPUR)
Order to stop increment of Nurses who do not know testing BP and haemoglobin  (14-9-17, JODHPUR)
Oxygen supply of MGH dependent on GOD for five hours  (14-9-17, JODHPUR)
Inspection of hospital premises  (14-9-17, JALORE)
Doctor & Nursing staff arrested performing sex determination in Ajmer  (14-9-17, JAIPUR)
1.2 feet lengthy tumor removed from the liver of woman.  (13-9-17, JAIPUR)
Successful operation of rare tumor first time in Rajasthan  (13-9-17, JODHPUR)
24 hours child emergency services commenced in zanana wing of MDM  (13-9-17, JODHPUR)
Lab Technicians resume duty.  (13-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors inform their pain to Collector  (13-9-17, JODHPUR)
1.2 feet lengthy tumor removed from the liver of woman  (13-9-17, JAIPUR)
Lab Technicians resume duty  (13-9-17, JODHPUR)
They do not have regard for health of innocents  (11-9-17, JODHPUR)
Contractual staff handles work, strike by Lab Technicians ineffective  (11-9-17, JAIPUR)
Allegation of negligence in operation for not coming to senses  (10-9-17, JODHPUR)
Plastic surgery of nose on 10 dead bodies  (10-9-17, JODHPUR)
Four Lab Technicians suspended indefinite strike commenced  (10-9-17, JAIPUR)
Jhalawar Medical College became first Digital College of State  (10-9-17, JAIPUR)
Became mental patient by anesthesia medicine  (10-9-17, JAIPUR)
Lab Technicians left picketing site and went underground after implementation of RESMA  (10-9-17, JAIPUR)
RESMA applied on striking Lab technicians.  (9-9-17, JAIPUR)
RESMA applied on striking Lab technicians  (9-9-17, JAIPUR)
Playing with life of newborn  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
Relatives are buying free EDT vial from money  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
Shortage of funds, so cleaning not being done  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
Justice Mehta will inspect three hospitals on 20th  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
Someone will see the world with your eyes  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
Scolding to Collector & Principle Medical College by High Court  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
Fuss in Ummed Hospital  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
6 modular theaters were to be constructed from 6 crore, hinged in dispute of two departments  (9-9-17, JODHPUR)
Announcement to terminate the services of Lab staff on strike  (8-9-17, JAIPUR)
Profit earning drug store now handed over to Upbhokta Bhandar  (8-9-17, JAIPUR)
Treatment of ill between filth  (8-9-17, JODHPUR)
Three new investigations will commence in SMS, costs of investigations will not increase right now  (8-9-17, JAIPUR)
Lab Technicians on strike in mid of seasonal illness, patients in distress  (8-9-17, JAIPUR)
Applications commenced for D. Pharma and B. Pharma courses  (8-9-17, JODHPUR)
"Govt. shall prepare scheme for filling posts of Doctors in Sirohi"  (8-9-17, JAIPUR)
Discussion on demands of In-service Doctors  (8-9-17, JAIPUR)
Patients in distress due ti strike by Lab Technicians  (8-9-17, JAIPUR)
Why not rigorous punishment if guilty  (7-9-17, JODHPUR)
Committee in every segment, will work as flying squad  (7-9-17, JODHPUR)
Years passed units not increased in Ummed Hospital  (7-9-17, JODHPUR)
Narcotic drugs of 40 lakh seized, two held  (7-9-17, JAIPUR)
Left bandage in stomach during operation, demonstration held  (7-9-17, JAIPUR)
Dr. Kalara APO for performing operation in private hospital  (7-9-17, JAIPUR)
Recommendations from President House & Rajnath in 'Coma' for Doctors  (6-9-17, JAIPUR)
Quarrel between Doctors in Ummed Hospital due to abuse and old rivalry, serious indiscipline and against code of profession  (6-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctor availed leave from training informing Cancer to father who was dead  (6-9-17, JAIPUR)
5 years stay on new Pharmacy Colleges  (6-9-17, JAIPUR)
Conditions deteriorating, even then Medical Department carefree  (6-9-17, JAIPUR)
Collector agrees that both Doctors guilty  (6-9-17, JODHPUR)
District Administration produce report in High Court  (6-9-17, JODHPUR)
Matter of death of Jeweller : Case filed against Doctor for forgery  (6-9-17, JODHPUR)
CT Scan will not be repaired till Govt. gives budget  (6-9-17, JODHPUR)
Matter of death of Jeweller : Case filed against Doctor  (6-9-17, JAIPUR)
High Court calls report on big Hospitals of Jodhpur  (6-9-17, JAIPUR)
Torn cover of heart changed  (6-9-17, JAIPUR)
Notice to selected Pharmacists to join the post  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Death of two kids in MDM Hospital, allegation of negligence on Doctors  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Worm embodied medicine given to patient in Khedli PHC of Alwar  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Investigation of death of 90 newborn, 3 Doctors including PMO suspended, 5 APO  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Court objects to parallel investigation, while Court is examining  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Cleaning continued in Ummed Hospital from morning till evening due to visit of Medical Secretary, Collector had scolded the staff heavily on 31st August  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
What action has been taken on lab passing Gauze Bandage?  (5-9-17, JAIPUR)
PMO, Block CMHO, including Doctors seven suspended  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Medical Education Secretary angry with cleaning facilities in Hospitals.  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Death of two kids in Zanana wing  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Breath breakout of scorched old man, allegation of negligence on Doctors  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
How other agencies are taking statement when cognizance taken and investigation on  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Why testing of Gauze Bandage not in Govt. Lab  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Allegation of death of two kids by administration of wrong injection in MDM Hospital, not confirmed Officially  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Medical Education Secretary not satisfied with cleaning facilities in Hospitals  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Three Doctors including PMO, four Nursing Staff suspended  (5-9-17, JODHPUR)
Tree Doctors suspended & five APO in Banswara District Hospital  (5-9-17, JAIPUR)
'Drug Controller shall furnish Affidavit'  (5-9-17, JAIPUR)
Stay on sabotage-smashing by JDA in Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer Hospital  (5-9-17, JAIPUR)
Committee formed in the matter of death of patient during treatment in Private Hospital  (4-9-17, JAIPUR)
Company banned for three years reinstated in 1 year  (4-9-17, JAIPUR)
New virus, vaccination of old ... Swine Flu to three Doctors of SMS Claim : New vaccine for staff will reach in one two days, even then not for us  (4-9-17, JAIPUR)
Revealed new technique of Anesthesia Kota Medical College first in quiz  (4-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctor enter with prayer to God, patient hands over with complete trust, experience-ability thrown to save life  (4-9-17, JODHPUR)
Game in the name of treatment, Hospital constructed and handed over to private hands by Government  (4-9-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors illustrate Cancer pain management by their experience  (4-9-17, JODHPUR)
Machine became old in waiting for opening  (4-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors will be blacklisted from Govt. service if not joined  (4-9-17, JAIPUR)
Anesthesia conference accomplished with lectures from Specialists  (4-9-17, JODHPUR)
Now assault on Lady Resident in MDMH  (3-9-17, JODHPUR)
Laundry machine stopped since one year, bedsheets are dried after soaking in water, patients endure contagious blood embedded cover  (3-9-17, JODHPUR)
ECMO works as heart & lung in surgery time  (3-9-17, JODHPUR)
Misbehavior with Lady Resident in Female Wing, one arrested  (3-9-17, JODHPUR)
Specialists from Nation and Foreign Countries assembled in Anesthesia Conference  (3-9-17, JODHPUR)
Senior Doctor Dr. Sushil suspended  (3-9-17, JODHPUR)
Investigation team constituted in the matter of death of patient  (3-9-17, JAIPUR)
24 hours treatment arrangement for Swine Flu in SMS  (3-9-17, JAIPUR)
'Govt. should cancel the land allotment and take possession of Mahavir Cancer Hospital;  (3-9-17, JAIPUR)
Govt. Doctor performs operation in Private Hospital : death of patient  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Even after six years RAS Officers not appointed in Hospitals  (2-9-17, JODHPUR)
Principle said : Rage in public, not proper time for strike  (2-9-17, JODHPUR)
First time in State saved life of Swine Flu patient by ECMO machine in Private Hospital  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Bouncers will protect Doctors  (2-9-17, JODHPUR)
Govt. Doctor performs operation in Private Hospital  (2-9-17, JODHPUR)
Dr. Indrapuri Goswami takes the charge of Asst. Professor Neurology  (2-9-17, JODHPUR)
Deep churning on Anesthesia commenced, new technique explained in research papers  (2-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctor performing sex determination was active in 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' expedition  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Leaves of all Doctors in State cancelled due to outburst of Swine Flu  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Mediator of sex determination arrested  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Bouncer appointed in security of Doctors in Mahatma Gandhi Hospital of Jodhpur  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
ECMO machine a boon in treatment of Swine Flu  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Removed twenty stones by endoscopy without operation  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Death of patients during operation due to negligence of Doctor  (2-9-17, JAIPUR)
Order to maintain status quo in SMS - Trauma Center underpass  (1-9-17, JAIPUR)
Order to place Selection- Confirmation under Writ petition in admission to Lecturer Nursing 2013  (1-9-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors slapping, Woman demanding bribe  (1-9-17, JODHPUR)
Relative beats Resident & Nursing Staff, work left  (1-9-17, JODHPUR)
Collector reached Ummed Hospital relatives explained distress  (1-9-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor performing hundred foetal sex determination every month arrested  (1-9-17, JODHPUR)
Order to place Selection- Confirmation under Writ petition in admission to Lecturer Nursing 2013 in AIIMS  (1-9-17, JODHPUR)
Three days conference on Anesthesia from today  (1-9-17, JODHPUR)
Inspection done by Dr. Vishnoi  (1-9-17, JALORE)
Order to maintain status quo in construction of underpass for Trauma Center  (1-9-17, JAIPUR)
Doctor & three mediators arrested performing sex determination  (1-9-17, JAIPUR)
Go on strike if suspended Nursing staff is reinstated : Resident Doctors  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
Only video in focus; but there cesarean of Anita delayed by 20 minutes, girl lost  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors quarrel in OT is shameful Why not Legal Investigation : High Court  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
Collector ordered to give report within one week.  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
Apportionment had to be cancelled, JDA gave chance again  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
Hospital has nothing to say  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
Collector ordered to give report within one week  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
One more cargo drugs held anticipation of spurious  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
Life of 90 year old woman saved by endovascular technique without opening brain  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
One dismissed and another suspended  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
80 newborn children died in two months in Banswara Hospital  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
Shameful incident, but the question is how recording was done in theatre  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
Commission for Women takes cognizance  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
Anger in public  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
High Court calls report from Collector  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
Demand to cancel license and file criminal case  (31-8-17, JODHPUR)
Raid on gang delivering Medical Certificate  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
Threatening of life to Nurse in Ummed Hospital  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
High Court takes cognizance of incident in OT of Ummed Hospital  (31-8-17, JAIPUR)
In-service Doctors proceeding on mass leave stayed  (30-8-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors started quarreling in theater leaving running operation cesarean delayed, girl died at birth  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
AIIMS : 3 Major - 2 Minor OT opened, now 20 days waiting against one and half month  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
OT started in trauma block of AIIMS, 2 operation on first day  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
She was tangled in birth & death, God were quarrelig  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors started quarrel after cutting stomach of pregnant, newborn left before coming to world  (30-8-17, JAIPUR)
Doctors agitation stayed after assurance  (30-8-17, JAIPUR)
Allegation of misbehavior by nurse at late night in Ummed Hospital  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
Death of child as Doctors colloid in operation theatre  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
Eye donation awareness program organized  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors will not go on strike  (30-8-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors boycott work.  (30-8-17, JALORE)
Agitation of In-service Doctors stayed after dialouge  (30-8-17, JAIPUR)
Racket of extracting 35 thousand in the name of license for Private Medical Centers in Dungarpur, entrapped 20 till now  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
Management quata of Pacific Medical College reduced by MCI, stay by Court to College  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
In-service Doctors on mass leave on 30th August for demands  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
Medical... Registration cancelled as not joined Hospital after PG  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors said... we could have saved the life of MLA if she came to Jaipur timely. Facts... sent to Private Hospital as no facilities in SMS  (29-8-17, JAIPUR)
Principle Secretary annoyed due to poor condition  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
Efforts to get ECMO machine after death of MLA  (29-8-17, JAIPUR)
Death of MLA as ECMO machine not available in SMS  (29-8-17, JAIPUR)
Action on Mahavir Cancer Hospital by JDA  (29-8-17, JAIPUR)
Finally police seized 108 Ambulance of Peelwa  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
Classes of new session of Pharmacy began  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
Principle Health Secretary reviewed work of Medical Department  (29-8-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors did not work for two hours  (29-8-17, JALORE)
Govt. Drug Testing Laboratory itself is not approved by NABL  (28-8-17, JAIPUR)
15th body donation of this year & 79th till date in Medical College  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Even after death Dixant gave life to 4  (28-8-17, JAIPUR)
Conference and Cancer Camp  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Hospitals of Health Department should also work in single shift  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Resident, Nursing Staff suspended  (28-8-17, JAIPUR)
Narcotic trade by cough syrup, preparation to catch network.  (28-8-17, Jaipur)
Successful liver transplant in SMS Hospital, life give to four persons  (28-8-17, Jaipur)
Doctors boycott work  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Big agitation if demands not fullfilled  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Whether the death of a youth was by collusion with 108 Ambulance!  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Principle Secretary Health will review Departmental Schemes  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Gathering in free eye investigation camp  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Nursing staff suspended, one including office bearer relieved  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
Narcotic trade by cough syrup, preparation to catch network  (28-8-17, JODHPUR)
17 operations in medical camp  (28-8-17, Jalore)
Dixant enlightened life of four persons after becoming brain dead  (28-8-17, Jaipur)
Doctors boycott work for two hours  (27-8-17, JODHPUR)
Fuss on death of patient.  (27-8-17, JODHPUR)
Resident Doctor slaps Nursing Staff  (27-8-17, Jaipur)
Organ of 21 year old brain dead youth donated, four persons will get life  (27-8-17, Jaipur)
Allegation of negligence in treatment against Doctors of private Hospital  (27-8-17, JODHPUR)
Work boycott by in-service Doctors, patients in distress  (27-8-17, JODHPUR)
Even emergency not made in Mother Child center of MDM Hospital  (27-8-17, JODHPUR)
Two hours work boycott by Doctors  (27-8-17, JODHPUR)
Work boycott for two hours, gathering of patients in waiting for Doctors  (27-8-17, JODHPUR)
Death of patient, allegation that Doctor did not come  (27-8-17, Jaipur)
Work boycott by in-service Doctors for two hours, patients in distress  (27-8-17, Jaipur)
Brain-dead Dixant will give life to four persons  (27-8-17, Jaipur)
Patients perturbed due to work boycott by in-service Doctors  (27-8-17, Jaipur)
Resident Doctor slaps Nursing Staff in SMSHospital  (27-8-17, Jaipur)
In-service Doctors will boycott work for two hours from today  (26-8-17, Jaipur)
Doctor & mediator held performing sex determination of foetus in Gujarat  (26-8-17, Jaipur)
Doctors will boycott work for two hours  (26-8-17, Jaipur)
Held sauce which...can give illness, drugs such that...danger in treatment  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Again notice to Cancer Hospital instead of action  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Narcotic drugs godown was running without license  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Notice for not giving admission in examination to 14 students of Medical College  (25-8-17, JODHPUR)
Unearthing of business of spurious and narcotic drugs.  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Fuss in MDM Hospital due to change in children  (25-8-17, JODHPUR)
Unearthing of business of spurious and narcotic drugs  (25-8-17, JODHPUR)
Homeopathic Doctor arrested performing sonography without qualification  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Negligence in operation, demonstration on main door of private hospital  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Successful operation of heart of child by Ecmo technique in Fortis Hospital  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Spurious drugs of 28 and half lakh held in Amer  (25-8-17, Jaipur)
Medicos said - slapped by Academic In-charge, In-charge refused allegation  (24-8-17, JODHPUR)
Broom on stretcher, four steps taken & opening over  (24-8-17, JODHPUR)
Complicated operation of 12 year old innocent for brain hemorrhage & adrenal tumor  (24-8-17, Jaipur)
Lab technicians will return on duty from today  (24-8-17, Jaipur)
Day-long disease investigation remained stopped in Ummed Hospital Laboratory  (24-8-17, JODHPUR)
Preparation to stop practice of Doctors not joining duty after degree  (24-8-17, JODHPUR)
Banar branch of Soni Medihub will remove the shortage of Super Specialty services  (24-8-17, JODHPUR)
Inauguration of Banar branch of Medihub today  (23-8-17, JODHPUR)
Paediatrics cath lab will commence in female wing of MDMH  (23-8-17, JODHPUR)
Principle Secretary has no time to save daughters  (23-8-17, JODHPUR)
Big queue for investigation  (23-8-17, Jaipur)
Report called by CMHO from Incharge CHC  (23-8-17, Jaipur)
Hope in heart of seven year old boy closed  (23-8-17, JODHPUR)
Angiography of four children conducted in Child Disease Department of MDM  (23-8-17, JODHPUR)
Working period of Medical Professor will be 70 years  (23-8-17, Jaipur)
Entire property 372 times more than earned income  (22-8-17, Jaipur)
Govt. behavior not improving even after resentment by MCI  (22-8-17, Jaipur)
Warning of Doctors for strike from 30th  (22-8-17, Jaipur)
No rabies vaccine in hospitals, patients in distress  (22-8-17, Jaipur)
First time Angiography on children in Govt. Hospital  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Sudden inspection by Principle SMS Medical College  (22-8-17, Jaipur)
Lab technicians boycott work, patients in distress  (22-8-17, Jaipur)
Medical College sends list of Doctors taking commission  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Angiography of four children in MDM Hospital, discharge today  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Oxygen system in Child disease Hospitals of City not complete  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Given skin disease medicine instead of fever  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Entire family was indulged in Nursing Council bribery case  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Lab technicians boycott work, disease investigation hampered  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Application for D. Pharma & B. Pharma in VV commenced  (22-8-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors & Medical staff put on black stripe  (22-8-17, Jalore)
Professor of Nephrology Dr. Manish Chaturvedi again ppointed in MDM Hospital  (21-8-17, JODHPUR)
2000 Pharmacists will be appointed in State, emoluments will increase  (21-8-17, Jaipur)
High Court demands reply from RPSC  (21-8-17, JODHPUR)
Blood components will be available in Districts for Dengu and Chickengunia  (21-8-17, Jaipur)
In-service Doctors will today commence their struggle for demands  (21-8-17, Jaipur)
Heart surgical treatment commenced in AIIMS  (20-8-17, JODHPUR)
Investigation against Medical Jurist for changing report  (19-8-17, Jaipur)
Govt. declares new cost of 15 types of implants  (19-8-17, Jaipur)
Govt. prepared to take action on unauthorized construction  (19-8-17, Jaipur)
Dr. Rathore takes charge of Nephrology Department  (19-8-17, JODHPUR)
Govt. will decide profit, essential drugs will be cheaper  (19-8-17, JODHPUR)
Ran away after knowing that Hospital is small, now again has to come here  (19-8-17, JODHPUR)
Principle Health Secretary to get Medical Jurist investigated  (19-8-17, Jaipur)
Information not disseminated from CMHO office  (19-8-17, JODHPUR)
Two doctors fight with each other in Saadat Hospital Tonk  (19-8-17, Jaipur)
Directions to monitor the costs of knee-implants  (19-8-17, Jaipur)
MDMH : 4 LED screens in New OPD stopped functioning after one and half month  (18-8-17, JODHPUR)
Case and fine on Hospitals if new rates of knee-transplant not implemented  (18-8-17, JODHPUR)
VIP cabin of Govt. Hospital, key in private hands  (18-8-17, Jaipur)
Cost of knee transplant within reach of common man  (18-8-17, Jaipur)
There sit down by sweepers, here situation became like this  (18-8-17, JODHPUR)
Again kidney patients dependent on one Nephrologist  (18-8-17, JODHPUR)
Medicos said, we are not wrong, attendance shown by College Administration  (18-8-17, JODHPUR)
Sudden transfer of Dr. Manish Chaturvedi to Jaipur  (18-8-17, JODHPUR)
Conservancy shattered in MDM Hospital  (18-8-17, JODHPUR)
Death of aged due to non-availability of timely treatment, fuss by relatives  (18-8-17, Jaipur)
Absentee Medicos hit  (17-8-17, JODHPUR)
Now knee replacement in only Rs. 55 thousand  (17-8-17, Jaipur)
'Our' VIP in Room No. 34 of Jaipuria  (17-8-17, Jaipur)
Stay on removal of computur operator & pharmacist  (17-8-17, Jaipur)
CT Scan investigation commenced in Jaipuria Hospital, MRI will start soon  (17-8-17, Jaipur)
Now getting knee replaced also became cheaper  (17-8-17, Jaipur)
Govt. reduces cost of knee-replacement instruments by 70%  (17-8-17, Jaipur)
Inauguration of CT Scan services in Jaipuria Hospital  (17-8-17, Jaipur)
Karouli District List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of SEPTEMBER 2017   (16-8-17, JODHPUR)
Sawai Madhopur District List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of SEPTEMBER 2017   (16-8-17, JODHPUR)
Order to give appointment to oppressed woman in two months  (15-8-17, JODHPUR)
Result withheld for entering husbands name in Caste Certificate  (15-8-17, JODHPUR)
Huge gathering in eye investigation camp  (15-8-17, Jaipur)
Inauguration of CT Scan machine on 16th  (15-8-17, Jaipur)
Contrabandist of narcotic tablets on remand, interrogation continues  (14-8-17, JODHPUR)
Changed both knees by computer assist knee-replacement  (14-8-17, JODHPUR)
Couple were performing foetal sex determination unitedly, held  (14-8-17, JODHPUR)
X-ray machine in lock for two years in Dhundhara  (14-8-17, JODHPUR)
New chapter of knee replacement by computer technique started in Medipulse  (14-8-17, JODHPUR)
Death of boy after delivery in Bagdi Hospital Karouli, matter filed  (14-8-17, Jaipur)
RMP doctor including two mediators arrested performing sex determination  (14-8-17, Jaipur)
MCI stops eligibility certificate of 17 years old youth obtaining MBBS for foreign country  (13-8-17, JODHPUR)
Health... Now Swine Flu drugs will be available with Chemist  (13-8-17, JODHPUR)
Health Center built 25 years ago became cattle shed, no Doctor came, surrounded by weed that even Collector could not reach  (13-8-17, JODHPUR)
Shalby will procure 580 crores from IPO  (13-8-17, Jaipur)
These newborn required respiration, they denial for ICU  (13-8-17, Jaipur)
Live knee replacement by Doctors in Indo-US knee symposium  (13-8-17, JODHPUR)
Order to consider as Doctor who cleared screening test in India and MBBS from Ukrain  (13-8-17, JODHPUR)
Every year death of lakhs of people due to scarcity of organ donation  (13-8-17, JODHPUR)
Screening test passed after Medical education in foreign country, but clearance not accorded by MCI  (13-8-17, JODHPUR)
Medical Department woke-up for investigation after hundred days of death of a woman  (13-8-17, Jaipur)
Public awareness is required on organ donation : Dr. Sadasukhi  (13-8-17, Jaipur)
Cancer radiotherapy will commence soon in Shalby Hospital  (13-8-17, Jaipur)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of SEPTEMBER 2017   (12-8-17, JODHPUR)
Raid on Medical Store conducted  (12-8-17, Ajmer)
Taking life by giving medicines  (12-8-17, Ajmer)
Every year 3 crores spent, even then life of 1000 patients in hands of contractor  (12-8-17, Jaipur)
Doctors submit memorandum to DM  (12-8-17, Jaipur)
Patient fallen from third floor of NIMS, death  (12-8-17, Jaipur)
Free eye camp today  (12-8-17, JODHPUR)
Light of eyes returned by telescopic operation of brain tumor  (12-8-17, JODHPUR)
Demand to arrest Doctor in the matter of death of Soni  (12-8-17, Jalore)
Inservice Doctors submit representation  (12-8-17, Jalore)
Medical College Administration refuses to relieve staff  (12-8-17, Jaipur)
Beating with Doctor  (12-8-17, Jaipur)
One and half crore rupees will be spent on maintenance of SMS Hospital  (12-8-17, Jaipur)
License cancelled on selling spurious drug,  (10-8-17, Ajmer)
First re-implant plastic surgery in MGH, amputated palm joined to wrist in 5 hour long operation  (9-8-17, JODHPUR)
Lady Doctor & mediator arrested in the matter of foetal sex determination  (9-8-17, JODHPUR)
Foetal sex determination : Lady Doctor & mediator arrested  (9-8-17, JODHPUR)
Amputated hand reunited in Govt. Hospital first time  (9-8-17, JODHPUR)
Mother & son kept wandering in emergency, doctor did not peruse  (9-8-17, JODHPUR)
Lady Doctor including mediator arrested in decoy operation  (9-8-17, JODHPUR)
Amputated hand reunited in Govt. Hospital  (9-8-17, JODHPUR)
Relatives of dead woman retrench against Sri Ram Hopsital, stage demonstration  (9-8-17, Jaipur)
13 lakh persons treated in Bhamashah Scheme : Sarraf  (9-8-17, Jaipur)
Reply sought from Principle Health Education Secretary & RPSC  (8-8-17, Jaipur)
Order to give pending 2 lakh of Mediclaim  (8-8-17, Jaipur)
Complete medicines not available even at Sahakari shops  (8-8-17, JODHPUR)
New advanced drugs included in EDL, releif to patients  (8-8-17, JODHPUR)
'Why not included in general category even when more marks'  (8-8-17, Jaipur)
Death of two pregnants in one month due to neglegance  (8-8-17, Jaipur)
'Improve pay & service conditions of Doctors working in Govt. Hospitals immediately'  (8-8-17, Jaipur)
Investigation of spurious drugs to SOG  (7-8-17, Jaipur)
Yearly 3 lakh employment opportunity in Pharma Industry  (7-8-17, JODHPUR)
Penalty of 3 crores in 7 projects of Medical College not recovered from contractors, but also gave advantage of 1 crore  (7-8-17, JODHPUR)
Guard demanding money for blood begs pardon from victim in Police Station, matter not registered  (7-8-17, JODHPUR)
Blood 'mediator' relieved  (7-8-17, JODHPUR)
300 patients benefited in camp  (7-8-17, JODHPUR)
Inspection done by Mathur Director Medical Department  (7-8-17, Jalore)
'Private Hospitals taking heavy fees are not paying off full income tax'  (7-8-17, Jaipur)
Dr. Pahadia from Pipaloo became Assistant Professor  (7-8-17, Jaipur)
Three arrested including Nurse & Doctor indulged in foetal sex determination  (6-8-17, Jaipur)
Efforts to close BPL counters in State  (6-8-17, Jaipur)
Not only drugs to patient, refusal to lens also.  (6-8-17, Jaipur)
Three arrested in foetal sex determination allegation  (6-8-17, JODHPUR)
Brokering of Blood in MDM Hospital  (6-8-17, JODHPUR)
Preparation to bridle cost of knee-replacement  (6-8-17, JODHPUR)
Drugs not available due to failure of Medical system : Gehlot  (6-8-17, JODHPUR)
Three including Doctor arrested performing sex determination from Punjab  (6-8-17, Jaipur)
New life given to lady suffering from mouth cancer by organ reconstruction  (4-8-17, Jaipur)
Death of newborn due to negligence in treatment, relatives block way  (4-8-17, Jaipur)
Action will be taken on Doctor for murdering 5 month old foetus  (4-8-17, Jaipur)
Female mediator arrested in the matter of sex determination in Singhana  (4-8-17, Jaipur)
Pathologist Society express happiness over action on unauthorized practitioners  (4-8-17, Jaipur)
Fuss in JK Loan Hospital due to death of newborn  (4-8-17, Jaipur)
'Appointment of Medical Officers will be under decision of writ petition'  (2-8-17, Jaipur)
Exercise to decrease infection, now all ICUs on one floor  (1-8-17, Jaipur)
Female Eye Specialist in Masuria Hospital, but facilities for eye investigation not available  (1-8-17, JODHPUR)
Office Assistant of Govt. Hospital dismissed without investigation  (1-8-17, JODHPUR)
Rules not followed in cesarean delivery, operation theater seized  (1-8-17, Jaipur)
Eye Disease Specialists from Nation assembled in Jaipur  (31-7-17, Jaipur)
Solanki & Nagori get patent for research  (31-7-17, JODHPUR)
New logo for Doctors registered  (30-7-17, Jaipur)
Heath Minister inaugurates Office of BCMHO  (30-7-17, Jaipur)
In-charge & one Doctor placed under APO for scattered filthiness in Hospital by Health Minister  (29-7-17, Jaipur)
Indian Medical Service in IAS style  (28-7-17, Jaipur)
No facilities even after payment of Rs. 600  (28-7-17, JODHPUR)
What type of Dispensary, where Doctors do not stay on seats  (28-7-17, JODHPUR)
Intoxicating & abortion drugs were being purchased-sold without bill  (28-7-17, Jaipur)
Now less eco of shriek here  (27-7-17, JODHPUR)
Doctors in Medical Department selected from RPSC, became Associate Professors  (27-7-17, JODHPUR)
Investigating team hand over investigation report in sealed cover  (27-7-17, Jaipur)
Medical team takes action against unauthorized practitioners &  (27-7-17, Jaipur)
Unauthorized practitioner arrested performing sex determination from MP  (26-7-17, Jaipur)
Spurious drugs of 23 lakh seized  (25-7-17, Jaipur)
CT scan facilities in Jaipuria from 16th  (25-7-17, Jaipur)
Seized captured spurious drugs  (25-7-17, Jaipur)
CT scan in Jaipuria Hospital from 16th August  (25-7-17, Jaipur)
Collector holds meeting of Medical Institutions  (24-7-17, Jodhpur)
Paralysis to Administration, pull stretcher for treatment  (24-7-17, Jodhpur)
Even BP instrument not found in inspection of Manoharpura CHC  (24-7-17, Jaipur)
Bariatric surgery will relieve BP & diabetis  (24-7-17, Jaipur)
Patient dependent on JNM & ANM  (23-7-17, Jodhpur)
Officers reached Private Hospitals for investigation  (23-7-17, Jodhpur)
Outdoor of 500 patients, name Satellite Hospital, no instruments in theatre  (21-7-17, Jodhpur)
Health Minister inaugurates new PHC building  (21-7-17, Jaipur)
Neither treatment of ill administration, nor relief to patients  (20-7-17, Jodhpur)
Fuss in private hospital due to death of aged  (20-7-17, Jodhpur)
Education in private Medical Colleges again became costly in one year  (20-7-17, Jodhpur)
What is the status of Health Centers given on PPP : High Court.  (19-7-17, Jaipur)
What is the status of Health Centers given on PPP : High Court  (19-7-17, Jaipur)
Gave new life to two by rare surgery of heart  (18-7-17, Jaipur)
Play of deputation not ending in Medical Department  (18-7-17, Jodhpur)
No any special budget to Medical Institutions  (17-7-17, Jodhpur)
102 Health Centers inspected, numerous medical staff absent  (16-7-17, Jaipur)
Previously for attendance was set by thumb, now face will have to be shown  (16-7-17, Jodhpur)
28 medical staff absent and three Health Centers found closed in sudden inspection  (16-7-17, Jaipur)
Specialists Doctors services will be available in Hospitals  (16-7-17, Jalore)
Apprehension of foetal murder by manipulation of records of Malpura CHC  (16-7-17, Jaipur)
28 medical staff found absent in sudden inspection of Health Centers  (16-7-17, Jaipur)
Testing of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D stopped  (15-7-17, Jaipur)
Waiting for Blood Bank in JK Loan Hospital increased, project entangled  (15-7-17, Jaipur)
Three mediators including doctor arrested performing foetal sex determination  (15-7-17, Jodhpur)
NEET 2017 exam cannot be cancelled  (15-7-17, Jodhpur)
7th decoy operation in UP, four including doctor arrested  (15-7-17, Jaipur)
License cancelled, even then drugs being manufactured and sold  (14-7-17, Jaipur)
5 colleges wold have been available if not weak  (14-7-17, Jaipur)
Amputed hand united again by SMS Doctors  (14-7-17, Jaipur)
Specialist services in Govt. Hospitals by telemedicines  (14-7-17, Jaipur)
Health Minister inaugurates PHC  (14-7-17, Jaipur)
Doctor & mediator arrested performing foetal sex determination  (14-7-17, Jodhpur)
97 PG Doctors appointed  (14-7-17, Jaipur)
Facilities of liver, kidney transplant now in Jaipur : Sarraf  (14-7-17, Jaipur)
PIL on not opening  (13-7-17, Jaipur)
Drugs will be 5 percent costly  (13-7-17, Jaipur)
Four arrested for forgery in the name of foetal sex determination  (13-7-17, Jaipur)
75 lakh sanctioned for construction of urban PHC  (13-7-17, Jaipur)
Cognizance against Doctor quashed in the matter of death of former DGP  (12-7-17, Jodhpur)
Trauma center will be opened in Mathuradas Mathur Hospital  (11-7-17, Jodhpur)
Permission accorded to tertiary cancer care center  (11-7-17, Jaipur)
GST stops drug supply, shortage of drugs for serious diseases  (11-7-17, Jaipur)
95 thousand worth ball has to be installed in hip of patient from village, operation stopped as not brought  (11-7-17, Jodhpur)
Two types of Tax system applicable on drugs under GST  (11-7-17, Jodhpur)
Death of a woman in Gudamalani CHC as referred after delivery, demonstration  (11-7-17, Jaipur)
Three mediators arrested performing foetal sex determination in Narnaul  (11-7-17, Jaipur)
MCI should not interfere in NRI quata  (10-7-17, Jodhpur)
Decision will not be changed, Doctor is guilty  (10-7-17, Jodhpur)
Sawai Madhopur District List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of AUGUST 2017   (9-7-17, Jodhpur)
Karouli District List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of AUGUST 2017   (9-7-17, Jodhpur)
Signature of Registered Doctor valid  (9-7-17, Jaipur)
First Haemotology conference in AIIMS today  (9-7-17, Jodhpur)
Dream of becoming Doctor may be shattered  (9-7-17, Jodhpur)
Contraceptive injection will be administered free of cost in Govt. Hospitals  (9-7-17, Jalore)
Efforts for early completion of construction of Medical College building in Churu  (9-7-17, Jaipur)
Doctors will not be able to practice after passing M.B.B.S.?  (9-7-17, Jaipur)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of AUGUST 2017   (8-7-17, Jodhpur)
Spurious drugs coming to Rajasthan from Uttarakhand  (7-7-17, Jodhpur)
Apprehension of appointment scam in NHM, preparation for filling the post without advertisement  (7-7-17, Jodhpur)
Attendance by face reading in Hospitals & Offices soon  (7-7-17, Jaipur)
High Court restores counselling of 150 seats after stay from MCI  (5-7-17, Jaipur)
Testing in Kanwatia up to 400 rupees costlier than SMS  (5-7-17, Jaipur)
Spurious antibiotics are coming in the market  (5-7-17, Jodhpur)
Death of innocent due to treatment by unauthorized doctor  (5-7-17, Jaipur)
17 drugs declared substandard, sale prohibited  (5-7-17, Jaipur)
Now attendance only by face captured in machine  (5-7-17, Jaipur)
Whether attitude of 'Putting sand on shit' will encourage repeating of Administrative error?  (5-7-17, Jaipur)
First CT scan in Jaipuria  (4-7-17, Jaipur)
Now cost will have to be paid for operation in Jaipuria Hospital  (4-7-17, Jaipur)
Now only Doctors will be able to sign Lab reports  (4-7-17, Jaipur)
This year five Medical Colleges will not be opened  (3-7-17, Jodhpur)
Doctors should not behave like trade union-Sarraf  (2-7-17, Jaipur)
Medical store ignited  (2-7-17, Jodhpur)
Incidents like Barmer spoil the image of Doctor, Doctors should stop coming on road like trade unions : Sarraf  (2-7-17, Jaipur)
Drugs ordered for Ramdeora fair reached after the fair, where they disappeared  (2-7-17, Jodhpur)
Doctors are second version of God for patients : Sarraf  (2-7-17, Jaipur)
Testing of MRI machine commenced  (1-7-17, Jodhpur)
Chargesheet to GM Bhandar before retirement  (1-7-17, Jodhpur)
Mega Blood Donation Camp tomorrow  (1-7-17, Jodhpur)
Service gesture in Doctors & tolerance in patients decreased?  (1-7-17, Jaipur)
Private medical store issued expired drug, boy unconsciuos  (1-7-17, Jaipur)
Network of unauthorized practitioners spreading in Siwana-Samadari  (1-7-17, Jalore)
Admissions to P.G. has been taken in light manner by Medical & Health Department  (1-7-17, Jaipur)
Where studious type new 'topper' doctors should go for doing P.G.? ..(1)  (30-6-17, Jaipur)
Test report of 29 drugs figure up all spurious, drug content 7% only  (29-6-17, Jaipur)
Facilities of MRI, CT and TMT in Jaipuria from 1st July  (29-6-17, Jaipur)
Health of Hospitals can be improved if 'treatment' of mismanagement is done  (29-6-17, Jodhpur)
Eight drugs declared substandard in lab testing  (28-6-17, Jaipur)
Treatment of female cancer patients by doctors other than specialists  (28-6-17, Jaipur)
Govt. will operate dialysis machine on PPP model  (28-6-17, Jodhpur)
Now admission to MBBS and BDS colleges will take place  (28-6-17, Jaipur)
'People will get relief in treatment due to Jan Aushadhi Center'  (28-6-17, Jalore)
Schedule H drugs sold without hitch  (27-6-17, Jodhpur)
22 Cctv ameras will keep an eye  (27-6-17, Jodhpur)
Permission of purchase committee not taken for drug purchase  (27-6-17, Jodhpur)
Flame of foetal sex determination on Aryan Hospital, even them police & CMHO became stone-blind  (27-6-17, Jodhpur)
Beating of Drug Inspector  (27-6-17, Jaipur)
Reserved will not get place in general in merit for Medical Colleges now  (26-6-17, Jodhpur)
Scam of lakhs in single tender  (26-6-17, Jodhpur)
Appointment of Dr. Patel to the post of Haemotologist  (25-6-17, Jodhpur)
Private Secretary of Health Minister got transfer done, stay by High Court  (25-6-17, Jodhpur)
Complaint of irregularity in drug purchase up to top  (25-6-17, Jodhpur)
Fraud of lakhs in single tender of Medical Department  (25-6-17, Jaipur)
Appointment of first Hematologist of State in Jodhpur Medical College  (25-6-17, Jodhpur)
Ebrious Medical Store owner grapple with Medical Incharge  (25-6-17, Jaipur)
Four ascendents in top 100 from Jaipur  (24-6-17, Jaipur)
58th rank to Shraddha from Jodhpur  (24-6-17, Jodhpur)
Navdeep of Punjab became All India topper in NEET  (24-6-17, Jodhpur)
Candidates with 50 percentile passed in general  (24-6-17, Jaipur)
Medical College & Hospital will be constructed in Acharol  (24-6-17, Jaipur)
Navdeep of Punjab became All India topper  (24-6-17, Jodhpur)
Navdeep of Chadigarh became 'NEET' topper, 611739 candidates declared qualified  (24-6-17, Jaipur)
Result of 'NEET' declared  (24-6-17, Jaipur)
Way cleared to appointment of Assistant Drug Analyst  (23-6-17, Jaipur)
HIV positive from 7 years, now MGH lab said negetive  (23-6-17, Jodhpur)
Out-door services by Fortis Escorts Hospital at Jodhpur  (23-6-17, Jodhpur)
Free Medical camp organized in Vinayaka Hospital  (23-6-17, Jodhpur)
Tender for appointment through placement agency in Sub-Center cancelled  (23-6-17, Jodhpur)
Promotion of 22 Doctors from Jodhpur  (22-6-17, Jodhpur)
Stay on counselling for first year MBBS vacated from Anant Institute of Science & Research Center  (22-6-17, Jaipur)
JDA administration again serves notice on Bhagawan Mahavir Cancer Hospital  (22-6-17, Jaipur)
How 5 Medical Colleges will be opened in 10 days, nether 520 teachers nor infrastructure  (21-6-17, Jaipur)
12 year old will to donate body completed in Jodhpur  (21-6-17, Jodhpur)
Treatment of osteoporosisby Harmon balance without operation  (21-6-17, Jaipur)
Thirteen drugs found substandard on testing  (21-6-17, Jodhpur)
Blood donation camp organized in Mahamandir branch of Sriram Hospital  (21-6-17, Jodhpur)
Even after spending 50 lakh campus of Jawahir Hospital is converted into pond in rain  (21-6-17, Jalore)
2 hours OPD on holiday, even then doctors celeberate holi-day  (20-6-17, Jodhpur)
Five new Medical Colleges in State will start from first July  (20-6-17, Jodhpur)
Five new Medical Colleges will start next month  (20-6-17, Jaipur)
First time Doctors will be honored at State level  (20-6-17, Jaipur)
Assistant Drug Controller Goswami and Choudhary in dock  (20-6-17, Jodhpur)
Gang performing sex determination held, mediator & unauthorized doctor arrested  (19-6-17, Jaipur)
Cancer Hospital : JDA will remove setback violation & ATM construction  (18-6-17, Jaipur)
First time honor of doctors in State  (18-6-17, Jaipur)
Failure of Kidney-Liver due to administration of injection to increase body, death  (18-6-17, Jodhpur)
None guilty in investigation report of committee  (18-6-17, Jodhpur)
Death of student came for operation for admission in army  (18-6-17, Jodhpur)
Allegation of negligence in treatment, death of patient  (18-6-17, Jodhpur)
Siwana Hospital dependent on one doctor, patients in distress  (18-6-17, Jalore)
Medical Jurist arrested taking graft of 4 thousand  (18-6-17, Jaipur)
10 cm long tumor node entrapped between lungs & heart removed  (17-6-17, Jaipur)
Allegation of non-recognizance on paramedical college of Devli  (17-6-17, Jaipur)
Node entrapped between heart & lung removed  (17-6-17, Jaipur)
Two students in top 10 of AIIMS  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Incitement to dope fiend to collect blood, then pickpocketing of needy  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
3 doctors & 4 mediators arrested performing foetal test in UP  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
National player became topper in AIIMS entrance  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Three students selected from Medical Academy  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
OPD in Mandore Hospital fizzle out for 4 hours  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Allegation of death of youth due to negligence in treatment  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
82nd rank to Ajit from Jaipur  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Blood mediators on remand  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
4 mediators including 3 doctors arrested in foetal test  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Health Science University will soon open Pharmacy, Para-Medical, Nursing College  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Many questions in reply by Cancer Hospital... every resident of Jaipur wants reply from JDA  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Nishita from Surat topper 7 students studying from Kota in top ten  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Short comings of instruments & documents removed for granting license to MDMH for Blood Components Unit  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Impingement with duty doctor & medical staff in Mandore Hospital, staff stopped work in protest  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Operation of biggest gall bladder by telescopic surgery in Sriram Hospital  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Foetal sex determination gang held from UP again  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Kuldeep Soni from Balesar hits game, 279th rank in All India AIIMS  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Meritorious students of Kota coaching  (16-6-17, Jodhpur)
Nishita from Kota became All India AIIMS topper  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Death of heart patient, case filed  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Decoy operation in Bulandshahar, three doctors arrested  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Notice to three doctors for prescribing drug from out side  (16-6-17, Jaipur)
Removed uterus and cervix from stomach of a 22 year youth by doctors in Udaipur, only 400 such case in world  (15-6-17, Jaipur)
Performing mediation of donated Blood from 10 years  (15-6-17, Jaipur)
Now deal of Blood in Mahila Hospital, two mediators held  (15-6-17, Jaipur)
Spurious drug administered to patients, four lakh tablets seized  (15-6-17, Jodhpur)
'Library of dead-bodies' for education of prospective doctors in Jodhpur  (15-6-17, Jodhpur)
Blood Bank will be started soon in JK Loan Hospital  (15-6-17, Jaipur)
One mediator held selling Blood  (15-6-17, Jaipur)
Demand to fill vacant posts of Pharmacists  (15-6-17, Jodhpur)
Death of Kamred Kajodmal, body will be donated to SMS today  (15-6-17, Jaipur)
In matter of spurious drugs no case because our experience with police is not good  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Patient on ventilator, every moment costly... but lab so far that sample is defective before reaching  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Committee did not find any one guilty, stated - treatment as per protocol  (14-6-17, Jodhpur)
Now postmortem will not be done in open on road, mortuary will be built  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Three building attached to Cancer Hospital recognized illegal  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Give blood, take blessings  (14-6-17, Jodhpur)
Investigation report submitted after 20 days, even then relatives did not get reply  (14-6-17, Jodhpur)
Report of amputation of hand of child submitted to Superintendent  (14-6-17, Jodhpur)
Availability of blood is less than requirement in State  (14-6-17, Jodhpur)
Results of AIIMS today  (14-6-17, Jodhpur)
OMR sheet of NEET issued, objections till today  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Lady mediator arrested from Hathras sent to jail  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Demonstration against doctors behavior  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
PHC dependent up on compounder in Dantrai  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Fortis Hospital launched NAT technique  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
Medical Stores on Railway Stations  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
'Date of admission to P.G. will not be extended'  (14-6-17, Jaipur)
76 thousand penalty on hospital for negligance in treatment  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Closed 3 centimeter hole in beating heart  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Postmortem on road in open, Commission said this is un-human, how this can be accepted  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Negligence in treatment, 60 thousand penalty on hospital  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Stay removed, CBSE said - results of NEET will be announced before 26th  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
3 cm big hole closed in beating heart  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Unearthing of International gang of Foetal sex investigators, three accused arrested  (13-6-17, Jodhpur)
Stay alert from fake Dental Specialists!  (13-6-17, Jodhpur)
Result of NEET on 26th June, ORM sheet on 13th  (13-6-17, Jodhpur)
Committee gave report after 12 days, Superintendent did not open the envelop, will send to Principal today  (13-6-17, Jodhpur)
400 patients got investigated in camp  (13-6-17, Jodhpur)
Three accused of International Sex determination gang arrested  (13-6-17, Jodhpur)
Green signal for declaring NEET result  (13-6-17, Jodhpur)
Female Nurse arrested in decoy operation in UP  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Gang held performing sex determination  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Timely treatment of diarrhea in children is essential : Veenu Gupta  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Closed 3 cm hole in beating heart  (13-6-17, Jaipur)
Funeral of Asulal Khari today at 9.30 hours  (12-6-17, Jodhpur)
...Mother fought for 14 years then guilty punished, Govt. forced to issue guidelines for private hospitals  (12-6-17, Jaipur)
Admissions will not be done now in new Medical Colleges  (12-6-17, Jodhpur)
Vastu-pooja performed by Rotary Club members  (12-6-17, Jodhpur)
Mediators prepared fake medical certificates when land of German Citizen heldback  (12-6-17, Jaipur)
Conditions of Govt. Hospitals can be improved if man-power increased  (12-6-17, Jaipur)
Part-time doctors will be appointed in PHC  (12-6-17, Jodhpur)
Drug Testing licenses of Jagadamba Laboratories (P) Ltd., Jaipur suspended for three months  (12-6-17, Jodhpur)
Network of unauthorized practitioners extended in villages, firm action is not being taken by the department  (12-6-17, Sirohi-Jalore)
FIR lodged in seven months  (12-6-17, Jaipur)
Message of regular Blood Donation delivered to peoples by Blood Donation  (12-6-17, Jaipur)
Three arrested including German citizen and fake Doctor  (12-6-17, Jaipur)
Drug supply ti SMS stopped due to technical error in tender  (11-6-17, Jaipur)
Every hospital will display figures of cesarian in display board  (11-6-17, Jaipur)
Mediators have to be stopped, cameras will be installed : MD  (11-6-17, Jaipur)
Medical prepared by German citizen with fake seal of SMS  (11-6-17, Jaipur)
Cheaper investigations in 50 more hospitals in Jaipuria - Kanwatia pattern  (11-6-17, Jaipur)
Now there will be no negligence, pregnant will get benefit  (11-6-17, Jaipur)
Dependent on one doctor ... how treatment will be done  (11-6-17, Jodhpur)
Patients poured in Bariatric Surgery Camp  (11-6-17, Jodhpur)
Fake Medical Certificate of German Citizen prepared  (11-6-17, Jodhpur)
Matter of negligence filed on two doctors  (11-6-17, Jaipur)
Nigam Commissioner to give report of encroachment in SMS : Commission  (10-6-17, Jaipur)
Notice issued to Mahavir Cancer Hospital, reply called in 5 days by JDA  (10-6-17, Jaipur)
Transfer of in-charge before commencement of Blood Bank in Phalodi  (10-6-17, Jodhpur)
What was the lay-out plan when SMS was formed, how much is encroachment now  (10-6-17, Jaipur)
Inauguration of Neurosurgery & Trauma Center  (10-6-17, Jodhpur)
Let existing rules be followed first  (10-6-17, Jodhpur)
Lodge FIR against Hospital  (10-6-17, Jodhpur)
Re-constructive surgery in SMS for three days from today  (10-6-17, Jaipur)
Jasol PHC dependent on officating doctor  (10-6-17, Jaipur)
FIR lodged against Bharat Goswami & Ramesh Chandra Choudhary  (9-6-17, )
Dr. Madhok summoned by bailable warrant  (9-6-17, Jaipur)
Map of Mahavir Cancer Hospital missing, action on illegal construction standstill  (9-6-17, Jaipur)
95% private hospitals do not give figures of cesarean delivery  (9-6-17, Jaipur)
Bailable warrant issued in allegation of death of DGP due to negligence  (9-6-17, Jaipur)
Dr. SN Medical College gets permission for admission to 250 seats of MBBS  (9-6-17, Jodhpur)
Bailable warrant against doctor.  (9-6-17, Jaipur)
3 accused in beating doctor surrender  (9-6-17, Jaipur)
Bailable warrant against doctor  (9-6-17, Jaipur)
Dr. Vyas will investigate Infection Disease Center  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
504 cases of drug reaction sent to Ghaziabad by AIIMS in 4 years  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
Changes in Doctors of Medicine Department in Dr. SN Medical College  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
Digital X-ray machine & Thyroid lab established  (8-6-17, Jaipur)
465 complaints lodged by Doctors in PWD Office, work not performed due to budget  (8-6-17, Jaipur)
Private Hospitals performing 78% cesarean delivery  (8-6-17, Jaipur)
Abuse of pregnant lady by Doctor of District Hospital, blow given to Doctor by angry people  (8-6-17, Jaipur)
Beating of Doctor in Hospital, video viral  (8-6-17, Jaipur)
Dressing of HIV patient done, investigation report returned  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
Side effects of drugs will be known by 'Reactions'  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
Four units of Medicine in MGH & three in MDMH  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
Digital X-ray & Thyroid investigation now in Satellite Hospital  (8-6-17, Jaipur)
Beating of Female disease Specialist Dr. Mahendra Jain  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
Units of Medicine Department restructured  (8-6-17, Jodhpur)
Hospital inspected  (8-6-17, Jalore)
Inauguration of Digital X-ray Machine in Satellite Hospital  (8-6-17, Jaipur)
Admission to 111 posts in AIIMS Jodhpur, application can be sent up to 30th June  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
One hours strike, but doctors investigated patients at all places  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
Pharmacist stage sit-down  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
Where it is difficult to see, operation performed there also  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
Doctors condition for dressing of HIV patient, install cooler in hospital  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
Now Thyroid Lab & facility of Digital X-ray  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
Two accused arrested in sex determination.  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
Doctors remained on strike for one hour  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
Pharmacist staff union stage sit-down  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
Boy still in burn unit, accused lady doctor went on leave  (7-6-17, Jodhpur)
Doctors boucott work for one hour, patients in disterss  (7-6-17, Jalore)
'Not even a single post will be abolished from Shahpura Satellite'  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
Two mediators held as accused in sex determination  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
BPL drug counter is closed since one year  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
Illegal practitioners, taking contract for treatment and extracting huge amount  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
Dhouli Sub-Center found closed, staff absconding  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
Digital X-ray machine started in Malpura CHC  (7-6-17, Jaipur)
Murder of Medical Executive by bullet within small distance from Control Room  (6-6-17, Jaipur)
Blood Bank will be opened in JK Loan in three months, will not have to go to SMS  (6-6-17, Jaipur)
Infection disease center commenced two years earlier, till now neither staff available, nor investigation being done  (6-6-17, Jodhpur)
Danger of contamination due to dripping of foul-smelling water in Blood Bank, office shifted in Blood Component Lab by incharge  (6-6-17, Jodhpur)
Today doctors will boycott work from 8 to 9 hours  (6-6-17, Jodhpur)
Jodhpur District, List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of JULY 2017   (6-6-17, Jodhpur)
Drug salesman murdered by bullet  (6-6-17, Jodhpur)
Committee will give report today in the matter of amputation of hand of boy  (6-6-17, Jodhpur)
Pen-down strike by Doctors today  (5-6-17, Jaipur)
Girls Family Hostel stated in SMS Medical College Campus  (5-6-17, Jaipur)
Swimming Pool of Medical College locked since two years  (5-6-17, Jodhpur)
Allegation of negligence on Doctor & Ambulance Driver due to death of a patient during treatment  (5-6-17, Jodhpur)
Benefit of Bal Swasthya Program in Private Hospitals  (5-6-17, Jalore)
Raid on Medical Store, suspected tablet seized  (5-6-17, Jaipur)
Inspections of medical stores, irregularities found  (4-6-17, Dausa)
Contempt notice to Mathur Director Medical & Health  (4-6-17, Jaipur)
Stay by High Court on Dr. Jain, two-two principals again  (4-6-17, Jaipur)
2.5 crores monthly business of spurious drugs in State, commission up to 70 %  (4-6-17, Jodhpur)
New committee formed by superintendent after objections of Dr. Bharti  (4-6-17, Jodhpur)
Main accused in foetal sex determination arrested  (4-6-17, Jaipur)
Costing of drugs cross 1.5 crores  (4-6-17, Jaipur)
93312 posts in Medical Department, 34% of them are still vacant  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Illegal construction in Cancer hospital  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Administered one unit blood of wrong group, when condition deteriorated said - give sample again  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Selling 'sand-tablet' from 10 years instead of medicines, 50 lakh rupees spurious drugs seized  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Medical department reached with JDA team  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Pensioners not getting medicines from drug counter of Sahakari Bhandar  (3-6-17, Jodhpur)
Spurious drugs of 50 lakh seized from one single shop  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Matter of negligence in treatment of innocent reached Health Minister  (3-6-17, Jodhpur)
Playing with life of patients in SMS  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Stock of spurious drugs seized  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Raid in State including Jaipur, spurious drugs worth 60 lakh seized  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Wrong blood administered to patient in SMS Hopsital  (3-6-17, Jaipur)
Strictness by MCI, approval of 3 medical colleges cancelled  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
Hospital seized medical store for non-payment of pending 35 lakh rupees rent  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
JDA measures Mahavir Cancer Hospital  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
Rules prepared for Sonography investigation centers challanged  (2-6-17, Jodhpur)
Burnt innocent not operated for 4 days in MGH, left hand imputed on 5th day  (2-6-17, Jodhpur)
High Court issued contempt notice to Director Health  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
Irregularity already revealed, JDA reached for measurement  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
Bail of two rejected  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
Body donated for helping in education  (2-6-17, Jodhpur)
Loss of 400 medical seats to State  (2-6-17, Jodhpur)
Opearation of boy not done for 5 days, hand amputed  (2-6-17, Jodhpur)
Fuss in JK Loan Hospital after death of a boy  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
Expiry dated medicines found on road  (2-6-17, Jalore)
Contempt notice to Director Health  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
JDA calculates land of Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital  (2-6-17, Jaipur)
Efforts to send absconding doctors home  (1-6-17, Jaipur)
Now test-tube baby in Govt. hospitals also  (1-6-17, Jaipur)
GNM diploma holders demand permission for suicide in rally  (1-6-17, Jodhpur)
General Manager Madhusudan Sharma suspended  (1-6-17, Jalore)
SMS-Trauma underpass will give relief  (31-5-17, Jaipur)
Medical stores remained closed on Nation-wide call  (31-5-17, Jodhpur)
Silence Administration is active  (31-5-17, Jodhpur)
Drug dealers demonstrate protest by keeping organization closed  (31-5-17, Jodhpur)
Drug dealers demonstrate protest by keeping shops closed  (31-5-17, Jalore)
Expedition to give Vitamin A to children will continue up to 30th June  (31-5-17, Jalore)
Drug representatives on strike in protest against order of Central Govt.  (31-5-17, Jalore)
Fuss by students in councelling  (31-5-17, Jaipur)
Strike by medical dealers, patients in disterss  (31-5-17, Jaipur)
Patients will get relief from distress by construction of underpass - Raje  (31-5-17, Jaipur)
Way of relief will be made in 15 months  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Medical stores closed today, but alternates are available  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Cylinder of respiration on shoulder, serious patient by foot instead of stretcher...  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Two floors & 4 buildings of Mahavir Cancer Hospital illegal, ACS & Ministed said - why JDA do not take action  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Admission of doctor-technician for mobile unit of 38 lakh  (30-5-17, Jodhpur)
50 thousand medical stores of State will remain closed today, protest against sale of drugs by e-portal  (30-5-17, Jodhpur)
Pharmacist in protest against chemist strike  (30-5-17, Jodhpur)
First Jan Aushadhi Centre opened in SMS.  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Underpass will be constructed between SMS & trauma centre  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Medical dealers of State along with Nations dealers on strike in protest against online sale  (30-5-17, Jodhpur)
First Jan Aushadhi Kendra opened in SMS  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Medical dealers strike in State today  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Raje will perform stone-laying ceremony of underpass  (30-5-17, Jaipur)
Test for HBA1 for diabetes not being done even when machine is available in MGH  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
Kidney of donor was removed ... not implanted in patient  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
Kishanpura 35 kms away from capital, Health Minister Sarraf reached for the first time, villagers said - village is ill, treat it  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
Investigation report not delivered to patients in time, whatever made available is incomplete and not legible  (29-5-17, Jaipur)
Name of ex-minister instead of doctor in FIR  (29-5-17, Jaipur)
Terrorists in cottage ward of MGH  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
'Infection' in administration, who will take 'action'  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
Refusal to apply bar-code on drugs  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
Now online attendance in hospital for doctors and staff  (29-5-17, Jaipur)
Compounder absconding from Luni Panchayat Samitee...How treatment will be effected  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
Station Traffic Police reached MGH ward on information of suspected person  (29-5-17, Jodhpur)
Remove us from disillusion of costly medicines  (29-5-17, Jaipur)
Collector inspects Sri Jawahir Hospital, angry over cleanliness  (28-5-17, Jalore)
Medical services hampered in Jaipur due to strike by Govt. & private doctors  (28-5-17, Jaipur)
Medical services will remain closed in Jaipur today  (27-5-17, Jaipur)
Kidney transplant in Eternal Hospital  (27-5-17, Jaipur)
Illegal medicines worth one lakh caught  (26-5-17, Bundi)
Hospital superintendent summoned by Human Rights Commission  (26-5-17, Jodhpur)
SMS-Trauma underpass will be constructed in one year  (26-5-17, Jaipur)
Twenty lakh rupees indemnity on Durlabhji Hospital  (26-5-17, Jaipur)
Now counselling will be one time, at one place only  (26-5-17, Jaipur)
Lokayukt takes cognizance of Blood Component Bag purchase  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
7.5 percentile reduction in NEET PG  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
One accused in impinging doctor and sabotage in hospital arrested, both sides stage demonstration  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
Neither ventilator given, nor bed in ICU, doctors handed-over ambu-bag to relatives, kept pressing for 9 hours  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
On perusing irregularities MDH superintendent said- now praying at first, know how to improve  (25-5-17, Jodhpur)
16 bedded special newborn care unit commenced in Jaipuria Hospital  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
Medical Education Secretary peruse state of SMS  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
Govt. & private level medical services will be stopped if demands are not fulfilled  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
Interim stay on results of NEET-2017  (25-5-17, Jodhpur)
Increasing cesarean delivery in private hospitals  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
Health Minister inaugurates NSCU in Jaipuria Hospital  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
Lokayukt takes cognizance of Blood Component Bag purchase matter  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
"Cut-Off" of NEET-PG decreased by 7.5 percent  (25-5-17, Jaipur)
All efforts of Medical administration are on paper  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Three arrested in the matter of sabotage in Bansal Hospital,  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Case filed on sabotage in private hospital  (24-5-17, Jodhpur)
Facilities for investigation not available in separate wing for elderly ladies  (24-5-17, Jodhpur)
Admission of teachers in Medical Colleges impaired due to lack of sanction  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Arrest within 48 hours otherwise strike throughout State  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Result of NEET on 8th June, admission to 56 thousand seats  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Now hospital administration file FIR against relatives  (24-5-17, Jodhpur)
Doctor in library, medicines in bathroom  (24-5-17, Jodhpur)
Digital Master Plan of SMS will be formed  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Hip replacement of more than 104 years old lady  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Protest by doctors strong in the matter of impinging, ready to spread movement in State  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Patient is God, work as pujari : Bhaskar  (24-5-17, Jodhpur)
Rule for x-ray up to 2 PM, performing up to 12  (24-5-17, Jodhpur)
"Improvements will be made in facilities of Hospital"  (24-5-17, Jalore)
Dispute on giving clean-chit to choudhary hospital  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Doctors give 48 hours ultimatum  (24-5-17, Jaipur)
Doctors stage tramp, Minister receives slang when reached for compassion  (23-5-17, Jaipur)
Accused of impinging Dr. Bansal not arrested even on third day, neither action on doctor for negligence in treatment  (23-5-17, Jaipur)
Paralyzed hands can be rectified by micro surgery : Dr. Bhandari  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
Online form was filled for AIIMS entrence examination, message of success received, downloaded admission card display rejection  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
Dr. Bhaskar takes the work charge of MDM  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
SC scan machine under dust  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
42 patients reaching camp treated in bariatric surgery camp  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
Doctors & patients in distress  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
Interstate action in foetal sex determination declared correct by High Court  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
Passengers & luggage in 104 ambulance instead of patient  (23-5-17, Jodhpur)
High Court declares decoy action as correct  (23-5-17, Jalore)
6 posts out of 9 lab technicians are vacant in CHC, patient forced to get investigation done out side  (23-5-17, Jaipur)
Two mediators involved in foetal sex determination arrested in Udaipur  (23-5-17, Jaipur)
Meeting of State Advisory Board of PCPNDT  (23-5-17, Jaipur)
Doctors light candles for sadbuddhi at Amar Jawan Jyoti  (22-5-17, Jaipur)
Workshop organised on bariatric surgery in Sri Ram Hospital  (22-5-17, Jodhpur)
Radiotherapy doctors are giving chemotherapy in AIIMS Jodhpur  (22-5-17, Jodhpur)
Case registered against three doctors including administrator of Sri Ram Hospital for unintentional murder  (22-5-17, Jodhpur)
Name given Maternity Hospital, but no lady doctor  (22-5-17, Jodhpur)
Two persons arrested by PBI team by sending fake customer in sex determination matter  (22-5-17, Jodhpur)
Team from Jaipur swills records of Jalore CMHO office, fear of scam  (22-5-17, Jaipur)
Two mediators held in sex determination, doctor absconding  (22-5-17, Jaipur)
Dead body of poor girl yearning for ambulance, doctors do not show mercy  (22-5-17, Jaipur)
Need to spread blood donation awareness from village to village : Parnami  (22-5-17, Jaipur)
Candle march in protest against impingement of doctor  (22-5-17, Jaipur)
90% patients want dialogue with doctors  (21-5-17, Jaipur)
Businessman kept bazaar closed, treatment not done in private hospitals  (21-5-17, Jaipur)
Bazaar closed in protest against death of patient, hospitals in support of doctor  (21-5-17, Jaipur)
Returned from cremation ground on observing pulse in dead informed pre-matured twin children born after 17 years of marriage then referred : both died  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
Bariatric surgery camp on 22nd  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
127 patients examined in free eye camp  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
Allegation of death of wife due to infection  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
Alive newborn twins informed dead  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
127 persons got eyes examined  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
Case of negligence in treatment filed against staff of private hospital  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
Youth arrested with minor in effort to sell banned mandrex, methaqulone substance  (21-5-17, Kota)
MBBS entrance examination on 28th May  (21-5-17, Jaipur)
Bazaar closed in protest against private hospitals  (21-5-17, Jaipur)
Newborn twins were alive, doctors declared dead  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
No x-ray film in Dental disease department of MDMH  (21-5-17, Jodhpur)
Businessman close bazaar in protest against death of patient in Bansal Hospital  (21-5-17, Jaipur)
Doctor do not peruse the work of ANM : Jain  (21-5-17, Jaipur)
Fuss on death of patient, head of doctor broken  (20-5-17, Jaipur)
Drug should be removed from stock on expiry : Gulab Chand Kataria  (20-5-17, Jaipur)
Directions to give special preference on cleanliness in Jawahir Hospital  (20-5-17, Jalore)
Sudden inspection by MCMO, hospital found closed  (20-5-17, Jodhpur)
Death of patient, relatives break head of doctor  (20-5-17, Jaipur)
Expired drugs found in hospital stock  (20-5-17, Jaipur)
Wrong e-mail address on website, help-desk absconding  (20-5-17, Jodhpur)
Death of patient, relatives angry, head of doctor broken  (20-5-17, Jaipur)
Life threatening assault on doctor, private hospitals closed today  (20-5-17, Jaipur)
Doctors left patients & came on road, Tonk road jammed for two hours, private hospitals will remain closed today also  (20-5-17, Jaipur)
Worms in toilet of ICU  (19-5-17, JODHPUR)
Driver removed in the matter of loot of pregnants by nurse & 104 ambulance driver  (19-5-17, JODHPUR)
Raid by ACB in New Hospital Kota, goods sent by supplier on 6th May reached on 4th May  (19-5-17, JODHPUR)
91st body donation to medical college  (19-5-17, JODHPUR)
Relief not granted by Court to accused Gunjan  (19-5-17, Jaipur)
Irregularity in purchase of electrical appliances  (19-5-17, Jaipur)
Death of newborn due to negligence of hospital  (19-5-17, Jaipur)
Facilities will be increased in Jaipuria Hospital  (19-5-17, Jaipur)
Honored pact made with Khanna, body donated after death  (19-5-17, JODHPUR)
Unable to inform about medical should I ask about water works : Jain  (19-5-17, Jalore)
ACB examines records of New Medical College, store room seized  (19-5-17, Jaipur)
Director Navin Jain angry over blank column in pregnancy case sheet  (19-5-17, Jaipur)
Donaters giving more than 51 lakh will be honoured  (18-5-17, Jaipur)
Doctors constructed heel by transplanting muscle of back side  (17-5-17, Jodhpur)
Ban on cigarette & tobacco in hospitals  (17-5-17, Jaipur)
Facilities on new floor of Dhanwantari OPD fails on first day itself  (17-5-17, Jaipur)
Discussion on various problems including increase in cost of drugs  (17-5-17, Jalore)
High Court demands reply from State Govt. & CMHO  (17-5-17, Jaipur)
Use of tobacco banned in Medical Institutions  (17-5-17, Jaipur)
Foetal sex determination of ladies of Rajasthan in Punjab  (16-5-17, Jaipur)
Allegation of forgery and embezzlement by NIMS chairman on son  (16-5-17, Jaipur)
Investigations of IPD on third floor of Dhanwantari outdoor  (16-5-17, Jaipur)
Stents disposed off at double the rate, now excuse of loss by companies  (16-5-17, Jaipur)
Arrested red handed in Punjab performing foetal investigation  (16-5-17, Jaipur)
Doctor kidnapped in money matters  (16-5-17, Jodhpur)
Doctor kidnapped from Siyawat found in Nagour  (16-5-17, Jaipur)
Decoy operation in Punjab, 4 held including MD doctor  (16-5-17, Jaipur)
Considered costly at 14 lakh, will buy it at 19 lakh  (15-5-17, Jaipur)
Forgery was done in NRI quota of NEET  (14-5-17, Jaipur)
Shortage of facilities in Badodamev CHC  (14-5-17, Jaipur)
Umashankar used to send fake candidate in examination apart from paper leak  (14-5-17, Jaipur)
Indian Medical Device Park will be made in Kokila Jog  (13-5-17, Jaipur)
Raid in Delhi by ATS, master-mind held  (13-5-17, Jaipur)
No action on report against Govt. Doctors, Human Rights Commission angry  (13-5-17, Jaipur)
Sentence changed due to his postmortem report, life donated against hanging  (13-5-17, Jodhpur)
Efforts commenced to create mechanism of Stents purchase in AIIMS  (13-5-17, Jodhpur)
50 years old record in open compound  (13-5-17, Jodhpur)
Implants will be available in Amrit Pharmacy Store of AIIMS  (13-5-17, Jodhpur)
Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of CDSCO, Sub-Zonal Office at Baddi tomorrow  (13-5-17, Jodhpur)
Jan Aushadhi Centres will be opened on Railway Station  (13-5-17, Jaipur)
Govt, will make prescribing generic drugs compulsory  (13-5-17, Jaipur)
Proposal to make Indian Medical Device Park in Kokila Joga  (13-5-17, Jaipur)
Main ringleader arrested from Delhi in the matter of medical paper leak  (13-5-17, Jaipur)
Extracted 60 lakh for admission to MBBS  (12-5-17, Jodhpur)
ACB records stock of drug counter  (12-5-17, Jodhpur)
Essential medicine shouldn't be subjected to automatic price regulation: Arvind Panagariya, NITI Aayog  (12-5-17, Jodhpur)
Pharma industry, Trade & Hospitals seek clarity on PM's pitch for generic prescriptions  (12-5-17, Jodhpur)
Forgery of 60 lakh for admission to MBBS, one more matter filed  (12-5-17, Jaipur)
Action will be taken if practicing in private hospital  (12-5-17, Jaipur)
Community constructed hospital, payment of 2 crores issued by JDA  (12-5-17, Jodhpur)
Godha becoming ideal PHC, staff incomplete and sword of retrenchment placed  (12-5-17, Jodhpur)
Duty doctor left before emergency doctor reached  (12-5-17, Jaipur)
Gave new life to girl suffering from brain tumor  (12-5-17, Jaipur)
One more victim of 60 lakh rupees forgery found  (12-5-17, Jaipur)
Action will be taken on Govt. Doctors  (12-5-17, Jaipur)
Used to get admission to MBBS in Georgia also  (11-5-17, Jodhpur)
Samples drawn from counter in suspicion of spurious drugs  (11-5-17, Jodhpur)
Gangouri bazar hospital will get land of school  (11-5-17, Jaipur)
Sahakar Bhandar was purchasing substandard drugs : Samples of drugs collected from Sahakari shop  (11-5-17, Jodhpur)
Clerk & peon took thirty thousand bribe from heart patient, kept in temple of house  (10-5-17, Jodhpur)
Extracted large amount for Stent, investigation to SOG  (10-5-17, Jodhpur)
Taken thirty thousand rupees from ANM suffering from heart disease for payment of bill  (10-5-17, Jodhpur)
Three charge-sheets, suspended but on fruitful post  (10-5-17, Jodhpur)
Nationwide Strike organized by All India Organization of Chemist & Druggists on 30th May, 2017  (10-5-17, Jodhpur)
Leproscopic surgery of pancreatic cancer done.  (10-5-17, Jaipur)
New Superintendent of SMS in action, taken knowledge of Hospital by sudden inspection  (10-5-17, Jaipur)
Taken thirty thousand rupees from ANM for payment of medical bill  (10-5-17, Jodhpur)
Salary from Pali District stay in Chandpole Hospital  (10-5-17, Jodhpur)
Leproscopic surgery of pancreatic cancer done  (10-5-17, Jaipur)
Ultimately got relief  (9-5-17, Jaipur)
Negligence by doctors, DCP will get investigated  (9-5-17, Jaipur)
Admission through NRI quota was also taken-up by Vikram  (9-5-17, Jodhpur)
How long waiting for permanent lady doctor?  (9-5-17, Jodhpur)
Third day also ACB on drug counter, investigation on stock verification  (9-5-17, Jodhpur)
Inauguration of Arogyam online services in Mahilabag Hospital  (9-5-17, Jodhpur)
Also providing admission in medical colleges from management quata on commission  (9-5-17, Jodhpur)
Lady nurse arrested taking ten thousand for foetal test  (9-5-17, Jaipur)
Investigation of death in Durlabhji hospital be done by DCP : High Court  (9-5-17, Jaipur)
Used to provide admissions at higher rate by meeting with Managers of Medical Colleges  (9-5-17, Jaipur)
Now reply called from Doctor of Govt. Hospital for asking to buy injection from outside  (8-5-17, Jodhpur)
Licenses of Thar Hathkargha & Hastkala Vastra Utpadak Sahakari Samitee Ltd., suspended for one month  (8-5-17, Jaipur)
Reconciliation of Sahakari Counter & Bhandar stock will be done  (8-5-17, Jodhpur)
Death of aged due to wrong injection by doctor  (8-5-17, Jaipur)
License not received for 6 years, wandering as unemployed  (7-5-17, Jaipur)
Tender of Woman Hospital cancelled, investigation of JK Loan  (7-5-17, Jaipur)
58 beds will be increased in Satellite Hospital  (7-5-17, Jaipur)
Investigation on drug counter paying 25 thousand monthly & 6 lakh  (7-5-17, Jodhpur)
Ten year old record will be destroyed in SMS Hospital, now record room will be online  (7-5-17, Jaipur)
New floor of 58 beds will be made in Sethi Colony Hospital  (7-5-17, Jaipur)
Technical Assistant of Sahakar Bhawan made fake physical verification  (7-5-17, Jodhpur)
ACB searches seized drug counter in MDMH  (7-5-17, Jodhpur)
Ambulance staff leaves mother along with deadbody on way after the death of young lady  (7-5-17, Jaipur)
ICU-Child ward will be formed in Sethi Colony hospital  (6-5-17, Jaipur)
Dr. Meena became new superintendent of SMS hospital  (6-5-17, Jaipur)
Mobile unit of 38 lakh started will perform health check-up in kacchi-basti  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
Govt. Doctor prescribes injection for free supply - asks patient to buy from outside shop  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
Dr. Bhaskar will be superintendent of MDM  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
AC of post-operative ward stopped since last two years, relatives of patient send complaint to CMHO  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
NEET tomorrow : taking pen-pencil, wearing sari, jewellary, watch banned  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
Forgery by NIMS Medical College came heavily on 28 MBBS students, MCI rejects degrees  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
SMS has to be made ahead in the area of organ transplant : Dr. Meena  (6-5-17, Jaipur)
Dr. Shashi Kunj will be new Superintendent of MDMH  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
Five other Medical Colleges including SMS gets Superintendent  (6-5-17, Jodhpur)
Opening Ceromony of Medical Mobile Unit  (6-5-17, Jalore)
New Superintendent appointed in five hospitals including SMS  (6-5-17, Jaipur)
Incorrect-verification was going on from five years  (5-5-17, Jodhpur)
25 dispensaries will be upgraded to six bedded ESI hospital  (5-5-17, Jodhpur)
Big relief from Supreme Court to Doctors in rural area  (5-5-17, Jaipur)
Body of Smt Bhojwani docated to Medical College  (5-5-17, Jodhpur)
Graph of immunization increased, but to ladies of educated house  (5-5-17, Jodhpur)
Supply of drugs in hospitals stand-still from 15 days due to corruption in Bhandar, patients wandering from counter to counter  (4-5-17, JODHPUR)
Opening file of death of 22 pregnants by sub-standard glucose can reveal black work of Sahakar Bhandar  (4-5-17, JODHPUR)
SDM finds heeps of irregularities in Reodar Hospital  (4-5-17, Jalore)
Ambulance services came to stand-still without diesel  (4-5-17, Jaipur)
Kayakalp award to Singoli model PHC  (4-5-17, Jaipur)
Spurious drug trade has extended to Delhi, UP, Bihar & Madhya Pradesh including Rajasthan  (4-5-17, Jaipur)
Three drugs declared sub-standard  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
Illegal drugs worth one lakh seized  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
Empty oxygen cylinder in medical van of CM caravan  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
Box for lodging complaint against illegal practitioners  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
Release of poster on eye donation  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
Body donation with eye donation  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
Now complaint box for illegal practitioners and food articles  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
Newborn will get only 'mothers' milk in hospitals  (3-5-17, JODHPUR)
More than two thousand patients benefited in physiotherapy camps  (3-5-17, Jalore)
Blood collection vehicle donated  (3-5-17, Jaipur)
Numerous awareness programs in Jaipur on World Asthma Day  (3-5-17, Jaipur)
Now Rakesh Verma, ADC, Jodhpur., Hariom Mehta, ADC, Barmer., Suresh Samar, ADC, Bhilwara., Sanjay Parik, ADC, HQ., & Ajit Jain, ADC, RMSCL  (2-5-17, JODHPUR)
Lock prevailing in Satellite Hospital  (2-5-17, Jodhpur)
Effort to control the price of 'Stent' is becoming ineffective  (2-5-17, Jaipur)
Do not neglect sudden change in body continuous pain is symptom of cancer : Dr. Rajpurohit  (1-5-17, Jodhpur)
Lock found on NRHM dharamshala after inauguration  (1-5-17, Jaipur)
AIIMS : 46 PG seats sactioned in 20 departments, exam on 7th May  (30-4-17, Jodhpur)
Death of two children in 3 hours, fuss by relatives for 5 hours  (30-4-17, Jodhpur)
Relatives angry over death of two children  (30-4-17, Jaipur)
Health Department should make direct contract with staff : High Court.  (30-4-17, Jodhpur)
Indoor patients not getting the benefit of Bhamashah scheme  (30-4-17, Jodhpur)
Fuss by relatives after death of children  (30-4-17, Jaipur)
PMO is looking after the work of CMHO for past 14 months  (30-4-17, Jaipur)
Score of cesarean delivery crosses 90% in private hospitals  (30-4-17, Jaipur)
Health Department should make direct contract with staff : High Court  (30-4-17, Jaipur)
Demand to post doctor in BDM Hospital Kotputli  (30-4-17, Jaipur)
Jodhpur District List of firms whose licenses may be due for renewal in the month of MAY-JUNE 2017   (30-4-17, JODHPUR)
Spurious Drugs worth 400 crores being sold every year in Rajasthan  (29-4-17, Jaipur)
Numerous PG courses of NIMS Medical University invalidated by MCI  (29-4-17, Jaipur)
Thousands of patients dependent on Doctor on loan  (29-4-17, Jodhpur)
Jail to GM & Pharmacist after 12 days  (29-4-17, Jodhpur)
Bhandar General Manager Madhusudan Sharma & dalal Parihar sent to jail  (29-4-17, Jodhpur)
ACB Special Court sends GM Sahakar Bhandar to jail  (29-4-17, Jalore)
Joint Director visits BDM Hospital  (29-4-17, Jaipur)
Inauguration of dentoweb app  (29-4-17, Jaipur)
Major operations of bone commenced  (28-4-17, Jaipur)
Can win 'battle of generic' but ...  (28-4-17, Jaipur)
Patients will get treatment without visiting big hospitals  (28-4-17, Jaipur)
Hundreds of patients benefited in physiotherapy camp  (28-4-17, Jalore)
Contract for Tele-medicine Scheme  (28-4-17, Jaipur)
Only 4 constable for one lakh people  (27-4-17, Jaipur)
Conviction of guilty of supply of sub-standard gauze bandage for first time  (27-4-17, Jaipur)
Now analysis of reasons for missing delivery  (27-4-17, Jaipur)
Case filed against private hospital after two years in the matter of Congo fever  (27-4-17, JODHPUR)
4700 crores narcotic drug smuggler was to run away to America  (27-4-17, JODHPUR)
4208 pages charge-sheet in Nations biggest narcotic business  (27-4-17, Jaipur)
Officers will ask CM for action on Madhusudan  (27-4-17, JODHPUR)
Death of two nursing staff allegation of non-performance of fumigation  (27-4-17, JODHPUR)
4208 pages investigation in matter of drugs worth 3 thousand crores  (27-4-17, Jaipur)
Doctors oppose Clinical Establishment Act  (27-4-17, JODHPUR)
Injection of 52 thousand, pension 20 thousand what cancer patient has to do  (27-4-17, JODHPUR)
House to house investigation of eyes  (27-4-17, Jalore)
Remand of GM Sahakar extended  (27-4-17, Jaipur)
Life donation by blood from doners  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
Investigation of excess purchase of instruements completed  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
Pharmacist was posted in kirana counter on refusal to mediator  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
Refer system ends by treatment of AIIMS  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
On remand from 9 days, even then Madhusudan is Bhandar GM  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
Corruption by General Manager sufferings to senior citizens, pensioners not getting medicines  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
Enthusiasm in public in physiotherapy treatment camps  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
Specialist doctors give suggestions in three days physiotherapy camp  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
Investigation of medical drugs scam completed, now action likely  (26-4-17, JODHPUR)
75 patients treated in Physiotherapy camp  (26-4-17, Jalore)
'Treatment will be done without medicines'  (26-4-17, Jalore)
72 patients examined in Physiotherapy camp  (26-4-17, Jalore)
Review of programs in meeting of Health Committee  (26-4-17, Jalore)
Medicine & Surgery units will be established in Woman Hospitals  (26-4-17, Jaipur)
People take benefit from Physiotherapy treatment camp  (26-4-17, Jaipur)
Two firms proclamation to take stents back of new generation  (25-4-17, JODHPUR)
Staff of this office do not go to toilet !  (25-4-17, JODHPUR)
Was about to take 5-5 lakh from 4 pharmacists  (25-4-17, JODHPUR)
Three days physiotherapy treatment camp from today  (25-4-17, JODHPUR)
Pharmacists were to pay 5-5 lakh to GM this month to prevent their transfer  (25-4-17, JODHPUR)
Physiotherapy camp at ten places in Pali from today  (25-4-17, Jalore)
Govt. doctors are treating patients at residence in Tonk  (25-4-17, Jaipur)
Dispute in Health University & Dental College not setelled  (24-4-17, Jaipur)
More than 100 people donate blood in camp by Rotary club  (24-4-17, JODHPUR)
Bhandar GM & Pharmacist vis-a-vis then confessed talk of monthly  (24-4-17, JODHPUR)
Bandhi of 20 - 20 to 3 thousand received from 6 pharmacists  (24-4-17, JODHPUR)
More than 500 crores pain killers swallowed every year without consulting doctor  (23-4-17, Jaipur)
Eye donation, then body donation Sunita became immortal  (23-4-17, JODHPUR)
Fifth resignation under political pressure, Doctor from Jaipuria placed APO said -I do not want to stay in such place  (23-4-17, JODHPUR)
33 contractual workers, payment 15 thousand, helpers kept, from where payments are made  (23-4-17, JODHPUR)
Remand of Sharma increased up to 26th  (23-4-17, JODHPUR)
Remand of GM Madhusudan increased  (23-4-17, Jaipur)
'Work scheme will be developed for treatment of newborn child'  (23-4-17, Jaipur)
'Brand Doctors' of SMS in private hospitals for income  (22-4-17, Jaipur)
Govt. files SLP in the matter of admission to PG Medical  (22-4-17, Jaipur)
Death of child in womb, Doctor took bribe for delivery, held  (22-4-17, JODHPUR)
GM extracting 67.3 lakh bandhi every year  (22-4-17, JODHPUR)
60 drugs not to standard including Combiflam  (22-4-17, JODHPUR)
Doctor from hospital held by ACB taking bribe of 15 hundred rupees  (22-4-17, JODHPUR)
Radiologist doctor arrested taking bribe of 500 in Jalore  (22-4-17, Jaipur)
15 crores approved for underpass between SMS & trauma center  (22-4-17, Jaipur)
Difference of 5.88 crores in bank accounts  (21-4-17, JODHPUR)
19 crores will be spent on hospital services in Kotputli  (21-4-17, Jaipur)
Playing with life of patients in SMS, issued expired drug to Swine-flu patient  (21-4-17, Jaipur)
Body donated to AIIMS for medical research  (21-4-17, JODHPUR)
Govt. BDM Hospital will be rejunavated  (21-4-17, Jaipur)
Dr. Vinod Sharma APO in the matter of sending patient from SMS to private hospital  (20-4-17, Jaipur)
Fund of 33 lakh not being used for two years as no clerk in hospital, dressing & syringe being brought from outside  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
Medical waste outside MDMH trauma center, heap of filth in park  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
Specialists & ICU specialists should perform the role of counseller for organ donation  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
1.25 crore FD by GM after demonetization, 1.5 crore in D-Mat account  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
Cancer hospital will be constructed in Jodhpur  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
1.25 crore found in D-mat account of officer  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
Principle Secretary dod not appear in contempt petition  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
Dr. Vinod Sharma APO & Lokayukta takes cognizance in the matter of playing with life of patient  (20-4-17, Jaipur)
Scam of pensioners diaries also came in width  (20-4-17, JODHPUR)
Dr. Agrawal performs complicated operation on a case  (20-4-17, Jalore)
Parliamentary Secretary inspects hospitals to learn arrangement  (20-4-17, Jaipur)
Doctor from SMS suspended  (20-4-17, Jaipur)
Foetal sex determination in closed nursing home, doctor and lady mediator arrested  (19-4-17, Jaipur)
Relatives kept wandering with blood for about 2 hours, hospital staff did not listen, death of pregnanat  (19-4-17, JODHPUR)
ACB raid on 5 counters of Sahakari Bhandar, 5 seized, Pharmacist recommanded by Minister, MP, MLA  (19-4-17, JODHPUR)
Eight drugs declared sub-standard  (19-4-17, Jaipur)